Martin visits Demetrio’s graveyard and swears to him that he is going to keep his promise and take the revenge since veronica is now closer to him and though he’s fallen in love with her and Demetrio also did fell in love with her, but he promise to be strong and make her suffer the pain she caused him.
Pablo arrives in mina Escondida and polo (little boy) to be able to draw pablo closer to the Ana Perla, he intentionally takes pablo to see their grandparents to just tell him that he would like to make paintings of him and his family but Manuel discourages him not to accept that because it is ridiculous to wake up and see one’s image always on the wall and Crescencio agrees with him. But Pablo is able to convince him to a point and he later agrees and asks him to come over so he can paint him like a patriarch as he has convinced him.
Veronica asks for forgiveness from Nanciyaga for being so rude to her after seeing her lying on her husband’s bed and after she pleads with her to bring water so she can clean the blood on the floor and Nanciyaga tells her that it is the blood of the innocent after veronica enquires from her if she actually thinks that it is blood. Veronica tries to ask again if an animal was killed there or not but she turned to realize that Nanciyaga is nowhere to be found.
Martin pleads with Botel that he and his wife are not to mention Demetrio’s name to veronica when they go over to dine with them and Botel agrees.
Virginia tells her lover doctor Fernandez that she feels so worried about Demetrio because she doesn’t want her relationship she had with him to be known by any one and Fernandez tells asks her to first investigate to know how Demetrio died since he was too young to die of natural causes because that is where she will be able to know the next step to take and Virginia thinks it’s a perfect idea.
Ana Perla and Blanca gets so worried about pablo because they do not want him to get into any trouble with their grandfather so they look for him everywhere to caution him to be very careful, but it’s to no avail and only when they were about giving up, Polo’s dog arrive with flowers and a letter written by Pablo directing Ana Perla to meet him at their base and they both become so happy and quickly Blanca ask her (Ana Perla) to run and meet the love of her life and Ana rushes there to meet Pablo.
Magdalena goes to invite veronica to over for the dinner and after introduction Magdalene hugs her saying that she has the same name as her mother and she really loved her very much.
Teo sees blanch with Polo and he approaches her and Polo listening to their conversation for a a while, becomes hurt and he tells Blanca that she is also going to fall in love like Ana Perla and leave him all by himself which is not good at all because he will not have anyone to keep him company. So, he leaves with his dog in anger.
Ana Perla discovers from Pablo that he has a girlfriend in Mexico and it comes as a big blow to her thinking of how deep she’s fallen in love with Pablo. Ana in deep pain tells Pablo she never wants to see him ever again.
Father Juan visits Magdalene and his wife to find veronica and martin there having dinner and he takes the opportunity to have a chat with veronica alone and he reveals to her that his husband wants to take revenge and he thinks that it will certainly destroy him in the end but h’s advised him all he can but martin fails to listen to him and that is why he wants to ask her to also advise her husband to stop. Veronica then asks him who martin wishes to take that revenge on and Father Juan reveals that she is the one martin wants to take the revenge on and just when father is about explaining further, martin returns from the washroom and overhears them talking about revenge and he intentionally interrupts and veronica tries to get the understanding of this whole revenge and martin lies to her that he ones told father Juan that he is going to take revenge on anyone who tries to harm her in Mina Escondida and veronica receives it in good fate and advises martin that if indeed that is what he wishes to so for her then there is no need for revenge just to protect her but rather should allow the law to take its course if anyone is to offend her.
Magdalene gets angry for Botel asking her not to mention Demetrio’s name to veronica and also lying to veronica again that the mine has a problem whiles it is not so. Botel then explain things to her that, because all was martin’s idea because he thinks veronica is an opportunist and wants to test her. Magdalene tells him that she doesn’t feel that veronica is a bad woman but rather trying to make life meaningful and also she feels a very special connection with her.
Martin seeing that Father Juan is about destroying his plan of revenge, he intentionally goes to make a confession to him in church that, he married the woman who caused the death of his brother so that he can have revenge on her.
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