The Unknown season 6 episode 4


It was Edward, Harry and Osmond that were put in the same cell. The King stood before the cell and looked at the three as they sat down, looking frustrated and compressed in there.
Edward ran up as he saw him. “Dad, you have to help us.” He stood before the door.
“Help you?” He stared at him for a moment.
Harry kept looking at him where he sat down. “What are you here for?” He questioned him.
“To see with my own eyes, how my enemies were dealt with without me even interfering.” He smiled.
“Enemies?” Edward repeated.
“You better go and meet your father there now!”
“Father?” Edward looked at his back, Harry laughed.
** ** **
    Nicholas walked into the house. Stella was already in the living room, waiting for him when he entered into the house. “Nick! Haven’t I told you not to go out?”
He smiled. “I’m sorry, Stella. I just had to. By the way, I was tired of laying on a particular spot all day!”
“This will heal you faster! What if Craig sees you?”
“That’s his business. At least he won’t remove my shirt to see if I have a gunshot wound. He must gather his evidences if he thinks I’m the one.” He moved further. “What of Henry?”
“Didn’t you two go out together?” She questioned.
“I thought he would have returned. Maybe he already left for another place. Anyways, I can perceive the aroma.” He winked.
Stella chuckled. “What aroma? You won’t eat anything, that’s your punishment for going out.”
He sat down. “You wouldnt want to do that, Stella. You know I have to eat, so I can use my drugs.”
“How’s the pain?” She asked him.
“Still aching severely. I’ve just been managing it, just holding it to myself.” He replied.
“Can you see, didn’t I tell you not to go out?”
He beamed. “Its been that way even when I was in the room.” He winked.
“Let me dress the wound and change the cover.” She said.
Nicholas smiled. “Are you really after the wound or touching handsome boy?” He winked as he stood up and started walking inside.
Stella hissed. “See you, ugly thing.”
** ** **
“Mum, do you know him? How did you know he’s Nicholas?” Anthony started asking questions.
Vivian glimpsed at him. “You ask too much questions.” She replied him.
Victoria sat down. “Vivian, what’s happening?”
Vivian just looked at Anthony and looked back at Victoria. She knew she could understand her language that way. She didn’t want to say anything before Anthony, but how could they discard him?
Victoria nodded. “Okay. I’ll just go and start cooking.” She said and walked to the kitchen.
** ** **
Story Continues…