“24 Days before Christmas” season 1 Episode 12


“Sis?” Yaw asked with a surprised look on his face.
Before Franca could answer, Yvonne quickly interrupted.
“Ermm Franca, don’t worry, what brings you here, oh hold on, the lunch, lets go right away” said Yvonne, she was fumbling through out.
When Yaw saw Franca though, he still had feelings for her. He just kept staring at her until Franca noticed it.
Yvonne asked Yaw and Ray to excuse them as she talks to Franca alone. She had an information from her Dad.
“Wow, you didn’t tell me you were going out with that guy?”  Franca asked
Yvonne: “Oh sis, it escaped me. Well anyway i have an information from Dad. You know his birthday is on 25th December, he wants to surprise us by reading his Will”
Franca: “i see, his will? Well sounds like a good idea to me ”
Yvonne: “that’s the information he wants me to pass on to you, but i want us to throw a party for him, he has really been a good dad”
Franca: “Yvonne am in ok, can we go and have our lunch already, am really famished”
Yvonne was a bit surprised that Franca didn’t show much interest in what she said, however she decided not to pay attention, since she thought that Franca was still recovering from her health condition.
When they got to the office reception, Yaw was no where to be found, Ray was the only one there. Yvonne tried calling him but he never answered the call.
No one knew where Yaw was. Yvonne thought that he had rushed back to campus so she didn’t worry that much.
Yvonne, Franca and Ray proceeded for lunch. They interacted with each other and had fun. Franca was getting along with Ray very well.
When the lunch was over, Yvonne decided to take them back to campus but they refused. You could tell that they wanted a moment alone. Yvonne then left them and went back to the office.
One thing she found worrying was the fact that Franca was recovering too fast. To her it was quite unusual.
She thought that perhaps Franca was enjoying the company of Ray.
Ray too promised to bring Franca home once they are done with their hangout.
Yvonne went back to the office, she kept calling Yaw all this while but this time around his phone was off.
Ray and Franca went back to campus after they took a couple of drinks at the restaurant.
Ray suggested that he shows Franca where his hostel is. She didn’t hesitate at all.
Together, they went to the hostel. Upon reaching there, Ray took Franca to his room.
That was the exact place where the sex tape was recorded.
As soon as Franca got in, the smell, the color of the carpet, the entire room looked familiar to her.
It was as if she had been there before. The look on her face suddenly changed. She looked more suspicious.
Ray gave her a seat, and told her to relax herself as he gets some drinks from the hostel kitchen.
Franca sat in the room, she looked around the room, trying to recall her memory. One thing she was so sure was that, she knew she had been there before.
She came across Ray’s laptop which was already on. She decided to surf through just to occupy her.
She saw a folder on the desktop named “My stuff” She opened it, and saw a whole set of different pictures at different locations of herself and Ray.
She got surprised, started going through until she came across a video among the pictures, she played it and that’s it the sex tape.
She saw it and began to feel afraid, Ray entered the room with the drinks and saw her.
As soon as he saw her, before Franca could open her mouth to ask any question, Ray gave her a back hand slap. She screamed and fell unconscious.
Yaw who was following them all along, right from Yvonne’s office to the restaurant, campus then to the hostel from a distance, just to keep an eye on Franca, out of the feeling he had for her, heard Franca’s scream.
He budged into the room and saw Franca lying motionless on the floor.
He immediately pounced on Ray, landed a heavy fist blow on his face that got his nose bleeding.
To be continued tomorrow.