The Unknown season 6 episode 5


After an hour.
Anthony already walked into his room, being busy with his guitar as usual. He knew his mother would not want to tell him about Nicholas, if she was ready, she would.
Vivian seized the oppurtunity to visit the Kitchen and sat on one of the plastic chairs there. She noticed Victoria didn’t notice her presence and cleared her voice. Victoria suddenly turned and saw her. “Vivian.” She mentioned.
“Vic, Nicholas is really not dead?” She asked her, finding it hard to believe she really saw him.
Victoria smiled. “I also saw him, Vivian. So, that shows he’s been alive and possibly been around you for a while.” She told her.
“Around me? You mean for him to locate here?” She asked.
“What assurance do we have that he is not The Unknown? What if he’s been the one saving your life? Remember the scent of the body spray?”
She nodded. “That’s really true. He’s the one, always concerned about me and Anthony. Wait, does he already know Anthony is his son?” Her eyes widened.
Victoria just smiled. “How will he know? He can’t.” She replied as she continued with what she was doing.
“Is that a guess or you are sure?” Vivian questioned.
Victoria turned around again. “See, girl. I’m beginning to suspect something, is it that you don’t want him to know he has a son with you?”
There was a brief silence.
** ** **
Craig and Doris appeared before the King and his Boss. They just came to check on the criminals when they saw the King and his guards also there. They patiently waited and began to listen to all they were saying.
“What’s happening here?” Edward exclaimed.
Harry just continued laughing.
“I have told you before and I’m repeating it again, ask your father!” The King replied.
“So, the King already knows? I never knew. No wonder you didn’t help me.” Harry brushed to his feet.
“Even if I never got to know, I still wouldn’t have helped you! I’m not a bad person who stays on the side of unrighteousness and guilt. I try to clean my hands and be free from any trouble.”
“I see. For your information, I don’t even need your help. But, know that a day will come that I’ll leave this place! At least, you know you don’t have a son, not even a son, you don’t have a child! Who becomes your heir?” He laughed again. “Then, my son and I will be able to leave this place, when the throne becomes empty!”
The King clasped his hands. “You’re really out of your mind! Have you also forgotten Margaret was pregnant when she was banished?”
Harry froze.
** ** **
“I certainly cannot do that, that’s what I have been longing to tell him.” Vivian said after the short silence.
Victoria shone her teeth. “Better.”
Vivian clenched his fists together. “But, why do you think Nicholas never showed himself?”
** ** **
“I don’t want her to get hurt in the journey.” Nicholas said to Stella.
Stella stared at him. She just finished dressing his wound and wondered what he was talking about when he said he didn’t want her to get hurt. “Who?”
“Vivian.” He said and took a deep breath. “It was her place I went to, Stella.”
Stella was surprised. “You’ve finally showed yourself to her?” She asked, happily.
He nodded. “She was so shocked that she slumped, Stella. I know she must suspect I’m The Unknown.” He stroke his beard as he spoke.
“Why?” She constricted her eyes.
“What else? Maybe because of the perfume, by the way I’ve always saved her and the likes.” He replied.
“That doesn’t matter.” She paused and continued. “What’s your plan now? Do you really wish to get back together?”
Nicholas smiled and nodded. “Certainly. But, I’m wondering if she will give in because of her son.” He said.
Stella sighed. “She should. At least the husband is dead, right?”
Nicholas nodded.
“She should. For someone to have fainted when she saw you, you should know it’s not been a joke. She must have had you in heart too.” She winked.
Nicholas laughed. “I pray so.”
“So, what’s the plan? You’re going back?”
“Yes.” He nodded again.
** ** **