The Unknown season 5 episode 8


Craig just finished taking his shower when he picked up his mobile phone and sprawled on the bed. It was really a hectic day for him as he had gone around in search of The Unknown. He began to think again, linking events together. If Nicholas is not The Unknown, why didn’t I see him today? Or is he in Stella’s place receiving treatments? That shouldn’t be! It shouldn’t!
Just then, he unlocked his mobile phone and saw the new video he just received. As he began to download, eager to see what the video was all about. He had thought within himself too that the video might be from The Unknown.
As soon as he finished downloading, he could see how the station was attacked clearly, and most especially the man he wished to see. It was Harry, the King’s brother! “This man!” He exclaimed, staring at the screen of the mobile phone. He checked who sent him the video and saw that it was The Unknown’s doing.
He forwarded the video to his boss, the truth was already uncloaked.
** ** **
Harry walked into the palace, putting an innocent look on. He greeted the King and had his seat. “I heard the station was invaded and the Prince was taken away.” Harry said, trying to start the discussion.
The King looked at him for a while and cleared his throat. “I heard too, but who do you think must have done that?”
Harry shrugged with a distorted mouth. “I don’t even know! Anyways, I’ll be back.” He stood up and walked into the second living room. He knew the Queen would be there. “Hello.” He waved as he entered.
The Queen whisked to her feet. “Harry.” She called. “Did you do it?” She quickly asked.
“Who else could have done it? Why won’t I save my son from them? He is in a safe place, so don’t panic, woman. But, I’ll need a sum of money too.”
“See, Harry. I don’t have any money at the moment. What is important now is getting the Prince out of this country so that he won’t be caught again.”
“He is need of money for his traveling. He can’t even call his bank manager when officers are searching for him. So, just give me like five hundred thousand.” He stated.
Kate was shocked. “Where will I get that kind of money from? You have been collecting money since Edward was still in the womb, Harry. Please forget this issue, now.”
“How will I forget that you have been showcasing my son to your own husband as his son? I have to be more paid than this, woman. Don’t you know that if the King knows Edward is not his son, you are dead? Before he catches me, I am gone already and you will be the escape goat! So, where is the money?”
Katherine was downcast. She had made the biggest mistake of her life already. “I will send it into your account tomorrow.”
Harry laughed. “Thanks.”
The King had been by the door, listening to them for long. He walked away as he noticed they already finished the discussion. He was amidst tears as he got to his room, bothered when he already knew Edward was never his son.
The King could not explain the type of agony his mind was in, as he jammed his door. He sank into his bed and was weeping profusely, just thinking all he had thought all his life was lost already. So, Edward was not his son and could never be? It was more than agony of the mind for him.
It was very hard for him to swallow it up. He felt like getting a gun and ending the lives of his brother and his wife, but he was being held back by something he couldn’t fathom. Maybe, it would be better if he should leave them till the truth is really revealed.
Edward’s name kept ringing in his wide ears but it was still hard to comprehend again and again.
** ** **
Craig walked to his window and pulled his curtains to a side. He had been thinking since he finished watching the video The Unknown had sent to him. He knew the face of the man he saw but couldn’t remember where he knew him and how he could link him to the Prince.
His mind began to think of another thing-what if the King was even aware of what happened? Who could tell if he was even the author and finisher of the work that was done? As he was thinking of that, he reached for his mobile phone and saw the message of his boss. “Come and see me now.”
He licked his lower lip and dropped his mobile phone, clenching his fists together as he cloistered into the room to make a changing of clothes and rushed to his boss’ place for them to sort things out as quick as possible.
Soon, he got to his destination and hurried down from the vehicle, walking inside the house as fast as he could. Finally, he saw his Boss and was relieved. “Yes Sir.” He raised his index finger as he approached him quickly.
“Craig, welcome.” The man said and ushered him into the house as they began their discussion.
“I left what I was doing and rushed down here as soon as you asked me to come, Sir.” He explained.
The Boss nodded. “Thank you. Everything is for the betterment of the cases on ground. Firstly, are you sure it was The Unknown that sent the video to you or another person and you are probably thinking that it was The Unknown?”
Craig chuckled. “He is the one, Sir. Why are you worried?”
“I was thinking that the guy has been shot already, he should be somewhere in pain, how did he go about recording a video again?”
“Hmmn.. That is actually true.” Craig nodded along.
They got to the living room and he was offered a seat. He sat down while his Boss sat on one of the stools at his front and continued their discussions.
“I am thinking of something.”
Craig stared at the man. “What?” He raised his shoulders.
“Should we have said The Unknown have been the only one doing this work alone? The guy must have some people that works for him. Some of them might be working near our station and others, anywhere he wants them to be.”
Craig nodded and smiled. “That is really true, Sir.”
“That is an additional work. But, do you think the King is the one in charge of his son’s escape?”
Craig exhaled. “I don’t know the man in the..”
He hardly finished his statement when his Boss interrupted again. “That’s the King’s brother.” He told him.
“Really? I thought as much! There is a striking resemblance, Sir. What I think is that the King’s brother would not have done all that without the consent of the King.”
The Boss tweaked his nose and stood up from the small stool he was sitting on and walked to a sofa to sit down. “I think we should start with that man first. When we get the man, we will get the Prince, his friend and anyone that might be associated with the case.”
“That is true. I think we should start working on that tomorrow.” Craig said.
“Yes. You and Doris should start the work on that tomorrow. Get the man arrested and we must keep the security of the station very tight if we won’t loose out.”
Craig smiled. “Alright, Sir. But we haven’t gotten a call from any hospital concerning the whereabouts of The Unknown.”
“A sensible person won’t go to the hospital in this type of case too. He must be somewhere, he might have his own personal Doctor that might have come around to treat him. Nevertheless, we must keep trying and hoping to get positive results.”
** ** **
…story continues…