Total Love Episode 2


Daniel was hurrying home, he had just gotten his admission letter into a university. He was hurrying home to show his parents that the school princes and princesses and other people would attend is the school he had been given scholarship into.
He got near the house and was hearing shouts from the house. He thought in him ‘this man has started today again, I will deal with him with my happiness.’ He entered into the house because the gate was opened but the sliding door was locked. He was looking at how his mother is being beaten up by his useless father after he had gotten himself drunk in the afternoon.
Daniel hurried back to the backyard, he got a pestle and broke the sliding door in. He ran towards his father that rose his head on hearing a smash at the sliding door. Daniel angrily hit the pestle on him and his father fainted. Daniel’s only sister, Beatrice that is normally called Bibi was just on her way home with her friends from the secondary school.
She got home and met the pandemonium, she was embarrassed in front of her friends and told them to leave for their various houses. David, Daniel’s father was taken inside the room, a lot of water was poured on him and he was exposed to fresh air. Gloria, the mother was still crying profusely.
At last he came conscious again, Daniel hissed and left the room. Gloria was still beside him despite the fact she was thoroughly beaten up by him. She loved her husband.
The doctor took her royal highness in to tell her about the critical condition of the King. “He has to be flown abroad for further treatment, he will need a kidney transplant operation that is tight, I guess it should be done abroad, not here for safe job.’ The Doctor said.
‘That’s no big deal, it will be done with immediate effect.’ She replied.
‘But, you’ll need a donor, you highness.’ The doctor said.
‘This is the third time he will be doing this, I will get one sir, at least I can’t donate to him, they aren’t compatible.’ The queen said.
‘Its alright.’ The doctor replied.