The Unknown season 5 episode 7


DORIS AND STELLA’S MIND HAD GONE WILD, they thought Craig had seen what they had been trying to hide from him until he dropped the iPad.
“It is locked.” He said and yawned.
Stella peeped and saw that it was actually locked with the picture of a valley as it’s screensaver, so Craig had no idea of who had the iPad. She took in a deep breath and just smiled again.
Doris walked to the sofa and took her seat too. “Could it have been the King who really got the Prince out of the station? That is really bad, that guy is really up to something and now that he is out again, that lady and her son aren’t safe to be alone.”
Craig sighed. “I am really tired that I cannot even explain. I am already getting tired of this shit! Boss began the investigation already, so, my mind is at peace.”
“Any news concerning The Unknown?” She enquired.
Craig just shook his head. “Let me get going. I just came to check on you guys again, I have to take enough rest.” He sprung to his feet.
“Okay, thanks Craig.” Stella said with a low pitch of voice.
Craig walked out as Doris followed him to shut the gate. As Stella was sure about his departure, she unlocked the ipad and checked out the video of James and his evil partners discussing. She was fulfilled. It was now very easy for Nicholas to expose them at once, instead of getting into a risk one time after the other.
She walked inside to see how he was fairing and show him the video, if he was awake.
** ** **
The Doctor walked out of the labour room with his stethoscope hung around his neck. He approached Larry and Louisa that had been expecting him for a while now. They had heard the cry of a baby and were already glad, but they were still after hearing what the Doctor would say before they would celebrate.
“She delivered a baby boy.” The man told them, looking doleful.
Larry and Louisa hugged themselves tightly as they heard that. It was really a thing of joy for the two and the Queen herself. “It really calls for celebration!” Larry exclaimed.
“Sure.” Louisa winked.
The Doctor cleared his throat to inform them of his presence. “Please, Sir. Can I see you in my office?” He asked Larry.
“Wait, Doctor. Can we see them now?”
“See me first.” The Doctor replied and walked on to his office. Larry began to follow him as he told his wife to sit down. As he hurried after the Doctor into the office, he sat down too and eagerly wait for what he wanted to say, so he could leave.
“Sir, is this patient your second wife or who?” The Doctor enquired.
“She’s actually the Queen of this Kingdom or should I say she was actually our Queen before all that happened came into manifestation and my wife and I helped her.” He replied.
“I said it too! Her face looked so familiar. How did she manage to get back into this Kingdom? She was banished already.”
“I helped her. Since she returned, she had always been indoors so that people wouldn’t know what we have done.”
“But I’m really sorry, Mr. Larry. The woman in question lost so much blood and at the end, we lost her.” He said soberly, reducing the pitch of his voice.
“What!” Larry was dumbfounded. It was really hard for him to believe Margaret had just died like that. “Is this how people just die!” He exclaimed, hitting the table so hard.
“I understand, Mr. Larry. Please, take things easy. what do you expect your wife to do?”
“No! That woman just died like that?” Larry began to shed his tears as he walked out to break the news for his wife too.
** ** **
Stella walked inside, smiling. “Hey, Nick.” She said, peeping to see his face.
Nicholas turned his head and looked at her.” Stella, is Craig gone?” He asked.
“Sure, but how did you know…”
“I heard his voice.” He replied almost immediately.
“I came to show you the video we have recorded so far.” She handed the ipad over to him and Nicholas began to watch. “Wow! This is really great! Honestly, everything is now on point, Stella.”
“But what do we do now?” Stella asked.
Nicholas glimpsed at her. “I don’t want them to kill this man before we come in. I want us to leak this video, at least they said it in the video that they should eliminate a man the way they have been doing it. By the way, they mentioned Chief Sam’s name and the man can even be a witness if he would.” Nicholas said.
Stella beamed and nodded. “That’s so nice. I know Craig is not a corrupt guy that he wouldn’t deal with them mercilessly. What is on ground now is that the Prince and his friend already escaped and we don’t know what can happen to Vivian and her son.”
“The prince wanted to use that kid as bait to get me before. Anyways, I recorded everything as it was done, but the King wasn’t there, it was a man who looked like the King that came out of the car. I think he is the King’s brother.”
“So how do we get the Prince back? You don’t worry, Henry and I should be able to do that.”
Nicholas chuckled. “This is not a child’s play, Stella. Those guys are really dangerous.”
Stella kept calm and sat down. “So what is the way out?”
“They will simply be caught unawares. I can’t do that now, so Craig will be the one to handle that business. I will forward the video to him now so that he can actually begin a research on who that man is and from there, he might get to the palace and see him. I just know Craig is also smart to handle this.”
Stella smiled. “You are smarter. Well done, Nicholas.”
“Thanks.” He began to send the video.
** ** **
King Dennis was seated on his throne when he heard the Prince had been rescued from the station. He knew it would be the work of no other person but Harry. He had looked around the palace but he didn’t see Harry, so, he knew no other person must have gone to the station to save Edward and his friend except Harry.
He stood up and stepped out of the palace, wondering why Harry had been risking his life for Edward. He had loved Edward so much from when he was a kid, even more than the King who was said to be his father. He began to wonder the number of times he did see Harry and Katherine together, discussing. “What are they always discussing?” He muttered to himself.
He had always ignored them every time but it seemed there was more to the conversations. For many years he had been seeing them, this had never crossed his mind until he knew it must be Harry that saved the Prince from the officers. “I think something is happening.” He bit his index finger s he nodded continuously.
** ** **