The Unknown season 5 episode 3


News had already spread that The Unknown was shot already. Announcements and warnings too were made that any hospital that just got a patient who was shot should report to the station so as to know if it was The Unknown.
They had thought he had no other place to get his treatment but a hospital. Craig and Doris had left the hospital after they were told they would get the result of the test the following day. Craig had been studying Doris’ mood. She didn’t look cheerful like before. He was getting sure that Nick must be The Unknown.
He also had a conviction that if Nicholas wasn’t found in any hospital, he would be treated by Dr. Stella in Doris’ place. “A time to visit Doris’ place.” He had thought.
** ** **
Stella had returned with the injections needed. She continued her treatment and set up a drip also for Nicholas. Thereafter,  Nicholas slept off. She stood by the bed and stared at him without blinking. The guy had been through a lot already.
She pulled the bed cover up properly and got out of the room to pack his bloodstained shirt and all she had used away. When she was through, she went to Nicholas’ place to get some of his clothes and to tell Henry about Nicholas.
** ** **
“He was shot just because of me again.” Anthony cried before his mother.
Vivian sniffled. “Don’t cry again, Son. At least, we thank God you got out of the hands of the kidnappers. Just be patient.”
Anthony swallowed as he drifted closer to his mother. “Mum, do we know thus person?” He asked frankly.
Vivian chuckled. “How would we know him? We don’t.” She replied.
Anthony looked away, wondering on why he had always been around to help them. He didn’t know! “Anthony, why did you ask?” She enquired
“He has always saved both of us from one trouble or the other, Mum. He always help us everytime, Mum. And the scent is always there!”
Vivian recalled. “Forever Mine perfume?” She said out of her subconscious mind.
“Yes, Mum.” He replied.
Vivian threw a gaze at him. “Don’t let me think that way today, Anthony.”
Anthony sighed. “But he already got shot. Why do the officers wish to arrest him? He’s been helping them in diverse ways but they have just been reciprocating him badly, mum.”
“Anthony, please stop!”
** ** **
It was a thing which King Dennis had no choice on, even though he was the King. He knew he had to remarry since his wife was gone already. He was getting tired of his Kingdom already with their taboos for the King on the throne.
He hadn’t gotten over his wife, he was already being pressured to get another wife according to the Kingdom’s rule. Harry had been acting like a good brother since the incident happened. He had been visiting the King  often in his room to encourage him about life and not to make him worry.
King Dennis already started liking his brother again. He had given him the job of getting him a new wife since there was a limit for him to be on the throne without a wife. Harry had promised to get him a wife he wouldn’t regret ever having – Katherine.
Soon, the day came for him to take another wife and Harry presented Katherine as he had thought within himself. Katherine was shocked that she ws brought to King Dennis by Harry himself. She didn’t know what was really happening to him, if he had brain issue or he was pulling some annoying stunts.
It was that day Katherine became King Dennis’ new wife. Harry knew what he was doing surely.
** ** **
Craig had stepped out after Doris when she said she was already on her way home. He wished to be at their place and possible visit Nicholas to know if he’s truly at home or not. “Can I drop you off?” He asked her.
Doris looked back at him and was short of words. She didn’t want to and on the other hand she didn’t want him to feel she was still annoyed he had to shoot The Unknown. “Are you through with the Prince’s case? I thought you said you’d be around so that you won’t let him be bailed like the other day?”
Craig smiled. “I just thought I could relax a bit at your place, I’m just tired.”
“So, the Prince?” She asked.
“He’ll be sorted out later. I’m sure he cannot be bailed like that, this is his second coming to this place and even the Boss won’t allow that.”
“Alright, no problem. Let’s go.” Doris said to Craig.
** ** **
That would be the second time Stella would be checking on Nick after she had treated him. She prayed he wouldn’t be so much affected that he wouldn’t be able to continue with his operation.
As she went to sit down, a thought that sprung her up came to her mind again. What if Craig thinks he’s here? At least she was a surgeon and he might suspect that he was with her. She remembered the bloodstained shirts and materials she had used which were outside and rushed outside to remove them from the waste bin.
After she had done that and got to the living room, she met Nicholas. She was shocked to see him on his feet, holding on to his gunshot wound.
“Stella, I think I should go.” He said.
“Go? Where? That is not possible Nicholas. You’re still under medication! You might get infected!”
“But Craig might suspect I’m here because of your profession. Just let me go and you’ll be checking on me to treat me.”
“No, Nick. I really don’t want you to leave. If your wound gets infected it’s very dangerous. By the way, I wish to put you under close supervision.”
“Craig is the issue, you know too. I don’t want to put you into trouble, your license is as take if I’m found with you.” As he was talking, he was still feeling great pain around the wound.
“No, Nick..” She hardly finished her statement when Nicholas slumped.
“No..” She screamed as she dropped the packed materials and bloodstained shirt for him.
Just then, there was a knock at the door. It was Craig and Doris.
to be…continues..