“24 Days before Christmas” season 1 Episode 11


As soon as he held her hand, Franca began to feel this chemistry between them, like they had known each other for long. She liked that feeling and begun to smile all the way through.
Yvonne introduced him as Ray alright but its only coincidentally that he and Franca’s ex bare the same name.
Yvonne had to be on her way, she left Franca in the care of Ray and went back home. To her, she  felt this is the only time Ray will have to make amends for what he had done to her sister.
On the other hand, she wanted this so she could know her future with Yaw. She eventually arrived at the decision of meeting Yaw at the same spot where they had their first sex, where she broke her virginity.
That means she has to call Yaw right away and schedule their meeting as soon as possible.
Back on campus, Yaw had finished with the lecturer’s assignment and was waiting for the arrival of Franca. It wasn’t so long, that he saw Franca and Ray happily holding each others hand on campus.
“What, Ray again.”  He asked himself.
Yaw’s heart got broken, he was completely hurt by this. He began thinking and until he was bumped into by his course mate, Susan the gossiper.
Susan was the type that had all the campus info at her finger tips, whether it has to do with news about lecturers awarding grades to students after sex, news about who is dating who, double dating etc.
You could always count on her for such information. She knew everything in and out of campus. She knew about the sex tape, she also knew about the love Yaw have for Franca.
She bumped into Yaw not by chance but purposely to tease him.
“Hehe, Yaw paa, see the look on your face, you wanna cry anaa” Susan teased him.
“Get out of my sight girl, i have better things doing”
She laughed at him the more with the statement he just made.
You should see the look on your face when you said that, after all the girl you love so much is back with the guy that sent her sex tape viral, you are here staring at them. Ohhhh Yaw, i pity you ohh, see my little advice to you, stop being a fool and wise up, there are so many girls on campus, look sharp and stop acting like a bitch”
She gave that strong punch line that made Yaw instantly realize that he was making a fool out of himself.
Suddenly the thought of Yvonne came back into his mind.
“Why don’t i fix things with Yvonne” He asked himself.
Coincidentally Yvonne’s call came through that moment.
“Yaw, i want to meet you, we need to talk” she said
“same here, i really need us to talk badly”
“Can you come over to the office by lunch time? ”
“sure, i will be there”
He hanged up and headed to class.
Soon it was lunch time, Yaw quickly went to Yvonne’s office without wasting anytime.
When they saw each other Yvonne wanted to grab hold of him and give him a kiss.
Yvonne didn’t waste time she went ahead and told Yaw how she truly feels about him.
” You are the only guy that have ever made me feel this way, i love you so much, make me yours Yaw.” she said
Yaw looked straight into her eyes and saw that she was completely being honest with her feelings.
“Yvonne, i appreciate the love for me, if i should tell you same, then am a liar, but am willing to love you, i may not love you now, but teach me how to love you just the way you love me, teach me how to love you”
It was a dream come true for Yvonne, she smiled at him, the mood was right, she looked into his eyes and planted a kiss on his mouth. Yaw kissed back, he held Yvonne by her waist while they kissed passionately.
The kiss got deep, tongue wrestling and lips clinging. Yvonne softly bit his lower lip to entice him more, Yaw held her tight and run his hand on her breast which was hidden beneath her shirt and bra.
It was lunch time, so all the workers had gone on break including Yvonne’s secretary.
While they were kissing deeply, suddenly Ray and Franca budged in  and saw them.
Apparently Yvonne had forgotten that she told Ray and Franca she will be coming over to take them to lunch.
They decided to come over themselves since she was running late.
Yaw and Yvonne quickly stopped upon seeing them. Franca was not too bothered when she saw them, but the comment she made, made an issue.
“Oh sorry sis, we should have knocked” Franca said.
“Sis?” Yaw asked with a surprised look on his face.
To be continued