The Unknown season 6 episode 6


“So, what’s the assurance you’ll find Harry? What’s the assurance the child is even a male?”
King Dennis laughed. “If the child is a female, her husband will be the King. But, who told you I won’t be able to find them?”
Harry chuckled. “The two of them must be dead wherever they are. A woman banished long time back! Thank God I even used that way to send her out of the Palace.”
“What!” He was quiet for a while. “I’m not shocked, that’s why you will never leave this place!” He began to walk away.
Doris was just flooded with thoughts as the King left. Edward is not the real son? The King has a child and a wife somewhere? Who are they?
** ** **
Victoria shook her head. “Perhaps he has been waiting for the right time.” She told Vivian.
“Right time?” Vivian squeezed her face. “Has the time being wrong?”
She chuckled. “That’s the main reason I still think he’s The Unknown. Maybe, he’s been under the cover just to make sure he finishes his mission successfully.”
Vivian thought for a while and sighed.
** ** **
It was evening already. Craig just dropped Doris and sped off. He was really tired already, though he wished they could discuss more. They already discussed on the King and his family, the two were wondering what would eventually happen.
It would really be disastrous if someone like Edward becomes the King and has a father like Harry as his backbone.
Doris fickled her wrist and checked the watch. It was just 6:47pm. She hurried inside the house, she couldn’t wait to tell Nicholas what she saw. As she remembered that, she began to link things together, what if Nicholas is even the King’s Child?
“Hello.” She greeted as she entered.
“How are you, dear?” Stella was glad to see her sister again. She was hale and hearty after going around since morning.
“I’m good, Stella. What of Nicholas?” She asked.
“He went out some minutes back. Guess what?” She brushed to her feet, grinning.
“He has shown himself to Vivian. He went to her place.” She replied.
She dropped her bag and sank into the sofa. “What of Henry?”
“He went out since.” She replied.
“Can you believe that Mark on Nicholas is a royal mark?” She asked her.
“What?” Stella drifted forward.
“Yes, Stella. All children from the Royal Family have the birthmark.” She replied.
“What are you now insinuating?”
There was silence.
** ** **
Vivian had been eager to see Nicholas again. She didn’t know why she couldn’t get her mind off him, praying he would come that evening. Just as she was still thinking about him, there was a slight knock at the door.
Anthony rushed up to check the gate when Vivian called him back. “Didn’t you say you want to have a cold shower?” She asked.
“Yes mum.” He replied.
“Go and have your shower.” She told him, just to keep him off, in case it was Nicholas.  Victoria was just coming out of her room then. “I’ll get the gate.” She said as Anthony went to his own room.
Vivian was eager to see who was at the gate. She couldn’t explain her joy as she saw Nicholas again. “Viv.” He smiled and entered the living room.
“Nicholas.” She smiled.
Victoria just shut the door and winked at Vivian as she walked to her room.
“How have you been?” Nicholas asked. i didn’t even know how he would start his discussion.
“Nicholas..” as she called his name, Anthony walked out of his room in his boxer shorts only. He wanted to get his towel on the line. He greeted Nicholas and walked on.
“How.. ” As Nicholas was about greeting him, he saw a mark. “Wait!” He exclaimed as he stood up gradually.
Vivian was still wondering on what was happening. Suddenly, she remembered the birthmark and froze.
Anthony had already undressed when he remembered he had spread his towel on the line in the morning.
“This.. mark…” He drawled.
Vivian just cleared her throat and broke the suspense. “He’s your son, Nick.”
Nicholas froze.
** ** **