The Unknown season 5 episode 11


Craig and Doris walked into the Palace. The two were looking as ‘official’ as possible. The gate keeper already let them inside the Palace, so they went as they were directed. Soon, they were led to where the King was and greeted him.
“Welcome, my children.” The man managed to smile.
“Long live the King.” Doris smiled too.
“Please, sit down.”
The two sat down quietly. “We came because of the issue of the Prince, your highness. We are from Area F station.” Craig initiated the discussion.
“Prince? I heard he escaped.” The King said, trying to mask his feelings too.”
“Yes sir. And that’s why we are here. We need your help concerning it, Sir.” Doris said
“My help? I don’t know his where about too, the only person…”
“We know the person that knows his where about, Sir.” Craig interrupted.
“Really?” The King sat up.
“Your Brother, your highness. He knows where the Prince is.” Doris replied.
“I’m not a father that pampers rubbish too, my children. If you are sure of what you’re saying, arrest him then.” He said.
“Really?” Craig and Doris looked at each other, They were really shocked to hear that from the King
“According to what I heard now, he will be here this morning. So, I think you should just wait for him.”
“Thank you so much, your highness.” The two grinned.
Craig just stepped out and called the station for more men and their vehicle.
Nicholas laughed. “Situation may warrant my presence, Stella.” Nicholas said
Stella looked uncomfortable. “I don’t want you to go anywhere, at least today.”
“What if it is an emergency case?”
“Henry and I will take care of everything, Nicholas.” Stella told him.
“It’s not as easy as you think it is.”
“Just take your time to rest, Nicholas.
He sighed. “Okay.”
Not for long have they been waiting, Harry got to the Palace. He was in a hurry, so he didn’t calm down before he barged into the Palace so as to collect the money from the Queen as possible. Just as he entered, Craig and Doris stood up to their feet.
“Good morning, your highness.” He greeted his brother.
“Yes, Harry. They came for you.” King Dennis pointed at Craig and Doris.
“For me? Please do I know you?” He asked
Just as he was speaking, Craig’s phone rang. “Okay. Thanks.” He simply said and hanged up
“We have the warrant to arrest you, Sir.” He moved closer to him.
“Arrest me?” He looked so shocked.
“Yes sir.” Doris also moved closer to him.
He laughed. “Your highness, tell them it’s not possible
King Dennis looked at him for a moment.
“What’s not possible? They have the evidence that you were the one who invaded the station. So, just follow them.”
“Me? Evidence?”
“Please, let’s get going. The car is outside already.” Craig faced Doris.
Doctor Don walked into James’ office. Engineer Davies was already in the  there when he entered. “Sorry I came late.” He said and sat down.
“Welcome. Anyways, it’s you we have been waiting for. I have already informed my men about the operation and it would be carried out today.”
“Really? Do they know the man’s address already?” Don asked
“Sure, they were able to do everything before yesterday night. So, I think we are really good to go, now.” James said.
“That’s a good one. At least if the chief Engineer is out of the way, the contract will be ours.” Davies said.
“There’s no doubt about it.” James said.
“So, when should we he expecting the breaking news?” Don laughed.
“Very soon, guys.” They all laughed.
“We should even start celebrating this success from now.” Davies said.
“Don’t worry, that will be done after work today.” James laughed.
“They have already executed the plan!” Nicholas exclaimed at once on the bed. Stella had left the room already, so it was Henry that was with him.
“I just heard the recording, the man will be killed today. What do we do now?”
Stella opened the door and walked inside. “Just wait. Let me call Doris to know how far. We’re just going to send the evidences to her so that these men can be arrested at once.”
“Okay.” Nicholas said, sitting up.
Stella just put a call through to Doris. “Where are you?” She asked.
“I’m quite busy now. On the way to station, we just arrested the man who invaded the station.” She replied, trying to watch her words.
“Okay.” She replied. “Can I say something? I hope you understand what I
“Sure.” She replied her.
“Okay, those men are about to kill the man in question, so should we send the evidences to you now?”
“Sure.” She simply said.
“Okay.” The call ended.
Harry had been gotten to Area F station a while now when Doris’ phone vibrated. It was a text message. She just read through and showed it to Craig. “This is from The Unknown.” She said.
“Evidences?” Craig wondered.
The Unknown had sent her a message of where he dropped the evidences against the remaining three evil men. It was Henry that helped with the deal. He already packaged the memory card into an envelope and dropped it inside the station box as written in the message.
Doris just came out and picked up the envelope and walked inside the station again
to be continue