Total Love Episode 20


He was there till evening. The King had been calling his phone number but he didn’t hear, his mind wasn’t there, he later picked it and explained everything to the King who sent ten more guards to the hospital for him. He also promised to visit them in the hospital in person the following day.
Not quite long after, the Doctor came out. “Can I see you in my office?” The doctor raised his index finger.
Daniel rose immediately. “No Doctor, tell me whatever it is here now.” He said right in front of him, sweating and panting. He was already stained with blood too.
‘This is an office talk.’ The Doctor replied.
‘Noo! I insist!’ He screamed.
‘This is a hospital please, you are disturbing other patients.’ One of the nurses at the reception said and eyed him.
‘It seems you are crazy, I can destroy your life for you now!’ He shouted at the nurse.
‘Sorry sir, don’t please. Alright I’ll tell you here.’ The Doctor begged, he was also afraid of his anger.
‘Alright I’m hearing you.’ He replied.
‘She won’t be able to walk again. Her spinal cord had been disturbed sir.’ He said, shivering. He was afraid to tell him, he didn’t know if telling him that will cause him death also.
‘She won’t be able to do what?’ Daniel asked, tears dropped from his eyes, he sat down on the floor there still on the same spot weeping.
‘Sorry uncle, I’m sorry about that.’ The nurse addressed.
‘What of my mum?’ He asked the Doctor, still weeping.
‘Its Doctor Kenneth that is attending to her, just let me go and see how far they are.’ The Doctor said and turned back, walking to the ward.
One of the guards outside just came in. He was also looking sad. He stretched his hands forward to draw him up.
‘Your highness, stop this. You don’t need tears on your face. Believe in God.’ He addressed.
Daniel remembered, he had a flash-back of the King, hugging his family. He couldn’t control the out-flow of tears from his eyes.
The guards the King sent to him arrived some minutes after. They were eleven, and guarded the hospital. It was then the nurse was reasoning that Daniel would be the guy who’s the talk of the town. Everyone had been talking about, about him as the adopted son of the King.
The Doctor came out with Doctor Kenneth, he was also panicking on hearing about Daniel’s madness.
‘What of my mum?’ He quickly stood up.
‘She’s fine and responding to treatments.’ The Doctor replied.
‘May I see them?’ He requested
“Sure, come with us.” Doctor Kenneth moved forward. He followed them to go and see Beatrice.
Fredrick, Peter, Dammy, Faith, Tade and Blessing. They were regarded as “6-cliques” of that university. They were all from rich homes and parents, they’ve known one another from their childhood.
Fredrick was the only son of Charles Family. Mr Olamide Charles who is his father worked with chevron and in millions of naira. He loosed his mother at his childbirth, he hated pride and loved humility and truthfulness. He had been told by his father and many of his father’s friends to attend a starndard university like Oxford university, overseas.
He always refuse different offers and want to pass through fire, so that he would be prudent and economical. He’s the most easy-going of the friends and had a little interest in ladies. One of the most brilliant of the guys.