Total Love Episode 15


The examination day arrived just like a dream. It was Daniel and princess ruth that both read all night at the dinning table of the palace dinning. After reading all they could, they both read their bibles and prayed for success in their examination.
Each person went back into various rooms. Daniel prayed again and revised all he read with Ruth on the dinning. He took his bath and slept off. Ruth also took her bath and slept off. The exam would start by nine that morning.
Daniel woke up by 7:30 and got dressed. By that time, princess was already dressed and set. He came out dressed in a shirt, brown trouser and a brown shoe. He was looking so handsome. He went straight to the living room to greet the king and the Queen. He shook princess Ruth and both left the house with different cars.
They got to the main campus. Daniel and Ruth got down from the car and stood together, reading. They got there by some minutes past eight. Both were just gisting till princess’ friends arrived by 8:30. Each also with her father’s car and a driver each. They were all happy to see one another, Daniel was standing by the door side, reading his jottings. He greeted the friends all and continue reading until they were all called into the exam hall.
The examination was computer based. The whole thing started, Daniel was the first to finish the exam. He submitted to the computer and left the hall, straight into the car and listening to music. It was so simple to him.
He waited for his other friends to come out so he can quickly get home and visit Darasimi and her family that week.
Finally, they arrived from the exam hall. Smiling and gisting. “It was so simple.” They were saying till they got to the car. Daniel had a slight smile at them, got down and asked how the exam was.
‘It was hmmn… Should I say soft?’ Bibi uttered.
‘Which one is now hmmmn… It was awesome.’ Rachel said.
‘It was beautiful!’ Stella said hers too.
‘We thank God!’ Ruth uttered and smiled. She knew that Daniel would still pay reference to that sentence she just made.
‘You all are somehow. Apart from her highness. You said it was soft, beautiful, awesome. Argh!’ Temitope said.
‘So what would we have said.
They all laughed and hopped into the car and went home. The exam result would come out in the next one hour. They all went straight to the palace, so that they would check the result together there. They went in to greet the King and returned back to the swimming pool to sit with each person with his and her laptop.
Not quite long, the result was released. Each person was busy checking his and hers. No one was ready for one another.
Princess got 82% as her overall mark, Stella, 78%, Rachael, 75.3%, Beatrice, 77.4%. To their greatest surprise, Daniel’s result wasn’t released. They all filed up to the king to show their results. Daniel was told to come to the school that day.
He was so worried and rushed back to the school. He was told he got the highest mark out of all that came to the examination, but he was given another examination tougher than the one he did before. He was surprised so much and did the examination in the midst of many lecturers and the school’ board of directors. His examination was totaled by the computer immediately he finished it and got 96%. He got 98.8% in the former one he did, they were all proud of him there.
He was so happy himself. All the lecturers where beyond surprised at him. With everyone still standing there he wasn’t distracted and focused till he made it. He was congratulated and was given a lot of prizes that day
…. To be continued