The Unknown seaason 5 episode 9


Stella checked the setting of the drip again and walked back to her seat. It was still accurate. She pitied Nicholas because she knew the pain he must have been through. How rugged he was! Still running out to record a video in that state.
Sitting again, she looked at him while he also stared at her. “Thanks, Stella.” He smiled.
Stella waved her hand.” Why are you thanking me? Should I have watched you die? That is not possible!”
“You are loosing your strength the more you talk.” She cautioned him.
“Don’t worry about that. How do you intend to go about James’ issue?” He enquired as he glimpsed at Henry too.
“At least there is now an evidence we can use to support the fact that he is also a part of the group of six. In fact, everything will be settled now because it’s all the three that are left that have come together to be caught.” Henry chuckled.
Stella smiled. “That is very true. Anyways, I think we shoud know Craig’s flow first. I tthink we should know how busy he is with the Prince’s case first, and everything will be sorted out one after the other.” Stella added.
“Remember someone’s life is as take in this issue on ground.” Doris said.
“Then, that’s not even a problem again. At least you are here and you know what is going on. We can strike a deal to get the three men and you’ll be the one to be called as I have been calling Craig before. You’ll inform Craig when you have started the assignment on the work already and I think we’ll be done with this project of executing the six men.”
Doris nodded. “That’s a wonderful idea. I just don’t want it delayed, a life might get lost if it is delayed.”
“No problem, Doris. The bugs are still there and we can hear them from time to time. Whatever it is that they are planning will be known here before the manifestation. So, we can strike when they intend to harm anyone.” Nick explained.
“Nice.” Stella raised her thumb.
** ** **
Vivian had been by the edge of her seat, wondering since Anthony asked her if they knew who The Unknown who had been saving both of them. She began to remember each experience of slipping into the hands of those who might want her and her son but no matter how hard, The Unknown would show up like a saviour.
Another thing was the redolence that she still didn’t know! Could it be Nick? She had thought within herself. Now, blood was donated for her without knowing who donated the blood. She had been wondering for a while now.
She had just been thinking that if it were to be Nicholas, he would have shown himself to her long back. “Or is he afraid? Maybe because he is now married?” She kept on thinking with her troubled mind.
The more she thought of it, the less she seemed to understand.
** ** **
It was like a movie to Louisa when she also heard that Margaret was dead already. She couldn’t control the flow of her tears. How would a mother die, leaving a son behind? She kept on crying while her husband kept on cuddling her as he was wiping his tears too.
“I think we should think about what to do now, not to start crying.”
Louisa stared at him. She didn’t know what next to do at that time. “Should we now go to the King and tell him?”
“A king that could send her out in that condition? No! I think we can just adopt the child as our son while we organize the burial of the woman.” He bursts into tears again.
“I never saw this coming. The pain and the worries she had endured during the pregnancy is enough to cause her death. A son?” Louisa wept more.
“Let’s just go and see the Doctor to know what exactly to do now.”
They walked to the Doctor’s office.”
** ** ** …story continues…