Veronica looking so splashy is walked down to the alter and presented to martin by Jorge and he tells martin that he presents to him the most precious thing in his life and he asks him to make her happy for him.
Whiles the officiating is ongoing, Mariana tells Pablo that it won’t be long then they will also be exchanging vows like veronica and martin and going to live together as husband and wife.
Claudia not being able to stand the sight seeing martin gets wedded to veronica, gets up from her chair and walks out of the church with her eyes filled with tears.
The officiating keeps ongoing and the father helps them to exchange vows. Veronica is asked as usual if she is going to love martin the rest of her life and she answers “yes I do”. Reaching the turn of martin, he delays for about a minute in answering this same question if he is going to be with veronica and love her the rest of his life and veronica including everyone present wonders why martin refuses to answer this lovely question. Veronica then taps him to ask if he is alright and he tells her that he is really doing well but only a bit nervous. He then answered the question gladly but unwillingly. They exchange rings to seal their marriage and the Rev. Father declares them as husband and wife.
At the refreshment, Emiliano seizes the opportunity and he goes to plead with veronica to forgive him of every wrong he’s caused against her because though he felt bad after she rejected his proposal but he’s realized that she is not blame for any of this. So he again asks her to let them remain as the good and best friend/cousin they have always been and veronica accepts and martin wishes her all the happiness in her marriage.
Emiliano after making up with veronica goes to speak with martin and he tells him that, he has made up with veronica because he love her so much to cause pain to her but as him (martin), if ever he hurts her, then he is going to use everything he has within his power to make martin pay for every drop of veronica’s tears.
Ana Perla prepares food in the kitchen and she within some minutes lost concentration thinking about the kiss she had with Pablo and before she discovers, she got the stew burnt with the place full of smokes but luckily for her Julio arrives to get the saucepan from the stove and suddenly he discovers that Ana Perla is in love and that is what has caused that incidence but he warns her to be very careful in this mood because her grandfather is going to catch her if she continues losing concentration.
Jorge open a bank account for veronica as his wedding present to her and though she find it so embarrassing since she thinks that her uncle has given her enough already since childhood till now but Jorge tells her that he did that from his heart so that she can also fall on it in times of difficulty. Martin arrives quickly to lie to tell veronica that he has problem with the mining business so they have to leave from refreshment to go quickly to Mina Escondida therefore there will also be no Honeymoon and it comes as a blow to veronica because only when she thought she was going to spend some time together with her husband something comes up but all the same she had no choice than to accept things the way it is.
Virginia confronts veronica that it will be better she leaves quickly because it is going to save Emiliano from getting hurt since he never wants to set his eyes on her (veronica) again and she tells Virginia that Emiliano has already apologize to her and they made up. Virginia suddenly gets jealous and tells veronica it’s just a lie since Emiliano says he will never forgive her ever in his life and veronica asks Virginia to keep dreaming because she is not going to fall for her games to cause a scandal. She then tells Virginia that she is even living with martin because a problem came up at the gold mining and before she could end her sayings, Salma and Jorge arrive to ask the reason and after they become so much worried. Virginia then asks her if also she is not going to throw her bouquet and veronica knowing what Virginia is trying to do, she takes the bouquet and gave it to Virginia in an angrily mood telling that, she should take it and see if that will bring a man closer to her and Virginia becomes hurt and insults her.
Alfredo tells martin that he wonders why he pushed through to marry veronica just to get his revenge on her but martin states that there is no turning back.
Claudia comes home crying and encouraging herself that, if on martin married veronica for revenge then their marriage is going to fall apart and there she will have the chance ones again to make up with him so all hope is not lost for her.
Virginia counts her starts blessed and says that, now she is please to do anything she wish with Emiliano without any interruption from any other lady in their family because Emiliano will now have no choice than to accept her.
Martin and veronica sets on the way to Mina Escondida and while sitting in the cannon, martin makes up a lie again that, he lost everything including the gold mine since it seized to function properly so he doesn’t have money as he told her but even with that veronica still tells him that she care less about that because she trust martin that he is going to make it again and she never married him for money but love. They arrive at the only hotel in closer to Mina Escondida and the owner grows fond of veronica seeing how great and loving she looks and martin becomes jealous anytime he sees her with the hotel owner Mr. Dussage chatting with his wife
Martin seeing how Dussage enjoys the company of his wife, he excused him and takes veronica to their room and then tells her that he can’t see her being with another man because she is his and forever be and would want to enjoy all the moments with her because she drives him crazy and he really wants to love her.
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