Emiliano from nowhere arrives at the party looking very drunk and mounting the stage, he calls on the attention of everyone at the party and in a sarcastic way asks them to have a toast for martin who never cared that his fiancée is a prostitute and quickly martin angrily rush on him to hold him by the neck to shut him up and tells him that no matter what he is going to marry veronica.
Everyone at the party becomes shock at Emiliano’s attitude towards veronica at the party including his family for bringing such a shame to them except Virginia who looks so happy for martin’s actions. Jorge goes quickly to shut him up but he will still not give up and continuous to say all sorts of things against veronica and martin that martin is her and after will take her to the dirtiest place in the world of his which is Mina Escondida which has become a great hell to people’s lives. Veronica in full anguish draw closer to Emiliano to tell him that martin doesn’t need to drag her to that place because after marriage she will have to join her husband wherever he goes and therefore if it is Mina Escondida whether it is hell or not but for her the place is ever going to be paradise for her since it will forever be with one she loves.
Jorge and his wife Salma apologize to the people present for the awful behavior of his son so he pleaded with them to end the party and thanked all of them for attending.
Martin consoles veronica and asks her not to give her entire mind to the awful happenings but she finds it so shameful to just swallow it because the day should have been a memorable day for her and here is the case Emiliano has ruined everything for her.
Martin meets with Alfredo and he tells him that sometimes he feels that veronica is much in love with him more than what he’s been thinking about her because he thought after Emiliano’s statement that he’s going to take her to Mina Escondida veronica would have withdrawn but she rather accepted to go with him. Alfredo then tells martin that veronica’s statement was actually from her heart and everything seem that she is truly in love with him and martin tells him that she doesn’t even know what to think.
Veronica and her family arrives home and Salma begins to blame veronica for being the cause of all that happenings because has Emiliano not being in love with her all these wouldn’t have taken place but Jorge shut Salma up not try blaming veronica because Emiliano cannot handle the blows of life with courage and that is the truth about this so Salma should looking for other people to blame.
Blanca arrives home to see Ana Perla writing so many love letters for Pablo whom she is going to give to him upon his return to their town but Blanca tells her that it will be better if Pablo never return since Nanciyaga told her that she overheard Manuel telling someone that if ever pablo comes back to Mina Escondida, he is going to kill him Ana Perla becomes so worried and whiles they talk, Mr. Crescencio enters and both seized talking but discovering that, he questions them on why they stopped talking immediately he entered and Ana Perla stated that they did that for respect sake but Crescencio still having doubt warns them that if ever he finds out that they are hiding something from him, they will have him to contend with.
Claudia arrives home and says to herself that, that diamond ring martin gave to veronica at the party was supposed to be hers but because of that Jealous cousin Emiliano, she still have the chance to change things in martin’s mind for him to marry her.
With everything that happened at the party, veronica still in deep sorrow
tells her nanny Matilde that, she feels very much afraid for her wedding day looking at how Emiliano reacted at the party to bring shame to her making her look like a prostitute with all those sayings but Matilde calms her down because it just going to be rumor and sooner than later it will again vanish like the vapor so she is not worry about other people.
Magdalene tells Botel that after father Juan preached about not judging other people, the people in the town have started talking to her ones again and Botel becomes happy for her but she again brought up the issue about martin returning to the town with his newly wedded wife because she wonders if a lady from the city will love to stay in a place like Mina Escondida but all the same as soon as martin returns she is also going to look for her daughter in the city.
Martin tells veronica with all the things happening, he really wants to give veronica the chance to save herself from him because he can’t marry her and it comes as a blow to veronica. So she asks him if he saying that because he is no more in love her or if he doesn’t trust her love for him because the only one she loves is him and not Emiliano so she is asking him to be frank with her and not to use Emiliano as an excuse to break up with her. Martin then becomes nervous and tears filled his eyes and for the first time martin tells veronica he really loves her to let her go.
Looking at Emiliano’s attitude towards veronica and everyone, Jorge discuss with both veronica and martin that he’s given himself a thought about their wedding and he wants them to get married as soon as possible and not wait till that six months he suggested to them so that veronica will be free from Emiliano’s attack.
Pablo arrives at Mina Escondida and Ana Perla meets him to give him all the letters she wrote for him and they share kisses.
Wedding bells starts ringing and everyone gets dress up for the occasion. Alfredo still wishes that Martin backs out of this madness of revenge because he sees that he is also in love with veronica and martin tells him that it hasn’t been easy for him but what gives him the encouragement is the V necklace Demetrio left behind because he carries it wherever he goes so he never forget the purpose as to why he’s marrying veronica to make Demetrio rest in peace because marrying her will make his revenge very sweet.
Veronica looking so splashy is walked down to the alter and presented to martin by Jorge and he tells martin that he presents to him the most precious thing in his life and he asks him to make her happy for him.
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