Total Love Episode 3


The news of Daniel’s scholarship soon spread through the kingdom. He was so happy that at last he made it, although his parents weren’t that rich to cater from him that much. The family members will also come for assistance from his father. He loved his mother and his sister dearly, he hated his father when he turned his mother to a punching bag. The father didn’t remain the same again after the pestle had been hit on his head.
After David, Daniel’s father became conscious that day, he complained about severe headache, Daniel didn’t do as if he heard all his shouts from inside. When it became too much, Gloria begged Daniel to please drop his father off the hospital, at least David had a car that he did push around.
Daniel got up reluctantly and drove him there. He was surprised seeing the guards at the front of the reception door He and his mother helped his father down the car and the nurses came out as usual to help them. He was taken in and admitted, Daniel was sitting at the reception when he saw princess Ruth pondering about. He looked at her with a pitiful face. ‘What could be happening?’ He asked in him.’
The queen rushed out with Ruth running after her, they headed to the palace. Although many in that palace hated the Queen because of her wickedness. She got into the palace and urged the guards and maidens to get someone that can donate the king his or her kidney. They all refused doing this, they remembered one of them that tried it for the king and died the next day. They all thought they would die after donating the kidney.
‘It will be done abroad this time around not in this kingdom.’ She said.
The guards and maidens continued murmuring and still refusing on donating a kidney.
‘What next?’ She thought in herself