The Unknown season 5 episode 10


VIVIAN didn’t want to think of Nick as The Unknown again. She had wondered what could make him to become The Unknown. If it was about the redolence, someone else might be using the body spray. But, would the person still be protecting her and her son every time? She had thought.
Memories began to flow in again. She rested her back and smiled as she began to remember different things. But why haven’t I forgotten this after ten years? She wondered. She wasn’t sure if he would not be married, so, why would she keep remembering the time they spent together
She exhaled and just wiped the tears that already formed in her eyes so Anthony would not notice.
Doris was still in the room when her phone began to ring. She stared at it and back at Nicholas. “Craig.” She whispered.
“Craig, what’s up?” She stood up.
Nicholas knew he must have seen the video he sent to him then, maybe he was just trying to tell Doris about it.
“A video?” Doris spoke, composing herself as if she was shocked to hear about the video. “Has he called you?”
She was winking at Nicholas at the same time and smiling. “Okay.” She just ended the call and beamed.
“How far?” Nicholas asked.
“He said he already saw the video you sent and he went to meet the boss.”
“Your boss? Why the boss?” Stella asked.
“He said he called him to come. And the person in the video is the King’s brother.” She said and took her seat.
“Really? I thought as much. But why did he save him? I’m pretty sure it must be the King that planned this.” Nicholas said.
“Craig won’t let him off the hook too, don’t worry. He said the investigation continues tomorrow.”
“But, I have a feeling the guy can travel, maybe out of this Kingdom. If things are not done as quick as possible, we might not get him again.” Henry added.
Stella nodded. “That’s true.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure tomorrow is a day.” Doris said as she picked up her phone
The King knew if he tried to speak out, he would just be killed. He had been walking his room to and fro, buried in thought of what would eventually happen to him. Now that it was evident that Edward wasn’t his son and they were planning to send him abroad
He didn’t even know what to do exactly. If he should just involve the officers so they could capture him or if he should just expose the matter one and for all. “Katherine.” He said as he sank into his
Just as he was thinking of that, his mind slipped towards Margaret. She was pregnant before She left! He recalled as he squinted his eyes. “I must first of all find this woman, if I won’t be an empty barrel.”
He knew the best thing he could do was to involve the officers to get Edward. At least, he wasn’t his son, he had also committed a lot of crimes. He also knew the officers wouldn’t think of no other person but him! Who else would every one think
Craig retired to his mattress. He recalled all that had happened that day. He also recalled how he shot The Unknown. He started feeling uncomfortable as he remembered that. This guy has been of help. He wondered as he rolled to the other side of the bed.
Though, he might have been taking laws into his hands, but he has been exposing evil men and running after the truth! Could it be Nicholas? He wondered and sat up. But why has he not been at home? Why? He kept on wondering.
He laid on the bed again and kept asking himself questions unit he slept off.
It was a new day already, Doris was at least glad she would be of impact again that day. She stood before the full size wall mirror and nodded cynically, she seemed to be thinking of something.
“The King must also face the law.” She suddenly said. She left the front of the mirror and went to her wardrobe to pick her belt and walked back to the mirror. “No one is greater than the law, no one is greater! We shouldn’t be biased!”
“Yes.” The door screeched open. It was
Doris chuckled. “How are you, Stella?”
“I’m doing good. So you are going on now?” She asked her.
“Sure. We must get them today.” She
“Determination. At least, we should be able to bring everything to a halt as soon as possible so everyone can have a rest of mind
“Exact…” she hardly finished when her phone beeped. It was Craig again. “Hey! Morning.” She greeted.
“Okay, I’m through. I’ll be waiting for you outside.” She said and ended the call.
“He’s coming?”
Doris nodded.
The King already made sure that he appointed a guard to be monitoring the Queen and his brother. He knew if his brother should get the money he wanted, his son would get out of the Kingdom as quick as possible. He never wanted that. At least, he already made up his mind that he wouldn’t let him go.
For an appointed time, he had thought he would keep playing along as if he knew nothing till he would be able to find Margaret and amend his ways.
Craig already picked up Doris at the front of her gate. “Today is another busy day, Doris. But one thing I don’t know is that are we going to be able to arrest the King?”
“What’s the King’s business in this matter?” She threw him a gaze.
Craig shrugged. “Don’t you know the King is surely associated with this issue?”
“Hmmm.. I know he might be. That should be the first thing, what if he’s not? By the way, who we should first focus our attention on is meant to be his brother.”
“That’s really true. When we get his brother, we’ll be able to get to the root of this
“Better.” Doris smiled.
“How are you doing?” Stella stood beside Nicholas and asked him, smiling.
“I’m doing good. ” He smiled back. “I feel so much better.” He added.
“Good morning.” Henry greeted Stella.
“Henry, what’s up? Good morning.” She replied. “Doris already left for work. They really want to get the King and those associated with this issue.”
He smiled. “I wish them good luck. Can I go out today?” He asked her.
“To where again?”
to be continue