Martin seeing how Dussage enjoys the company of his wife, he excused him and takes veronica to their room and then tells her that he can’t see her being with another man because she is his and forever be and would want to enjoy all the moments with her because she drives him crazy and he really wants to love her. All of a sudden martin gain consciousness about his revenge and angrily he quickly backs out from caressing veronica and asks her to rest because they have more to do the next day and veronica begins to worry shedding tears and wondering what may be wrong with her husband.

Virginia enters Emiliano’s study to call him for dinner but only met his absence and looking around, she sees a fax letter written by veronica to their uncle telling him that they have reached Mina Escondida safely but veronica after reading it destroys the paper to prevent it from landing into their uncle or anyone’s hand. Unfortunately Emiliano enters and nervousness caught up with Virginia and Emiliano demands from her why she feels nervous seeing him and also why she has that paper in her hand and she lied as usual that she wrote that letter for him to tell him to stop thinking about veronica because she is not going to come back since she is now married and wishes that he starts life rather with her and that was what she wrote in the letter but later realized that she needs to tell him personally without having to right anything on paper. Emiliano asks her not to say that again because veronica is going to be visiting and they are forever going to see each other again.

Veronica goes after martin to figure out what the hell is wrong with him but he prefers to be alone but veronica still insists and martin only tells her that he is only experiencing some mood changes.

Whiles sitting at the dining, Jorge gets worried since he still look forward to receiving a fax letter from veronica if they have arrived safely but Virginia knowing what she’s done to the letter asks his uncle to continue to wait because veronica might have forgotten about them since she is having her honeymoon with his husband, but she will try and check on Claudia to ask from the office if veronica and martin has sent any fax. Emiliano quickly gets angry at Virginia for taking each minute of the time to talk about veronica so he stops eating and warn her to stop doing that to hurt him if not she is going to lose him forever.

Ana Perla tries going out but his grandfather as usual refuses her because he doesn’t want her to see any stranger lest to talk to them. He then asks Manuel to have breakfast and after, keep an eye on Ana Perla so that she would not step out of the house.

Martin and veronica set on the way to mina Escondida and father Juan meets them at the river bank to welcome them and martin speaks secretly with him not to mention anything to veronica about Demetrio because if she discovers that Demetrio committed suicide in that room she is never going to be at ease.

Claudia makes an emergency call to Virginia and they meet quickly and she discloses to Virginia that she learnt something that martin only married veronica for vengeance and not love as it seems. Veronica then asks Claudia why martin wants to take that revenge but since Claudia is naïve about that, Virginia decides to find out the reason behind it in her own way.
Martin and veronica arrives at Demetrio’s apartment and the place looks very messed up and martin tries to interrogate veronica if she feels familiar with the place but she tells him nothing is familiar to her and he again asks her not to expect much and get use to the place but veronica assures him that she is going to clean the mess to make the home pleasant for them to feel at home. They take a tour through the rooms, and in martin’s bedroom was Nanciyaga lying peacefully on martin’s bed and veronica becomes very jealous seeing her and she questions her and martin why that lady sleeps there and martin explains to her that she is responsible in taking care of the house. Veronica finds it so ridiculous since nothing shows that someone takes care of the place seeing how mess it looks. Veronica again, seeing how Nanciyaga mentions her own name before making a sentence feels that she is mad and therefore prefers that martin makes her leave the house.

Martin comes out and Nanciyaga goes after him to ask why he brought that white woman who carries bad luck to the place and martin enquires from her if she thinks veronica is the woman in the photo that Demetrio had since she knew everything about Demetrio and just when she is about answering. Botel arrives to interrupt them that Magdalene asks him to invite him and his wife for dinner to welcome them into the town. After he left, he asks her again and Nanciyaga tells him that all white women are bad and so is veronica and will bring pain and much suffering to the boss and martin draws into conclusion again that veronica is the woman he is looking for. He then pleads with Nanciyaga not to mention Demetrio’s name ever to veronica or him when they are in the house because he doesn’t want veronica to find out that he was his brother.

Veronica keeps cleaning the mess in the house and in pulling one of the drawers; she sees blood on the floor and begins to worry what happened there.

Martin visits Demetrio’s graveyard and swears to him that he is going to keep his promise and take the revenge since veronica is now closer to him and though he’s fallen in love with her and Demetrio also did fell in love with her, but he promise to be strong and make her suffer the pain she caused him.

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