Total Love Episode 14


Daniel got the bibles as wished by the King. He was so delighted the king accepted all what he said to Princess Ruth. He hurried back home to present each person with bibles. It was King James version he bought.
As he arrived, the king told him to sit and play him the mouth organ. He did found joy whenever he listens to the sound of that mouth organ. Daniel was also talented, he was greatly talented because he wasn’t taught by anyone on how to play the instrument. He had also composed a lot of songs.
Daniel sat down as commanded by the King and started playing the mouth organ. He king rested his back and neck on the throne he was sitting on. He was just enjoying all Daniel was playing to his hearing.
Ruth’s friends had already arrived to check her health. She called them when Dan went out to buy the bibles. They were inside gisting about Daniel, he had already completed the playing of the mouth organ for the King.
‘I just love that guy.’ Ruth uttered.
Beatrice stared at her angrily for few seconds and smiled back at her. “You must, at least he’s your life saver.” She responded.
‘You guys better don’t let him hear. As if you don’t have a boy-friend.’ Rachel smiled.
‘That idiot! I will soon break up with him. He doesn’t worth a lady like us, he’s so foolish and unrepentant.’ Ruth said.
‘Unrepentant, I can’t laugh. When did you become a christian? You are funny o.’ Rachel laughed.
‘Na you sabi, he went out to get us all bible.’ Ruth smiled.
‘Bible?’ Rachael and Beatrice stared at each other laughed suddenly
‘It seems there is something going wrong with you guys. What’s funny anyways? He went to get our family bibles. Are you guys a christian and that your stupid last friend.’ Ruth said and smiled.
The three of them were smiling. Daniel got to the front of the door and knocked. The three stared at the door. “Who is… it?” Ruth asked
‘My princess its me.” Dan said from outside.
‘Dan?’ Beatrice smiled at Rachael.
‘You can come in Daniel.’ Ruth smiled.
Daniel entered, they were all staring at him. His look was unresisting to them all.
‘I’ve come here to drop the bible.’ He moved towards the princess and stretched the bible to her.
‘Good day misses.’ He smiled at Rachael and Beatrice.
The two laughed. “Good day Bro Dan.” Beatrice smiled.
‘Bro?’ I’m not a bro oo.’ He smiled back.
Ruth was wearing an angry look. She was looking at Bibi and Rachael as if she should move near them and slap them. she was also smiling a smile that’s not from the deepest part of her heart, she was just smiling that way so that they won’t turn her to a topic.
‘So what are you, at least you said you have a sister also bearing Bibi.’ Beatrice continued smiling.
‘Yeah, so that’s why you addressed me as bro… You aren’t serious.’ He laughed.
‘Good day jare sister Rachael.’ He bowed.
‘I’m not sister too oo.’ They all laughed.
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