The Unknown season 6 episode 15 Final


Just as if it was reserved, the place was cool and beautiful. Each of them entered slowly, smiling. Nicholas had gone to pick up Vivian, Victoria and Anthony; so he had told them he would meet them at the place.
Not quite long after they all got there, Nicholas also came down from his vehicle and walked in with the rest. He was looking so happy that lines had fallen in pleasant places for him; though he hadn’t been able to predict what Craig would do if he later got to know he was The Unknown.
He knew it wouldn’t be up to the stage that would be too difficult though. He believed the God that had been helping him right from the scratch would finish his work.
“Enter gently.” Nicholas told Anthony as he held his hand. As he raised his head up to view the inside of the place, his eyes met with that of Nancy. “Shit!” He muttered as he saw her.
He sniffled as he tried to take his eyes away but he saw that she started laughing. Craig was watching the two from where he was, all he was after was to really know what the truth was.
Nicholas dropped Anthony beside his mother and Victoria as he cloistered near Nancy and told her to come outside. Once he did that, he headed outside towards his car, backing the eateries.
Not quite long after, she came out slowly. Craig also left his seat when he noticed what was happening and followed slowly.
When he saw the way Nicholas was standing with her, he knew Nicholas would not be able to see him if he came out the place. He came out stealthily and stood by the other side of the car, listening slowly.
After listening for a moment, he smiled. He already got to know what he had always wanted. He turned to the other side of the car, smiling. “I heard everything.” He spoke.
Nicholas froze.
** ** **
Nicholas thought he was just dreaming when he saw Craig and he said he heard everything already. Craig just grinned again as he stared at Nicholas. “You have been a tool greatly used to wash this Kingdom to the point of truth, Nick.”
He stopped abruptly and glimpsed at Nancy. “Sincerely, you are someone I admire a lot. Your passion to get the evil men, save those in one problem or the other. That means if I were to be in trouble too, you would have risked your life to save mine.” He stopped again.
“Now, are you satisfied?” Nicholas said to Nancy softly.
“I am not after any of you two again. The guy you saw me with is my fiancé now, so I have stopped having the ambition of getting you down, Nick. I have also stopped having the mindset of getting Craig back. I believe God just wants to shed light.”
Just as they were talking, Henry arrived. He had gone out to hang out with some friends for a while. It was Nicholas that called him to come over to the place when he went to get Vivian and his son. Henry just entered, pretending as if he didn’t see them.
“Why did you now undergo that pain just to expose these people and bring out the truth?” Craig asked Nicholas.
“They murdered those who took care of me, they also murdered Doris and Stella’s parents.” He stated.
“You are justified. At least, you never killed anyone. Congratulations once again, The Unknown.” Craig grinned as he stretched his hand forward for a handshake. Just after the shake, he hugged him tightly. “Don’t think I’m after sending you to jail, I only want to know the reality and I have known what is what. God has blessed you by making you the Prince.”
Nicholas couldn’t believe his ears as he stood right there, wondering if he was dreaming or he heard all that for real. It was really true.
After wondering for some minutes, he started believing it really happened, not a dream. He also walked inside, looking so taciturn.
** ** **
The merriment continued. Nicholas had been a little bit reserved since he entered again. He didn’t want to believe all he had heard. Not quite long after he had been like that, Craig went to his side and tapped him. “I have a deal, Prince.” He told him.
He hurtled a gaze at him. “What?”
“I have been praying for an opportunity to do something like this, and I think this is the best atmosphere.” He paused.
“What exactly?” He asked.
“Doris.” He stated.
Nicholas grinned. “Really?” He fluttered to his feet.
Craig nodded. “I have been keeping the ring in my safe for a while now, is this not right enough?” He questioned.
“It is.” He told him, looking so happy.
“Okay, you’ll anchor as I start.” He told him as Craig rushed out to get the ring he had been keeping in his safe for a while. He prayed not to get a NO for an answer.
** ** **
Craig winked at Nicholas as he was ready for the show. Nicholas walked to the middle of the confinement and clenched his fingers together. “I want a perfect silence everyone.” He shouted and everywhere became quiet.
He wondered how he would start. “Something great has happened. A twinge of feelings and emotions, flowing together in the heart of just a man. I won’t spill the milk, I will let you hear from the mouth of the horse.” He said as he stood aside.
Craig was really shy to do that, but he had always wanted such an opportunity, he had to face it himself. He cleared his throat as he walked near where Doris was and stretched his hand forward to have her hand. “Come.” He said softly.
All eyes were on them. Doris never knew what was going on, she just stood and followed him. Just as they got to the center of the eateries, he stood before her, looking into her eyes for a moment.
“Action!” Nicholas exclaimed.
Craig went down with one of his knees instantly and brought out the ring. Suddenly the place became full of shouts. Stella was already on her feet with her hands on her mouth. “I have been waiting for an opportunity like this when I can speak out my mind to the best teammate I have ever worked with in my life. It has been so interesting working with you, I have gained, I have laughed, we have worked together and you have left me at the edge of my seat, hungry for your love. Doris Felicia, will you be my bride?” He finally concluded.
Doris covered her mouth with her two hands in a great surprise. She glanced at her sister for a moment and Nicholas. The two were raising their thumbs and telling her to say yes.
“Yes!” She finally let out.
The noise flooded the eateries. Craig finally slipped the ring into her finger as he stood up and hugged her.
Nicholas wiped his tears. He walked to Vivian and held her hands. Then he began to think as he hugged her firmly.
** ** **
    I have faced the rights, the wrongs, the hurdles, happiness, joy and failures. I never let myself down till I got all I wished. I never let God out of my business till he directed me to where my everlasting happiness is.
    The days I’d walk stealthily, the days I would march on the accelerator, the days I would not be able to sleep, the days I would not be outside to save, the days I was in the forest, the days I escaped bullets and death, the days I faced trials in various offices, the days I sent evidences. It has been God.
    I watched Doris and Stella as they cried when their parents were killed. I was also in tears then. The whole story started from there and ended with tears of joy today as I watch them cry for joy.
    Now I’m free, the heir apparent and with Vivian again? What else hasn’t God done for me. It has been him all the way.
Though THE UNKNOWN is now KNOWN, he has been known for working rightly and celebrated for it, not known to be in jail.
** ** **
From my desk.
The Unknown is a story that teaches a man that even after everything, God is still the throne. Only those who walk with him are those who can have the testimony of a great end.
** ** **
I so much appreciate every reader. I sincerely love you from the depth of my heart. God bless you for the likes, comments, shares, mails and messages. I really love you. One thing is that The Unknown has ended in 2015, greater heights in 2016!
Let’s meet then and see what God has in stock for us!
Credit Temitope Daniel


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