The Unknown season 5 Episode 2


So it was even Osmond’s place they were taking Anthony too! Nicholas thought as he stopped his car and parked when he noticed that Osmond rushed down from the Prince’s parked car and rushed to a gate with key with him, shivering as he was opening the door.
He stormed down from the car as soon as the Prince drove into the house. He was short of ideas amd reached for his mobile phone. As he clicked on a button, he saw two missed calls already. “Doris? What is happening?” He wondered and dialed the number back.
“Doris, what’s happening?” He quickly asked.
“Vivian’s son has been kidnapped again, Nick. Where have you kept your mobile phone before?”
“See, Doris. I think this is what will happen. I followed the Prince who took Anthony. So, I know where they are presently but I’m not armed. I think I should call Craig and just tell him I know where they’ve taken the child to so that you guys can come and do your work.”
“But I don’t want that, Nick. He already suspects that you have something to do with these people. If you call him again he’s going to suspect you more. I just have to step aside to speak to you now, he’s in the hospital with others, making enquirers and interrogating.” She explained.
“Wow! See, Doris. I don’t think there’s a choice now. I think that is what I have to do or else he might harm this kid!”
“The Prince again, right? Alright, just call him and let him know.” She replied.
“Alright, thanks.” He ended the call and put a call through to Craig instantly.
** ** **
Immediately after Nicholas has called Craig, he rushed to his car. There, he saw his mask and his gun. He never knew they were on the back seat but had drifted toward the left door behind the driver. It was because of their position he couldn’t see them while he was driving
Should I just go now? He wondered as he pocketed his gun and held on to his mask. He walked to the gate and looked around. He saw some vehicles driving by. When he was sure there was no car coming again, he masked himself quickly and made his way to the fence. It was tall and the planted flowers near the fence as ornamental were great obstruction for him.
He roughened his way to the fence and jumped in. What if there’s a dog? He wondered as he bent and hastened his footsteps to one side of the building. He had hidden there when he heard sounds at the gate and the gate opened. Prince’s men had arrived also and entered into the house to know what’s going on. “Just go and be guarding the compound!” The Prince ordered them.
He had locked Anthony up and was getting set to call Craig. He had gotten his mobile number when he searched for him on the internet. He already knew Craig, at least he heard his name when he was still at the station. He was the guy who didn’t want him to be released.
“Hello, Mr Craig.” He said as his call was answered.
Craig kept mute. He wondered who the person could be. The voice wasn’t familiar and that wasn’t the voice of The Unknown either.
“You are shocked, aren’t you? Anyways, I don’t have much things to say. All I have to say is that I have the son of the woman that was shot by the Prince with me, that is if you know. What I need is not a ransom but just a mobile number.” He paused for a while and laughed. “Shocked? I need the mobile number of The Unknown. That is the person I have business with, not you!”
“Gentleman, I don’t have any business with him, why should I have his mobile number?”
He laughed aloud. “Don’t try to play smart, Craig. Can you see that I have discarded the ‘Mr.’ before your name? I am going to kill this boy!” He threatened and ended the call.
“Don’t send anything to him. At least, he cannot kill the boy before we get there.” Doris said to Craig.
Craig nodded. “Alright.” They continued with their journey to where The Unknown had told them to come to.
Doris just prayed all would just be well.
** ** **
Soon, Craig and his men got to House Five as Nicholas had described. “This should be the place.” He came down and stared at the building. “Come on, guys.” He waved his hand as a sign to them and the officers rushed down from the two vehicles they have brought.
They were putting on bullet proofs, ready to face any war too. They got to the gate and listened if they could hear anything. Craig walked to the gate and paused. Suddenly, he knocked softly. The gate was opened slowly and one of the officers pushed the gate with full force as they stormed inside the building.
Craig had shot his gun into the air so the guys could know they weren’t there for a joking matter. That was their work, to risk their lives!
The guys dropped their guns as commanded, one even knelt down as soon as he heard the gunshot. “Go in, guys.” Craig ordered while some men still stood behind. He walked looked around the building and thought that there could be an escape route in the house. “You all stay right here.” He ordered as she started parading the compound.
As he got to a spot, he noticed a shadow. “Who’s there?” He questioned as he aimed his gun and approached the opposite side of the building. As he quickly turned to the side of the building, he saw a masked man almost jumping off the fence. “Halt!” He exclaimed but the masked man never stopped.
He pulled his trigger right there and the masked man jumped to the other side. He was fulfilled that at least, he shot him because he could see blood flowing down the fence already. “Some guys should join me!” He shouted as much as he could.
Nicholas had been shot by his arm already and that had lessen his speed. He was already in another house but managed to keep running till he could jump over the fence and into another house in pain and agony. Blood was still flowing but he didn’t care. Though, he knew they might use the blood drops to trace where he had passed but he cared less and kept on jumping till he couldn’t jump the last fence again.
He was overwhelmed with pain. The officers had started tracing him then, but he was lying down on the floor near the last fence that would lead him outside where he could run away. He was weak already and was breathing through his mouth but the officers continued approaching…
Nicholas was lying down helplessly, groaning in pain. He had been trying his best to leave the same spot but all had been abortive. He had silently prayed to God to save him from what he had gotten himself into. The end was here already, he knew and breathed a long breath.
He could hear shouts of the officers who must be jumping fences to catch up with him. Just then, he turned his head and saw that the gate of the house he was inside was open. He sat up with all the strength he had and hurried to the gate. He looked sideways before he ran out.
He still held on to his arm, where he was shot as he kept going. He could see bushes around and quickly made his way into the bush. He just kept on going without looking back to know if he was still being followed by the officers.
This time, Prince Edward and Osmond had been arrested already and Anthony had been saved. Craig was just standing near the fence where he shot Nicholas, putting a call through to the hospital. He wanted some officials to come around to take the sample of the blood.
He took a deep breath and looked back. He saw Doris standing by one side, looking at him. She really looked worried as she stood there, wondering what would be Nicholas’ fate now.
“Doris, come.” Craig waved at her.
She nodded and walked up to Craig. “At least I have shot him and this blood sample too will help us in our investigations.”Doris nodded. It was obvious that she was unhappy.
“Doris, what’s wrong? You don’t look happy at all. Is because I shot The Unknown?” He asked.
“Yes!” She exclaimed as she looked into his eyes. “I’m not happy with that, Craig. Though I may not know who he is, but know he has been helping us get evil people. If not for him now, would we have gotten Anthony outta here? Many cases that the guy helped us.”
Craig smiled. “But I acted according to the law. I was meant to arrest him, if he’s even found by our guys, he will still be arrested. So, what’s there to worry about? Are you telling me if you were to be the one, you would have left him?”
Doris stared for a moment and turned around, walking away. “Nick is The Unknown, right? And you know?”
She didn’t bother to wait, she just kept going angrily.
** ** **
Nicholas had passed through the bush till he got to another road. He had taken off his shirt and tied it around his gunshot wound. He was only on singlet when he stopped a taxi that would take him to Stella’s place.
As he entered, he reached for his mobile phone and dialed her number to be sure if she was at home. After he had confirmed, he stared at him arm again and cried. He knew he had lost so much blood already. He was weak and was already turning pale.
Soon, he was dropped at the front of Stella’s building and he rushed inside to knock the main door. Stella almost collapsed as she saw him before her in blood. He knew she was a Surgeon, she could handle his situation perfectly.
“Nick?” She called his name with surprise.
** ** **
All the men already gathered round Craig. They had reported that they traced the blood drops but couldn’t find The Unknown again. Craig shrugged, at least he had shot whoever it was already and through that, he was sure the person would be caught soon.
The hospital officials had taken the sample of the blood also and were on their way to carry out some tests on it. Craig and his men also left for the hospital to drop Anthony off and probably wait for the blood result.
Doris was still deep in thought about Nicholas.
** ** **
“Who did this? How did it happen?” Stella began to question him.
“It was Craig that shot me. Anthony was kidnapped again and I went to help him, he was also around with Doris and their men but he saw me when I was trying to escape and shot. I was nearly caught today.”
“Just come inside.” She took him to the guest room and rushed back to her room to get some equipment that she had. She didn’t have all but she could work with some to save Nick’s life first.
She began her treatment instantly, disinfecting the wound before she would remove the bullet. Nicholas was still in total pain then until the bullet was removed and she began the treatment on the wound.
“You have to take some injections, Nicholas. I’ll just rush down to the hospital to get some injections and some drugs that you’ll use. Hope you’re better now?”
Nicholas managed to nod. “I’ll be back.” She bursted out.
** ** **
to be continue