Kwadjo Peter Resurrected After Being Buried for 1 Year



Hell fire is certainly blazing and in there is the late Pope John Paul and Michael Jackson, Kwadjo Peter has revealed.

On his way back to life, the latter who claim to have spent a month on the other side of life, claimed he has seen things other people can’t see.

It all started when the “resurrected” folk claimed he collapsed whilst playing football with his friends. For this reason, he was rushed to the Begoro Hospital for treatment but was pronounced dead by a doctor and his body was deposited at a morgue for preservation.

According to relatives of the deceased but now “resurrected” Kwadjo Peter, he begun to respire again and asked for water from the morgue attendant but out of fear, he struck him (Peter) with a stick and this took the life out of him for the second time.

“When I asked for the water, the mortician told me that I should go back to sleep because all of my friends are sleeping.

He used a stick on me and the mark is still imprinted on my body as proof of that incident”, Kwadjo Peter recounted on Peace FM.

In the next world, Kwadjo claims he started flying and got infuriated by the fact that he could still see his family and friends but none responded to him whenever he called out their names. He claims he even tried holding his one year son but it was to no avail. He then met a bearded man who directed him to follow him on a narrow path. He obliged and was shown the Biblical hell fire with Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul trapped in it.

Family members tell their side of the story

A church elder of the Divine Church of Jesus accompanied Kwadjo Peter to testify on his behalf. According to Elder Godwin Abui, he was at the funeral of Kwadjo Peter and even paid him his last respect at Akusu where he was buried.

Gifty Annor, wife of the former deceased being, also testified that when her husband passed on, he was kept in the morgue for one month but after he was buried, a man appeared and everything he did was similar to her husband. She claims they reunited and everything about him shows that he has indeed returned from the land of the dead.

Kwadjo Ebenezer, a brother to Kwadjo Peter reiterated the above points shared by Elder Godwin Abui and Gifty Annor but an expert in pathology and renowned bishop hold contrary views.

Experts punch holes

Professor Agyeman Badu Akosa, a Professor of Pathology, was called by the station to offer his view on the matter. But according to him, he has only heard similar stories about the dead resurrecting but has never seen one before.

As a medical practitioner he wasn’t so sure if a certified doctor had pronounced Kwadjo Peter dead before he resurrected. He cared to know if the dead body had also been stored in the morgue with formalin (a medicine used to preserve dead bodies) before the resurrection took place. From the medical expert’s point of view, he claims none of Kwadjo Peter’s internal organs can function if formalin was used on him.

“Formalin makes your liver as hard as stone, your heart can never beat again and this makes it hard for you to respire”, he said.

The founder and leader of the Glorious Word Power Ministries International, Rev Owusu-Bempah, wasted no time pointing out aspects of Kwadjo Peter’s remarkable story which are subject to Satan’s machinations.

He explained that “from the Bible we only get to know about the dead resurrecting when Jesus Christ was around, but in Kwadjo Peter’s case,” he wondered “where Jesus stood to make that miracle happen.”