Total Love Episode 19


The King stood up after the whole incidence, the chieves were still wondering and others. “There is something to this thing this boy is holding.” Chief Collins said again.
Daniel tried to move towards them, they all ran outside. The Queen and the Princess were standing by the side of the wall, both were looking at the King and Daniel, Ruth started shivering. She was more than surprised.
‘This, I’ve never seen in my entire life. For this, its this your God we’ll all be serving in this Kingdom.’ The king said and shook hid head, he was also amazed.
”Thank you, your highness.’ Daniel prostrated. He was very happy to have heard that from the King.
‘Your highness, are you al…. Alri… A.. Alright?’ The Queen stammered.
The King turned his face to the back to see them where she and her daughter were.”I’m more than alright. I don’t know, immediately he started blowing that mouth organ, it was just like something entered into me and changed my entire body system.” He replied.
‘Mum let’s go and meet him.’ Ruth said with a low voice.
Daniel walked towards them. “There’s nothing to fear about, as a matter of fact, no one here is as surprised and amazed as I am. Just come with me, the king is now fine.’ Daniel smiled to them.
The queen smiled back and walked slowly to the King, Princess was still there, afraid and shivering. The King also smiled and walked towards the Queen, he gave her a slight hug then moved to Ruth and cuddled her. “I’m now fine.” He uttered.
Daniel stood behind smiling, looking at the happy family, as the king hugged his family members. “I wish my family can be united like this.” Daniel thought in him and started weeping. He went out before anyone would notice, he saw that the chieves were nowhere to be found. He went outside to the guards to ask of them. He was told they’ve ran away.
Beatrice, Daniel’s sister was just at the backyard of the house, she was washing the plates they used to eat when she heard noise from inside. The incident has started again as it used to. She ran inside, seeing his father terribly beating Gloria. He rushed there to save her, she was pushed away by the useless father, she fell on the standing mirror and started bleeding.
Daniel was already going home to see his family, at least he won’t return back that day. Only for him to get there and meet the scene he met. He was provoked. He rushed in and went straight to that room. The guards that followed him couldn’t stop him as they tried to. He carried a stool from the sitting room along with him and hit it on David’s head.
Gloria stood up immediately, weeping, she rushed to Beatrice. Daniel just noticed her there when his mum rushed to meet her where her father pushed her to. He rushed there also and carried her out of the pool of blood. Gloria was bleeding also. He carried Bibi and gave it to one of the guards that entered, trying to stop him to take outside. He dragged his mum also to let them go.
‘I can’t just go like that, your father is also bleeding. Let’s help him.’ She pleaded.
‘Mum, I’ve never spoken harshly to you before, don’t let this be the first! Let’s go!’ He shouted at her and dragged her outside. They left the door to the house wide opened. He rushed them to the hospital.
He sat with Beatrice at the back, he was staring at her and crying out so much. She was already unconscious and her cloth soaked with blood. He couldn’t help himself to stop the tears, he was just crying.
They got to the hospital, he carried Beatrice himself, rushed into the hospital, he declined the offers of the two guards to carry her for him. She was rushed into the emergency room and Gloria was admitted.[
To be continued