Total Love Episode 4


The Queen and the princess rushed back to the hospital to check on the king and tell the Doctor that nobody was found. The driver drove as fast as he could, the queen rushed down and straight to the Doctor’s office to tall him about it.
‘Your Royal Highness, you have to get, its dangerous.’ The doctor worried.
‘But no one is trying to volunteer, nobody. I wish I can.’ She said sadly.
‘But I can help you ma.’ The doctor said.
‘Yes, any amount, I will pay.’ She said fastly with loud voice.
‘I can get someone that will donate but its costly.’ He said.
‘Just tell me the amount of money, I will pay.’ She said with panic.
‘A million naira?’ He asked.
‘Is that all?’ She paused. ‘I will pay!’ She exclaimed.
‘Okay, just take It easy, please ma!’ He said with concern.
‘I want to see him.’ She said quickly
‘You can go ma.’ He said.
The doctor smiled when he left. ‘I’m gonna get manie!’ He said and laughed.
Daniel was looking at the princess where he was, he stood up and moved near her. ‘What’s happening here please.’ He inquired softly.
The princess looked at him, she thought if she should d–n him or at least answer him. ‘The King is ill.’ She said and faced front.
‘Ill?’ He said and wondered.
‘Yes!’ Princess shouted. He was scared at her shout and went back to sit down quietly. Ruth thought in her that it was wrong of her to do that, she went near he was sitted and sat with him.
‘I’m sorry please, its not my fault, we need a donor critically.’ She said soberly.
‘Donor? Kindney?’ He asked.
‘Yes.’ She replied.
‘I guess I can help.’ He said.
‘What!’ She wondered.