The Unknow season 6 episode 14


At last Nicholas was able to get off the hook of Vivian’s father. He had already spent over two hours there and it was full of questions and great histories. “Thank God.” He had muttered as he was able to leave with Vivian and Anthony.
Vivian grinned. She knew all he passed through in there; he had been asked several questions even how he became the sudden Prince of the Kingdom. “Sorry, Nicholas.” She said to him.
“You also know.” He chuckled.
Vivian laughed. She had stared at him for a moment and spoke. “Thanks, Nicholas.”
Nicholas glimpsed at her. “What have I done? Common, let’s go!” He grinned as he drove off.
** ** **
As soon as Nicholas dropped Vivian and Anthony off at home, he drove back to the Palace to see the King again. He prayed the Chief makers and other Chiefs would have gone. Luckily for him, he met the King on his throne; it seemed he had gotten much better than when he first met him again and told him about himself.
He thanked God he was all alone and everywhere seemed quiet. “Dad.” He spoke softly. He had wished to call him his father earlier too, instead of calling him the King.
The King raised his head and looked at him. “My son.” He sat up, grinning.
Nicholas sat down on the seat beside him. He was quiet for a moment before he gave him the feedback of Vivian’s side. “That’s really good.” The King kept saying.
“I have called my lawyer too and already appended my signature on the documents that pertains to giving you all my companies. What is left is for you to append your own signature too and resume office anytime you wish.” He told him.
Nicholas sighed. He couldn’t stop thinking about it, from an ordinary man to being a Prince? Now having the companies of the King with Vivian and his son! What else could he ask for? He had taken all the enemies down already and he became victorious; now wining and dining with the King and wealth. Also the heir apparent to the throne of the Kingdom where his mother was banished from.
He snorted. “What is left is to choose the wedding date, Dad.” He informed.
“I want it to be as early as possible. A Prince is required to have his own wife for him to be crowned the King and who knows when death can..”  He was still speaking when Nicholas interrupted. “You can’t die now, Dad. Just let your mind be at rest, it is well.” He told him.
“So when will you visit the lawyer to sign?” He asked.
There was a brief silence. He was thinking of when to do that when his phone beeped. He stared at the caller for a moment before he finally picked up the call.
** ** **
Vivian was just shinning her teeth as she sank into the sofa. “I have even forgotten that I have a gunshot wound.” She grinned.
“That means your outing was glorious.” Victoria smiled.
She nodded. “You won’t believe what we have been predicting is true! He took me to the Palace.” She informed.
She widened her eyes. “So he is really the Prince?” She drifted forward.
Vivian chuckled. “He just got to know too, Victoria. He never knew.”
Victoria was really happy. “At least I’m the friend to the Queen-to-be” She winked.
Vivian clasped her hands together. “Another thing you can’t believe is that we visited my parents.”
Victoria brushed to her feet. “That is not true.” She was so shocked.
Vivian licked her lips. “Hard to believe, but really true. The outing today is beyond explanation, Vick.”
“Did they accept you guys?” She quickly asked.
“Bone the story, dear. The next thing on the agenda is for Nick and I to choose a particular day we wish to get married. “ She informed.
Victoria just kept laughing. “You aren’t serious, are you?”
Vivian shrugged. “Take it or leave it.”
“Honestly, this is unbelievable!”
** ** **
Nicholas was about to leave when the King gave him the key to one of his cars. He told him he had given him the car finally, instead of the car he was driving around.
He drove as fast as he could with his new car and the car screeched to halt at the front of Doris’ place. He stormed inside, grinning. “Hello babes.” He said as he entered into the house.
“Hey!” Stella smiled as he saw him. Nicholas could see that Stella’s smile was different, maybe because of Ramsey that was in the house with her. “Ooh.. Ramsey.” He stepped forward to shake him.
“Hello, Prince.” He greeted Nick.
Nicholas was shocked. “You have been told already?” He grinned.
Ramsey shrugged. “Good news also spread fast, Prince.” He winked.
Nicholas hit Stella softly as he sat down. “How have you been? It has been a while.”
“I had to travel. You know Christmas is on the way.” He smiled.
Nicholas nodded. “Stella, I knew it when I saw your smile that it wasn’t natural. If not for Doc beside you, you wouldn’t have smiled that much.” He winked.
“That is your business.” She laughed.
Not further were they speaking when the door was knocked and opened almost immediately. It was Doris and Craig.
Nicholas’ heart skipped a beat on seeing Craig. But he knew it was all well and good, since he wouldn’t come and force himself on him to open his wound to him. “Who do we have here?” He grinned as he tried to mask his shock.
“Wow! Prince Nicholas is also here?” Craig bowed, showing his sign of respect.
Nicholas burst into laughter. ”You are not serious.” He hit him slightly and they all exchanged pleasantries.
“Doris told me about everything. I just wish you congratulations.” He grinned.
Everything? He wondered as he was told. He believed Doris would not tell him about the case of The Unknown, so he just beamed. “Thanks so much.”
“It’s nice everyone is here again. I remember sometimes back when we were all together like this. But now, we have a Prince amidst us again.” Ramsey smiled.
“What’s up with this issue of being the Prince?” Nicholas chuckled.
“How’s the King?” Doris asked him.
“I took her to him today and Anthony.” He said.
Craig winked. “Who’s she?”
“The one I spoke to you guys about that time. The lady I lost contact with after service. I cannot believe she was pregnant when we parted and I never knew.”
“Really? So you guys have a child?” Ramsey asked.
He nodded with a smile. “Sure.”
“Who’s the lady?” Craig asked.
Nicholas knew Craig should know Vivian well and he might suspect him more if he got to know. He knew he had no choice, when it was not that he would hide her after getting married to her.
“Vivian and Anthony. They were the two who really got into trouble and The Unknown saved them.” He replied.
“The Unknown… Vivian… Anthony..” Craig repeated as he sat back and kept mum.
Craig never minded him. At least he had no evidence to get him and he wouldn’t open his back for him to see the gunshot wound.
“How did you guys meet again?” Craig asked as he thought on how he could know the fact.
Nicholas knew where he was going to, he just smiled faintly and clenched his fists together. “Not quite long. I cannot really remember the day.” He replied.
“Is any kind of investigation going on here?” Ramsey interrupted.
Craig smiled, shaking it off. “No, just trying to know now.”
Doris snorted. “Can’t we go out for dinner?” She tried to change the discussion.
“Nice. I second that.” Stella added.
“Okay, let’s get dressed.” Craig said.
Nicholas picked up his mobile phone and called Vivian. He called to tell her to dress up with Anthony and her friend for dinner. He hoped he was doing the right thing.
Just then, Craig also picked up his mobile number and called Nancy to come to Abigail’s Kitchen. He knew he would convince them all to go to Abigail’s kitchen.
** ** **
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