The Unknown Season 1 Episode 9


Previously On The Unknown

“So, none of you got that guy who made his way into my house!” Chief Sam shouted at his men.

“He was quite too fast and besides, it was only Major that saw him and the man stabbed Major before he escaped.

“Who knows what the person came to do? What’s the essence of having you these fools when you cannot rotate a house and keep on guarding. What if my wife and children were still in this Kingdom and hadn’t travelled abroad?” He shouted.

“We are sorry boss.” They chorused.

“That’s not the point, you should have someone on your suspect list. Who do you suspect?” He questioned.

The guys kept staring at each other, we don’t know yet but we will find out soon

“You better do or else i will have you all fired by monday morning with immediate effect

“Yes sir” we will do our best sir”

Now get out of my sight



Nicholas rushed up the bed as the mobile phone vibrates the next early morning. He held his right hand to his forehead as his head struck the wall. He hated it when his sleep was being disturbed by a fellow. He hissed and got hold of the mobile phone. “This Nancy!” He hissed as he flung the phone to the other side of the mattress and laid on the bed.

Why would she be forcing herself on me? He muttered as he laid on the mattress. He tried to get some sleep but he couldn’t again. He walked to the chair and plopped down, picking up his parents’ picture that was there. “It’s just past five.” He said as he looked at the wall clock and yawned.

Soon, his phone beeped again and he walked to the mattress to pick it up. It was his friend, Henry. “What are you doing by this time?” He said as he picked up the call.

“Nick, I just got a call that the prince would be celebrating his birthday and needs us to come and perform that day.”

He smiled. “That sounds cool. When is the birthday party?” He enquired as he sprawled on the bed.

“This Saturday.” Henry replied him.

“Alright, no problem. Where’s the venue?” He quickly asked before ending the call.

“The palace.” Henry replied.

“Okay, thanks.” Nicholas ended the call and dropped the phone. “Another money is coming.” He smiled as he placed his hand on his forehead.

Instead of risking my life, I should plant a bug on this man and use trackers too. Nicholas thought and sat up. “These stuffs will be quite expensive but they are all I need.” He said softly.

“Nancy!” He exclaimed as he hissed, annoyed that she had caused him a headache.


“Do you have anyone on your suspect list?” Craig asked Doris as they entered into the house of the deceased.

“Not at all, If I had, wouldn’t I have disclosed it?” She questioned.

Craig smiled. “Just pulling your legs. But, don’t you suspect anyone? Who would have killed them?”

“We have divisions, various ones. the people they worked with, the family members or the people they were competing with.” Doris replied.

“I said it! I said you are smart and intelligent. Once we conclude this search, we have to check on their company, Golden Ring Companies to investigate.”

“That’s nice, I hope we get the criminals soon.” She walked in more.

“Doris, something tells me this has to do with the competition between their company and the other companies that competed for the contract.”

Doris smiled. “I think you are correct, you should go on with the search, I’ll go ahead to get the list of the companies and how we’ll start the investigation.”

“Good of my team mate, I’ll meet you.” He waved and walked on.

Doris walked out of the house while Craig started searching the whole house. Soon, he left without any evidence.


Nicholas tapped his head as he came down from the car and leaned against it. He sighed and looked sad staring with the envelope in his hands. “So, even if I purchase this bug with the remaining money, how I’m I going to survive?”

He turned around and faced the company he was at the front. “By the time I am through, I’ll get all the wealth taken away from my parents.” He muttered with a smile, cheering himself up as he walked in to purchase the needed bug.

At first, he thought he’d be questioned on what he needed it for, but he purchased it without enquiries. “Please how do they use this?” He asked the lady that helped him package it.

“Insert the SIM card into a device. The 2-Way GSM Audio Listening Device is a remote-listening spy device that records the sound around it and can be dialled into using any mobile phone.” She paused for a while and continued. ” Two way GSM audio listening devices come with two setting options: Sound activation, which means that if there is a sound above a certain level within the target area where the bug has been placed, the sound is picked up by the microphone activating an auto call function that dials your number. This makes it possible to hear all the sound in your selected location without having to constantly dial in to check.

The second one is Dial link, simple dial the SIM card’s number from any phone, anywhere in the world, the device auto answers the call allowing the listener to hear what’s happening within the immediate vicinity of the bugging device. Shockingly simple isn’t it? No skills needed, no training and no real costs.”

Nicholas grinned. “Thanks, I’m grateful.”

“You’re welcome.” She smiled and waved at Nicholas and asked, can i have your number?

“Sure why not” but Nicholas gave her a wrong number and walk out


“Stella, thanks so much for yesterday’s treat.” Ramsey smiled as he sat before Stella.

“Alright, you are welcome. As a matter of fact, I am expecting a patient in some minutes time, maybe you should leave and come back some other time.”

Ramsey smiled. “Alright, no problem. But, have you endeavoured to check on the patient that was operated yesterday? I was told the operation almost got ruined because of your absence.”

“My absence? We are all professionals, have you forgotten?” She chuckled. “No one could have said it, stop pulling my small legs.”

“I’m serious! It was Doctor Martins that told me. He said if you were there, things would have been easier for them. He said you should have lead the operation.”

“I was not in the right state of mind. By the way, this Doctor Martins hates me, he wouldn’t say that.”

“Yes, he wouldn’t say it before you, but he never knew we discuss a lot.”

There was a knock at the door.

“Ramsey, get going. My patient is here.”


I never knew it’s so easy. Nicholas smiled as he stretched his hands and clenched his fists together.

“The new problem is concerning how to keep the bug on him.” He swooshed out a long breath and drank the water before him.

“I am no longer afraid of any of them, the worst is that I die, after death, nothing more and what up with that lady too, he shook his head”

He picked up his mobile phone and dialed Nancy’s number. “Is Chief Sam in the office?” He enquired.

“No, he left for a meeting earlier.” She replied.

“He left for a meeting..” he repeated as he cleared his throat. “Alright, thanks.” He smiled and rushed up. “I should be able to do it now.”

To be continued after 50 share