The Unknown Season 1 Episode 8


Previously On The Unknown

Harry, what’s your problem?!” The Queen shouted as she crossed Harry up in his house.

Harry smiled and stroke his beard. “Katherine, nothing is my problem but you!”

“You know the stuff I am made up of, don’t you? Why do you like disturbing the Prince? Why do you always want him by your side? What is this problem of yours?”

Harry whisked to his feet. “Why wouldn’t I want to see him? Why would I just sit down here and keep watching when you never showed up as promised? Katherine, you should watch yourself well, you should! Before you try to make me impatient, I will make life miserable!”

“What on earth do you want from me now?” She asked him.

Harry laughed out wickedly. “What else? I need you to pay the balance for this month, once you are done with that, we are both safe.” He replied.


“Earlier than usual, what happened?” Victoria sat up, seeing the mood she was in.

“I have been sacked.”

“You don’t mean this! How come?”
Now that I have covered up for you, shouldn’t we be getting set for the dinner?” Ramsey winked at Stella as he picked a seat before her, in her office.

“I will do this just because I hate it when someone fail to keep a promise. I am not doing anything, I know I’ll be on duty tomorrow, so I have to leave soon too.”

“You’re cool about that, Stella. I also don’t like it when one doesn’t stick to his promise, it makes me go wild!”

“Anyways, I’m leaving by six.” She informed, picking up her mobile phone to check what the time was.


Nicholas’ car screeched to halt behind Chief Sam’s building. His heart raced as he stared at the tall building. .

He was sure everywhere was silent and reaffirmed his faith and strength before he jumped in. Looking sideways, he dipped his hand into the pocket and brought out a media card before advanced slowly.

He opened and met a huge, tall guy, that pointed a gun at him on sighting him

“Shit” he said



Nicholas slammed the door quickly as he saw the man. This is a big problem, he had thought as he swallowed, dropping down sweat from his soaked black mask. It was dark, so it would he easier to fight out the battle if it was only the man.

He reached for the knife and stood some distance away from the door, expecting the man to come in. Suddenly, the door opened and the man walked in after some seconds. I don’t wish to kill anyone, he thought as he moved closer from the dark spot and stabbed him by the leg, removed the knife and the guard’s gun and ran away with them.

The guard screamed while he ran out quickly and jumped over the fence, running out of the house. As he jumped off, the other guards ran inside through the backyard door and met the scene. “Run after a man, he is masked and he ran away now.” The guard informed them as he struggled with the pain.

The other guard gathered one another and pulled a car out of the building as quick as they could, leaving some of the guards in the compound to be searching for Nicholas while they traced him, if he had gone.


Nicholas kept running, trying all his best not to be caught. He had removed the mask and flung it at the back seat. He felt refreshed as he removed it and raced on, peeping out periodically.

The guards missed their way because they never knew who they were running after, while Nicholas had gone.

Seeing that he was getting safer, he brought out his phone and dialed Doris’ mobile number. “I am coming over.” He said and ended the call instantly.

He was breathing heavily on remembering the flashback of the incident again and rushed home to wash the footmat and discard the knife before visiting Doris’ place.


“Is he still single?” Doris asked her sister as they packaged the food in the kitchen.

“He’s been disturbing my life that he would like to come here, probably for dinner like this.” Stella replied.

“So, he’s been a wave to you. Anyways, I brought Craig because of our victory at work. So, just a coincidence.” She smiled.

“Nicholas just called you, right?”

“Hmmn..” She nodded. “He said he would be coming.”

Stella smiled. “That’s nice too, a full house tonight.”

“Let’s take the food to the dining table quickly, it’s getting late.” Doris said as she carried a ray of packaged food.


Nicholas came down from his vehicle and brought out the foot mat for a quick wash. As he finished washing it, he pressed his pocket where he had kept the gun he snatched from the guard and sighed.

He could feel a slight pain by his arm, perhaps when he tried to jump over the fence quickly. “God, now I need you.” He muttered as he walked inside to keep the gun in a more secured place.

Immediately after placing it in his wardrobe he quickly dashed to Doris’ place to take his dinner and make a little chit-chat before going back to sleep.

He rolled up the long arms of his shirt and entered into the living room. “Good evening.” He greeted Ramsey and Craig who were on the dining with the ladies.

The guys also chorused as they greeted him. “Come and join us.” Stella flagged her hand with a smile on her face.

Nicholas smiled too. At least, it would be an opportunity to know the two guys more, and wouldn’t take any nonsense if they tried to make the ladies suffer. “This is Craig, the intelligent officer.” Doris introduced Craig to Nicholas as he joined the dining table.

Nicholas protracted his hand for a handshake. “I am Nicholas.”

Craig showed his teeth as they shook hands. “It’s a pleasure meeting you, the genius.”

“Genius?” He chuckled as he took away his hand.

“Yeah, Doris usually talk about you and I have been dying to know who you are.” Craig added.

“Owww… that can’t be true!” He grinned as he flashed a glance at Doris.

“I’m really serious, you see that she didn’t introduce you to me.”

“Hmmn… Alright, no problem.” He laughed.

“That’s Doctor Ramsey beside you, Ramsey meet Nick.” Stella said from her seat as she used the opportunity to introduce the two to each other likewise.

Both exchanged pleasantries too. Nicholas dropped his glasses on the table before he started eating his served food. “I never knew you use glasses too.” Craig said, picking up the glasses.

“I do.” He replied, taking a look at the one worn by Craig.

“This frame is so nice, I really like it.” Craig said, taking a close look.

“You really like it? I deliberately didn’t change it because it was a gift from my friend, some years back. I have another one, though.”

“It’s really nice. But, you kept it because it was from your friend? It’s only lovers that keep things because they cherish it a lot.

Do you mean the person is just an ordinary person or a..” He grinned as he winked, making his thought known.

“I suspect too.” Ramsey chimed in, clearing his throat unnecessarily.

“Urgh.. It was from a very close friend, a very close one.” He grinned. “Though, a bright and beautiful lady.” He added.

They all laughed. “That’s cool. I knew it was from a lady.” Craig said.

This is from Vivian, ten years back. Though it may not be as good and neat as before, I will always keep it as a cherished gift from you. He thought.

“It’s easy for guys to make friends, it’s nice though.” Doris said.

“I love that too, but I don’t know why some ladies always feel somehow I can’t explain! ‘Why would you turn yourself to a super mario? Because of what?” Craig hissed.

“I wonder too, I wonder! But, some guys too do behave that way. It can be classified under shyness or pride.” Nicholas added.

“Anyhow, just make sure you finish the food and you, Ramsey get the wine uncorked.” Stella said.

“No problem, Doctor Stella.” Ramsey grinned as he reached for the wine.


Nicholas retired to bed and had the flashback of what happened to him some hours back. He grinned as he imagined himself been caught by Chief Sam where he was entering the secret password.

He remembered how he stabbed the fellow and took his gun away. “The work begins fully.” He muttered as he rolled to the other side of the bed. “Nancy, never disturb my sleep!” He shouted as he stared at his phone, as if he was really discussing with Nancy.

Then, he slept off.


“So, none of you got that guy who made his way into my house!” Chief Sam shouted at his men.

“He was quite too fast and besides, it was only Major that saw him and the man stabbed Major before he escaped.

“Who knows what the person came to do? What’s the essence of having you these fools when you cannot rotate a house and keep on guarding. What if my wife and children were still in this Kingdom and hadn’t travelled abroad?” He shouted.

“We are sorry boss.” They chorused.

“That’s not the point, you should have someone on your suspect list. Who do you suspect?” He questioned.

The guys kept staring at each other, we don’t know yet but we will find out soon

“You better do or else i will have you all fired by monday morning with immediate effect

“Yes sir” we will do our best sir”

Now get out of my sight


To be continued after 50 share