Total Love Episode 18


Darasimi woke up to read in the midnight as she planned. She read till morning and got dressed to leave for class. She waited at the Princess’ room as usual, hoping for her and her friends to come out then they all should go for that day’s lecture.
Princess and her friends came out at last. They stared at her angrily on seeing her. “Can we help you?” Rachael quickly asked.
Darasimi laughed. “You see you these ladies are always funny. Let’s go to the lecture room jare, time is going.’ She replied.
‘It seems you think we’re playing with you right? Will you leave this place at once!’ Princess shouted.
‘It seems these ladies are taking this matter serious.’ She thought in herself and left.
‘Idiot. She’s always looking for a ride!’ Bibi laughed.
‘Yes oo, imagine that yesterday we didn’t take our cars along with us, she wasn’t that fine. Husband snatcher!’ Princess uttered and they all laughed.
The King’s illness started. He was shivering and was always in the room throughout. Daniel and Ruth were informed by the princess in the school to come and see. As the illness was going, it seemed it would turn to death for the King. Daniel arrived and got his things from the car booth. He rushed into the King’s room to see.
There were many chieves in the room with the King that particular time. Daniel rushed to the King’s side and sat.
‘Father, what really is wrong. Talk to me.’ He was sad and was crying.
‘Son, I’ll be fine.’ He replied.
Ruth entered too with full force. She climbed the bed from the other side.
‘Dad, talk to me, is anything the issue?’ She asked shaking the King’s cloth.
‘No, take it easy!’ Chief Tunde said.
‘Hasn’t he been taking to the hospital?’ Daniel asked the Queen.
‘The Doctor said nothing is wrong with him medically.’ Queen replied, also sad.
King smiled at Daniel. Daniel stood up at once and went out of the room to search for his mouth organ. He brought in and started playing “it is well” on it. He was playing it loudly for minutes there.
‘Will you stop this noise!’ Queen shouted.
Daniel continued and didn’t behave as if he heard all what she said. Suddenly, as if it was a miracle, the King started moving his hands and could sit down. It was just like a miracle to them all.
‘Is this a miracle or what?’ Daniel himself thought.
Ruth for minutes stood and stared at Daniel. Everyone including the Queen wondered on what just happened.
‘Wait, how are you my King?’ Chief Kolade asked.
‘I don’t know. I’m now… I’m okay.’ The king said wonderfully.
‘Wait oo.. What is inside that thing you just brought in?’ Chief Collins watched him and the mouth organ closely.
To be continued plz.
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