The Unknown season 6 episode 7


Anthony made his turn well and faced her mother. “Son?” He repeated.
Vivian plopped down the cushion and held on to her wound. She groaned as she looked at the two. “Yes, Anthony.” She replied.
Anthony looked at Nicholas again and his mother. “You told me Dad was dead, Mum.”
She sighed. “I told you because I didn’t want you to always be after seeing him. He was nowhere to be found, we lost contact many years back.” She replied him.
“No!” Anthony exclaimed. “You lost contact? Do married couples lost contact?”
Vivian kept quiet for a moment. “We weren’t married when you were conceived.”
Nicholas was just in shock. He hadn’t taken his eyes off Anthony even for once. He kept on staring at him as he discussed with his mother. “You?”
“Anthony, just go and take your shower. We still have a whole lot to discuss, I’ll explain to you later.”
Anthony still stood still, looking at Nicholas. Nicholas pulled out his hand toward Anthony, inviting him to come to him. Anthony walked slowly and stood before him.
Nicholas just hugged him amidst his tears.
** ** **
The knock at the door broke the silence. Stella brushed to her feet to check who was at the door. It was Henry. “Where have you been?”
He scratched his head. “I’ve actually been enjoying myself around, Stella. I’ve not been comfortable sitting at home.” He replied.
Stella chuckled. “Come.” She pulled him to come and hear what was going on in the living room. She put him on the sofa and sat down too. “Doris, say it again.”
“Henry, do you know anything about Nicholas well? Like, about the mark he has on his body?”
Henry rested his back. “Is this why you pulled me?” He chuckled and continued. “Sure, it’s his birthmark.” He replied them.
“Really? Just that?” Doris asked him again.
He nodded. “Yes.”
“It’s the mark on every child from the Royal Family.” Doris told him.
Henry laughed. “Are you telling me he’s from a royal family?” He continued laughing.
“If you really want to hear; yes.”
“You’re funny.” Henry chuckled.
** ** **
“Why didn’t you tell me about this, why?” Nicholas said after Anthony left.
“Don’t you remember I want to talk to you that day? Have you forgotten? I waited and called your phone many times but there was no response! I had to leave, I didn’t get your call, not even a text message! And you don’t do social networks, I know that!”
Nicholas sat on the floor. “You could still have contacted one person or the other.”
“Maxwell? I did that on Facebook! He told me you guys already missed contacts too, Nicholas. I mailed you, he also did! No one was able to get across to you!”
“Didn’t Maxwell tell you I lost my phone that day?” He asked.
Vivian wiped her tears. “He did. I thought you were going to retrieve the mobile number, but you didn’t! Why didn’t you check your mail again?”
“This is more than I can fathom, Vivian. I lost everything with my mobile phone. I forgot the password to my e-mail when I bought another mobile phone, believe me!”
Vivian was surprised. “Couldn’t you have reset the password? How much you didn’t do much to get in touch with me again?”
He wiped his own tears too. “I did, Vivian. I didn’t know your e-mail, it didn’t cross my mind to even retrieve my mobile number, by the way, do you know how difficult it was then? It didn’t cross my mind!”
“For over ten years?”
“And that’s why I have always searched for you! I’ve always know I’d find you someday, Vivian.”
“Really? You never provided an avenue for one to contact you asides your phone number and e-mail, Nicholas!”
Nicholas became short of words. “I’m sorry, Vivian.”
“Sorry? Is that it?”
“After that time, live became miserable when my parents were killed. I wasn’t on point again, I lost everything! I was… I can’t even explain.”
“Your parents? Is that why you became The Unknown?”
Nicholas stared at her, he was more than shocked. She knew all the while?
** ** **
“We are being serious here, Henry. At least, be serious for once too.” Stella said.
Henry chuckled. “This is not a matter of seriousness, this is a matter of laughter! You’re saying a thing that’s not possible. Who told you Nicholas is from the Royal house?” He laughed again.
“I have done my research, Henry. I have seen it on the one who you all think he’s the Prince, but he’s not.” Doris said.
“What do you mean?” Stella faced her.
“The King himself said it today that Edward wasn’t his son. Can you believe the King’s brother is the father of the guy?”
Henry shook his head with doubt. “That can’t be possible. Maybe he was just disappointed in him.”
“No!” Doris exclaimed. “I heard everything. It was Craig and I that were there. The King’s brother never denied, he was laughing at the King and asked him how he got to know.”
“What!” Stella was shocked.
“They mentioned a name while speaking and the name was Margaret. I heard the woman was banished many years back and it was Harry that caused why she was banished. She was pregnant for the King when she was banished.” She expatriated.
“Margaret?” Stella repeated as she glanced at the three.
“Are you trying to guess if she’s the mother of Nicholas?” Henry asked.
Doris nodded.
** ** **