Total Love Episode 13


The princess was eventually alright, Daniel was with her althrough, she woke up and saw Daniel by her side. She began her thoughts as usual. “Maybe he loves me, or he wants me to know that he cares for me a lot.”
‘So how are you my Princess?’
‘I’m alright, I’m sorry I frightened you. This will be your first time of seeing me this wasy right?’ She smiled.
‘Yes, I was so much surprised.’ He replied.
‘How pathetic, I wish God never created me.’ She commented.
Daniel rushed into her comment.”No! Never think of that again, if you mostly visit pages on facebook, you’ll see that what’s happening to you is just a little. Different people are out there, many dead, many begging for money, many in prison suffering for what they’ve not done. Its not your power but the grace of God.’ He replied softly.
‘Then if God wanted to create me like you, he would have created me like you. He did this deliberately, why me, why not another person.’ She said sadly.
The Queen and the King were already outside the door, eavesdropping.
‘Nooo! I still say no! So if it wasn’t you, who could have gotten it? God is great in his power, he does thing you’ll think he has done you bad. Like now, let’s talk about this asthmatic patient. She was asthmatic, she didn’t know God, she engages in all kinds of bad things, she had been crying to God for a good husband but she didn’t get. There was a day she had an attack, she was rushed to a different hospital from where she was usually rushed to, it was there she met her husband. Can you now see, assuming she wasn’t asthmatic, she may have found someone who isn’t the will of God for her life and mayn’t meet the right man. God has planned our lifes, he knows what we’ll pass through before attaining our joy.’ He said, looking sad too.
‘This boy’s words are powerful’ the king said softly to the Queen.
‘I’m touched, sincerely.’ The queen replied.
‘God! God! God! All is God right? Why hasn’t he designed my life to the right path and let me meet the right person, if that’s his will.’ Ruth said to him.
‘All isn’t God, satan too can be blamed on this. Although, if God doesn’t allow satan to do things, it won’t come to pass. The satan I’m talking about isn’t the satan of the bible, that satan maybe included but not the ultimate one. The King or Queen, as the leader and paramount rulers of this Kingdom, many will hate them, for some reasons, for no reason. Many might have done this to you, but God will also allow it to bring some promises to pass.’ He added.
‘Which is the satan of the bible, what’s the bible all about? She asked.
‘You don’t go to church? Do you have a bible?’ He inquired.
‘We don’t go to church here, I don’t even think there is a bible in this house.’ She replied.
‘You don’t go to church?’ He asked surprisingly. “I wish you all can start going.” He said.
The door was opened suddenly, Daniel and Ruth were afraid, it was the King and the Queen that entered, both looking good and smiling.
‘And we all will start going to church as from this Sunday.’ The king uttered as he was entering.
‘Huh?’ Princess was surprised.
‘Dad, mum, so you’ve been out there?’ Ruth asked.
‘Sure.’ Queen answered.
‘I’ve been touched by all what Daniel was saying, I’m impressed. Now, you won’t only be playing me mouth organ, you’ll start preaching to me too.’ The King uttered.
Daniel laughed, he was so much surprised. “Aaah! Dad, that will be tough, please Dad.’ He begged.
‘So where are the guards? You both aren’t with any of them. Its unlike you.’ Princess uttered.
‘I sent them away, so we can listen to you both well.’ Queen smiled.
‘Now, Daniel. You’ll just go out now, I’ll give you money, you’ll go buy each person a quality bible out there. The driver will take you there.’ King smiled to him.
Daniel prostrated happily. “Thank you sir.” He laughed.
He rushed out as he was told, to get the bibles.