The Unknown Season 5 episode 6


Mr. James, Engineer Davies and Dr. Don were together in James’ office for a meeting. James had called his other remaining two partners in crime concerning a huge contract that the company was also competing for.
They had been in the deal for quite long now they had just two companies left- theirs and a threatening company. “I think The Varios might win this contract, guys. We have never failed and we should never fail.” James said to them.
“I have been thinking of this too, my colleagues. They really have a higher percentage of winning. Since we are only two shortlisted companies left, I think something fast must be done.” Don added.
“You should know me. I have gone to see their Boss there but he didn’t collect any money from me, he said he was so sorry he doesn’t take bribe and walked me out of his office. Imagine!” Davies also spoke.
James sighed. “Winning this will be a big achievement for this company and even us. Chief Sam and others are already gone, so sharing the profit will be easier and more than when they were here. We are talking about billions here, not even millions.” James smiled.
“Now that the man didn’t take money and the look on his face was threatening, I can’t guarantee our success in this contract.” Davies said.
“I don’t want to know, guys! Whoever will die because of this contract will. We have done it before and we can do it again. How can that small company overshadow us now? It is not possible!” James exclaimed.
“How do we go about it?” Don asked. “Who do we eliminate now?” He added.
“The first person we have to execute is the strong hold in The Varios company. That is their Chief Engineer who designed Maliko Bridge. That man is the major stronghold of that company and if he’s gone, I can guarantee our success.” Davies explained.
James smiled and nodded. “That should be done as soon as possible!”
** ** **
“I’m sorry I had to yell at you, Nick. I was so worried about you.” Stella begged Nicholas.
Nicholas smiled. “I understand. I just took that risk because I thought Doris was still there and I got a call they have been bombarded there because of the Prince.” He replied.
“I’m sorry once again.” She pleaded.
“Nick, how many of these men do you have left to complete this risky thing?” Doris asked.
“They are just three – Mr. James, Engineer Davies and Dr. Don.” He replied. “Henry, please help me get my car from the Prince’s friend’s place.” Nick said.
“Where’s that?” Henry enquired.
“I’ll take you there.” Stella said.
“Wait, what happened to your hand, Stella?” Nicholas asked.
Stella glimpsed at the hand. “I’ll tell you that one later. Doris, please watch over him well and make sure you neglect every knock on that gate until I return with Henry.”
Doris nodded.
** ** **
Soon, Henry and Stella returned back with Nicholas’ car. Stella dropped at the front of her place while Henry drove the car to Nicholas’ compound. After he had parked, he checked the safe of the car and brought out his iPad and the headphone there. He locked up the car and hurried back to Stella’s place with it.
As soon as he entered, Stella saw the iPad. “Wow, bring it here. Let me hear if there’s any new conversations.”
Henry handed the iPad over to her and rushed to the room to check on Nicholas. Then, Doris was already coming outside too. Stella scanned through the recorded videos and audios so far, there she saw the recording of the meeting of Mr. James and the other colleagues.
Just as she was about playing the video, there was a knock and the fellow entered. “Craig?” Doris was shocked as she saw him.
Stella quickly dropped the iPad. “Craig?” She also stood up.
“How are you now, Stella?” He asked as he walked beside Stella.
“I’m better.” She smiled.
“Didn’t you get the message that the station was invaded, Doris?” Craig asked.
“Station was invaded? Message? I got no message.” She said, looking so shocked.
“That’s the work of the network. Officer Joyce said she called your mobile number but it wasn’t going through but she sent a message.”
“I didn’t get any message.” She quickly replied.
“They invaded the station with unimaginable ammunition and The Prince and his friend were taken away.” He explained.
“Really? Who did that?” Doris screamed.
“Maybe the King, who knows? Investigation is going on.” He said and sat down. “I love this iPad.” He suddenly said and reached for the iPad.
Stella had frozen on her seat because she never took the video away from the screen, by the way it was Nicholas’ picture that was the wallpaper. He might suspect something. Doris had also held her breath, looking at what would happen as he clicked on the power button. Just then, he clicked on the power button and the iPad came on, then he raised his head and looked at the two ….
to be…continues…