veronica arrives home and Nanciyaga delivers Magdalene’s message to her and within a minute martin also enters and veronica enquires from him why he never told her that, Magdalene will be leaving to the city and martin asks her on why he has to let her know. Veronica then tells him that it is because she needed to give her letter to be given to her uncle. Martin then furiously tells her that if she thinks she can’t stand the hardship she is going through after marrying him and that is why she wants to write her uncle to inform him about it, then she can chose to go with Botel and his wife Magdalene to the city. Veronica replies martin that thought she sometimes prefers to run away from the wrath of martin but for sake of the love she has for her and the promise she made in church as “for better for worse” she is never going to run away until she discovers why martin is behaving so mean towards her after their marriage.
Magdalene and Botel get prepared to go to the city and Magdalene waits at the shore expecting that veronica would have brought her a letter to be sent to her family but Botel advises her not to trust veronica so much just because she sees something special and also a resemblance of her daughter in her before she disappoints her with her bad character as stated by martin. Magdalene then tell Botel that, martin can say all kinds of things against veronica but she sees a different veronica with a great and Nobel character and decency and not as bad as martin may have described her. Just when they left, veronica arrives at the shore wishing to give a letter to them for his family but she misses them and returning home she bumps into Manuel who tries to be sarcastic towards her and tries to take chances of her veronica struggles with him for a while and luckily for her, martin arrives at the shore to rescue her from the hands of Manuel and angrily Manuel pulls out his knife and stabbed martin.
Father Juan, Joaquin and Nanciyaga arrives to help veronica to take martin home but the unfortunate thing is that, dr. Botel also left with Magdalene so there will be no doctor to attend to martin except for herbal medicine to treat him and veronica becomes very worried and fails to leave his presence.
Things begin to go on well with Emiliano and Virginia and so he takes her to her doctor Fernandez for checkup and as usual veronica knowing what the both of them end up by having their sexual desires satisfied, Virginia asks Emiliano to leave and come back later for her though Emiliano would have preferred to wait for her but he accepts Virginia request and left. After Emiliano left, Fernandez becomes jealous but Virginia tells him not to feel that way because she is only doing that to get money from Emiliano and to do that, she has to make him fall in love with her, kiss her a little and then play romance with her but since she is not that in love with him, she will always picture Fernandez in Emiliano to do all these thing with Emiliano and because she is the one true love of her life.
For pablo to be able to get closer to Ana Perla, he tries every means to make Crescencio accepts his plea to make paintings of his whole family but he finds it so tough to make him understand since Crescencio only catches his idea to get near to his granddaughter, pablo then shows him a portrait he made of Ana Perla and quickly Crescencio takes it from him that he is never going to give it back to him because no one stirs at his granddaughter without his permission.
In martin’s pain, he never seizes to say “I love you” and also never seizes to thank her for taking good care of him in his pain upon how rude he’s been towards her and veronica continues to do everything possible to save martin from losing his life through the help of Nanciyaga.
Martin comes out of his fever and veronica discloses to him that now she knows that she never made a mistake by accepting to marry him because through his fever, he revealed and continues to mention to her how much he loves her and never seize saying that because frankly those were the words she needed to hear from his mouth and now it makes her feel okay and worth it that she never run away from him upon all his rude attitude towards her. martin then enquires from her if he actually said “I love you” to her and one could tell how hurt martin felt to have said that unknowingly to veronica upon the look on his face since he has sworn not to say anything of that sort to veronica. Martin then asks her if she really would have run away and left him for good and veronica answers “yes” but now that she sees that martin loves her as much as she also does; she is willing to be with him forever..
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