Total Love Episode 16


Daniel hurried back to the palace with his result. It was very surprising to see him beat up all others that came for the examination. He was d–n brilliant.
The princess’ friends and Ruth congratulated him. He couldn’t wait to greet them all, he wanted to visit Darasimi right from time and his parents.
He left the house again, off to Darasimi’s place. Her mum was in, he took Darasimi out for a walk to the farm. The driver parked at the front of that house while Dan left.
‘Its not easy to live in this compound. Not easy Daniel.’ Darasimi uttered.
‘I understand, I wonder how you are coping with this. How’s the school processing?’ Daniel asked.
‘My father’s rich brother said he can help me. I’m part of the second batch of your school now.’ Dara smiled.
‘And you never told me!’ Daniel exclaimed with surprise.
‘Just want it to be like a surprise package to you. I will also start working so that I’ll be able to generate income.’ Darasimi said and smiled.
‘That’s no problem, I’ll make sure I get money that I’ll give you to start something.’ Daniel said.
‘Start something? Rather give it to my mum. I’ll be working somewhere and receiving a huge salary from the entrepreneur.’ Darasimi replied.
‘That’s a nice idea, so you’ll be saving the cool cash then. Don’t worry, God will see us through.’ Daniel smiled.
‘Sure, that’ll be the best thing dear.’ Darasimi smiled back.
‘Yeah, how are you coping in the palace also. How’s everything?’ She continued smiling.
‘Argh! That. Good, I even preached to the princess and the King with the Queen heard all what I discussed with her.’ Daniel uttered.
‘What did they now say?’ She asked wondering.
‘They were impressed and gave me some money to get them bible. They’ve made up their minds to start going to church now.’ Daniel smiled.
‘Wao! That’s wonderful!’ Darasimi faced him.
‘And even gracious!’ Daniel smiled.
Darasimi also went for the examination, it was time for the second batch examination. She made a total of 86% in the examination. She was also given admission letter to study microbiology, which she wished to study. Princess wanted to study nutrition and dietetics, while Daniel, Engineering.
Episode 17
The school resumed. Princess and her friends were given the same room to stay. Although, they never wanted to live in the hostels, they preferred coming for lectures from their various homes. It was Daniel that insisted for them on living in school with other students and learn together.
Darasimi was staying in the room next to the princess and her friends’. Guys are not allowed to move close to the female hostel, likewise the ladies. They all started as jolly friends, the princess loved Darasimi because she was very beautiful. She also joined their friendship line and they all attended classes together.
Daniel also met friends in his room there. He was started his friendship with the guys in his room. They were all very good friends and brilliant, they study engineering also. So lucky for them!
The lectures ended that evening, each student was tired and trudging into their various rooms. Daniel was also walking with Favour, his best friend for them to go to the hostel. He sighted Darasimi and princess’ clique. He tapped favour to wait for him and walked towards them.
‘Hey girls!’ He called.
‘The princess looked at the back, she already recognized his voice. Same Darasimi too.
‘You girls are not taking your cars today. Why?’ Daniel asked.
Princess smiled to him. ‘Yeah, isn’t it good? We just decided to walk down there. What of you?’ Princess smiled.
‘Nothing. My car is in the hostel, just don’t feel like.’ He replied.
He walked towards Darasimi and hugged her. He shook the princess’ friends and bowed.
‘Do you know her?’ Rachael pointed to Darasimi.
Daniel drew darasimi out and showed them. ‘This is my girlfriend.’ He smiled.
GIRLFRIEND? They all wondered.
‘Yeah, she is. I’ll see you all later please. I’m d–n tired.’ He said and walked away.
The princess and her friends continued walking. They were just staring at Darasimi.
‘Is it true?’ Princess asked Darasimi.
‘Yeah, we started from…’ She was saying.
‘Alright, I’ve heard! The princess cut in. And walked faster. Darasimi was just wondering what was making them angry. She smiled slightly and walked into her room, and started met her friends playing games, she went into the bathroom, had her shower, prayed and read her bible, afterwards she set an alarm on her phone, Daniel just bought it for her. She then slept off hoping to wake in the midnight.
To be continued