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Season 1 recap
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. Why would you come this late? It is parlous for ladies to walk at night!”
“I was with Frank. Where is my son?”
Victoria hissed. “You expect the boy to be awake by now? I don’t know why on earth you’ll come late.”
Victoria squinted her face. “How was your day with Frank?”
“Fun filled! We went out for dinner.” Did he tell you anything about his love for you again?”
Vivian chuckled softly. “He did. I told him I wasn’t interested, I am really not into any guy and I don’t wish.”
“Girl, what is your problem!”
Vivian smiled. “I told you before, didn’t I? I can’t marry any man that will later dump me because I have given birth before, or a guy that will later be maltreating Anthony!
“Field?” She stared at him.
“Yes.” He replied.
“You have a Son? What’s that all about?”
“Please, I think I have to leave now so as to meet up with the time.
“Until you tell me about what you meant by your son.” He told her.
“What else would I have meant? I have a son! I have given birth to a son!” She hissed as she pushed his hands away and took off, blue in face.
“Welcome Viv, the Secretary told you, right?”
“What’s the meeting all about, Sir?” She enquired. “This is just a short meeting, between the accountant and the manager.” He smiled.
“Wait! You know what can happen if you reject this offer, don’t you?” Frank questioned, breathing heavily.
“To leave your company is not to leave the world!”
“You dare talk to me in that manner?” He grabbed her right hand.
“Excuse me!” She wriggle out her hand and pushed Frank away with all the strength that she had. Frank was already on the floor and his head, gushing out blood.
What do you think Anthony would do if he discovers the truth?” Vivian asked Victoria as she took a seat beside her.
Victoria smiled. “If you were in his shoes, what would you do?” She questioned, packing her hair to a side.
Vivian sighed. “I don’t really know, but I would be so disappointed that it would be hard to forget that kind of mother.”
Frank hissed. “I sacked her yesterday.” He informed, looking into his eyes.
Gregory frowned. “You wouldn’t do such a thing, isn’t she your girl?”
“Why would you do that? Why? That’s totally wrong, totally wrong!” Gregory exclaimed.
“Guys!” Chief shouted. I don’t know how I lost my temper, you must not let that girl go scot free, she now suspects something and besides she should always be by my side, soothing my bones every night.”
“Alright sir, what should we do?”
“Kidnap her to my house and lock her inside
“Good evening, we want to see Vivian.” Frank told Anthony as he opened the gate.
“Mum? Are you her son?” Frank asked quickly.
He smiled. “Yes, I am.”
Frank hissed faintly. “Alright. Tell her Frank, her boss is here.”
“You’re mum’s boss? I am coming.” He shut the door and rushed into the house
Nicholas just smiled, masking his feelings well. “I’m really good, you?”
“I was kidnapped today.”
“Don’t tell me! What happened? Hope you weren’t beaten? What really happened?”
“So you never knew I was kidnapped.” Doris smiled and moved further.
“How would I know? do you know who did that?
“No, I don’t know the person. But, one thing I just suspect is that… the person wore the exact perfume you do use. When he carried me, the height I noticed, even though I was blindfolded, was just like your height.”
Nicholas froze
“Boss, we just thought of another thing.” One of Chief’s men approached him as he walked out.”
“What?” He questioned, still looking so angry.
“Don’t you think if I get that lady kidnapped again, The Unknown might show up again? We can get him that way.”
“That is true, but who knows her house?” He enquired.
They all kept staring at one another.
Season 2 recap
“Mum, why do you like this perfume this much?” Anthony enquired.
“There’s more to this perfume, you won’t understand.” Vivian smiled at Anthony.
Anthony smiled too, picking up the perfume from the small stool before his mother. “I’m sure this is Dad’s favourite, right?”
Vivian nodded, trying to force her tears back.
“But, is that what this man called The Unknown just did? Are these evidences?”
“But who’s this Unknown in the dark? He should be arrested too.”
Craig and Doris hurtled gazes at each other. “Arrested?” The chorused.
“We should start searching for him quickly, we should.”
“I suggest that we start the ultimate search from the forest.”
…….“What’s the name of your perfume?” Craig asked Anthony.
Anthony kept mute for a moment before he spoke. “What of my mum?”
. “We will contact your mother. Give me her mobile number.” He said and brought out his mobile phone.
“We received a call from an officer concerning a boy that was recovered.” She added.
“Anthony! Vivian screamed.
Anthony ran to meet Vivian as they both hugged. “Mum!” He grinned.
Who kidnapped him?
Wait Madam, what’s the name of the perfume he uses?” Craig asked Vivian.
“The name is Forever Mine. Why?”
“Not at all.”  I have your mobile number already. And, what’s your name?”
“Em… Mrs Priscilla but, how did The Unknown save my son? By the way, who kidnapped him?”
Season 3 recap
“Nicholas Smithson.” Craig raised his head and looked at Doris. “Is this Nicholas?”
“Yes.” She replied.
“You never told me he uses this same perfume.” Craig said.
“I thought that wasn’t necessary. At least you have seen him severally, you must have sniffed his scent. By the way, Nicholas, off all people.”
“Is this not Prince Edward’s car?” He asked.
“‘What’s he doing here, Henry?” Nicholas asked.
“How would I know too?”
“So this is Vivian’s house, right?”
What if she’s married?
Season 4 recap
“So, these are the evidences we have against the two, Henry. What we have left is for us to get them, probably into the forest again and get Craig and Doris with their officers to arrest them there.”
Nicholas held Henry’s hand and closed his eyes as he made some silent prayers and stood up. “Yes, let’s go.” He grinned.
“Just calm down, Edward. Should I contact the guys now?”
“Yes, Osmond. Contact them and tell them to come over as soon as they can! We have to get this lady and teach her a lesson in a right way. Then, I’ll show her to the King as my wife-to-be. If it is by force, I’ll make it by force.”
“Are we set?” Prince asked.
“The job is just to kidnap her and bring her to me for proper lessons.”
Nicholas laughed as he stepped on the accelerator and followed the two vehicles till he got to the road alongside the bush where everything was taciturn and decided to strike.
“Henry, go and deliver these evidences to Area-F station and make sure you do this gently and neatly so that you won’t be caught. As soon as you leave Area F station, call me so that I can beep Craig and Doris.” Nicholas said as he dropped Henry some distance away from the scene.
He parked and drew each of the men on the floor as usual till he got to a more secured place and tied them to the tree, expecting Henry’s call so he could call Craig.
Soon his phone beeped and it was Henry. He grinned happily as he picked up the call.
“You must be surprised to hear my voice. We have seen him and we have taken him. Release our Engineer Ashley and Bennie before we release your accomplice unto you, The Unknown.” He heard and the call ended.
** ** **
“That was perfect, guys!” Prince Edward grinned as he shook hands with the guys he sent to get Vivian.
“I told you, Edward, didn’t I?”
Edward smiled. “It’s now simple. There’s no problem any longer because I’m not going to release her until she accepts my proposal and we go off to the King, immediately.” He said with confidence.
“But she’s still fast asleep and are you sure she will concur, Edward?”
Edward laughed. “A beggar has no choice, Osmond. By the time I’m through with her, she’d have no choice but to follow the master.
The two laughed. “Guys, I have dropped your balance with your boss, we’ll see you later.” Osmond dismissed the guys and faced the Prince.
** ** **
Anthony called Victoria’s and told her about all that had happened. He was told to remain in the house as Victoria rushed over with some officers who were already outside and around the house.
“Are you okay?” .
Anthony couldn’t respond and she never expected the response. “The young boy is in shock, let’s get out of here first.” One of the officers around said.
“Did you see their faces? Who were they?” Victoria asked Anthony.
“I don’t know… I.. ” Anthony began to stutter.
“Let’s go, you’ll have to tell me later.”
“Can’t you hear? It seems a mobile phone rang now.”
. “I heard, but it’s definitely not here.”
“Boss, are you sure?”
“The Unknown doesn’t know this place, so, no one can know this place, guys. By the way, did you bring all the roasted chickens from the other house?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir. We got it from the other house since we still had it there, I thought there was no point in getting another and letting this one waste.” He replied.
“Alright, that’s cool.”
** ** **
. “Where on earth is Henry, oh God!”
He opened the door to the last confinement and met Henry, tied to the pole. It didn’t look like a room at all, he had thought as he looked round and rushed towards Henry.
Is this guy mad? How did he get here? Henry watched him with surprise as he saw him step into the store to save his life. As soon as he untied him, he pulled him by the hand.
“Let’s go.” He said quietly.
“What of the evidences?”
“Leave that out of the issue,
** ** **
Vivian’s eyes were heavy and blurry. She narrowed her eyes in order to see very well but for the mean time that she woke up, all was blurry to her. She notice a figure standing before her but she couldn’t see the face well.
“P…prince.” She stuttered as she called him. Her vision was better now.
“Yes, my only one.” Prince Edward smiled.
She managed to sit up despite her pains. “Edward!”
“Yes, Vivian. How many times do you want me to keep answering you?”
“Where’s my son?”
“Nothing’s wrong with that boy. So, he’s really your son, right?”
“What have I done to you? Why have you decided to do this to me?” She began to cry.
“Why have you failed to answer me? Why have you refused my proposal? Why, Viv, why?”
“Leave me alone and let me see my son!” She exclaimed.
Stella. I am thinking you should help fix some bugs in Mr James’ office tomorrow and all other things will be simple.” Nicholas said.
“That is risky. But don’t worry. I’ll do anything for my kid brother.” She grinned.
“But what approach do you wish to use?” Doris chimed in..”
** ** **
Mr James’ Office, the next day.
The sun had taken it’s place in the sky already and everywhere was getting busy when Nicholas’ car halted at the front of the company.
“Stella, I am scared. You seriously have to be careful. Just plant it anywhere you think he wouldn’t be able to see it. If you can also get his phone, insert that media card into it with the passcode I gave you.” Nick informed.
“I’ll surely do that, Sir.” She said with a smile.
“Please, be careful.” He said again.
“Nothing to be scared of, Nick.”  She waved and walked on.
As she entered…
. “So, any news?” Doris asked.
Craig shook his head. “None, ma’am. Did you go back to check on Nicholas yesterday?”
There was a brief silence. “Not at all. I was just busy with Stella and her fiancé.” She replied
Craig sighed. “I just want our focus to be on this guy called Nicholas. We already have our evidences, what we have left to do is just to confirm.”
“That is quite true. But it is still very hard to belief, to me.” She distorted her mouth, staring at Craig.
“The truth would be exposed someday!”
** ** **
“Ooh.. My phone is even in my office.” He smiled and waved at her. “We’ll see, then.”
She hurried out, thanking her lucky star!

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season 5 episode 1
Nicholas could feel the wave of anger deep inside him. He had been wondering continuously, why Anthony could have followed the guy or why the Prince too would be after Vivian! He was already tired of running after vehicles every day, risking his life. He was very blue in face as he continued speeding up and maneuvering his ways so he wouldn’t be seen.
He exhaled deeply and hit the steering of the vehicle very hard. “Arrant nonsense!” He exclaimed suddenly. He didn’t even know how to go about saving Anthony now. He wasn’t certain if he wouldn’t break the promise he had made to himself that he wouldn’t kill anyone. The Prince was getting on his nerves and he had to fire back!
Something just dropped in his busy mind. The Prince might have been doing that just because he wanted to get who The Unknown was. He shrugged. “That might be the reason, but I pray I don’t loose my temper!”
He kept his gaze on the car and kept going too. He hadn’t tasted anything that day and had been going around doing the work of his name- The Unknown. He peeped at the back seat when he noticed the road was free and he could look elsewhere. He didn’t see his mask on the seat. He shook his head continuously and hissed aloud. “Henry>>!” He remembered that he could be of help.
He wished he had gone home earlier. At least, he would have taken Henry along and perhaps taken his mask too. But if he had gone home, would he have been around when the Prince was taking Anthony away. He still couldn’t fathom why exactly Anthony followed them. “Was he drugged! That boy is a sharp boy, he is sharper than all that is happening!” He hit the steering again.
On and on, he continued following.
** ** **
“Doris, tell me, do you really think Nicholas is The Unknown?” Craig asked Doris.
Doris shrugged. “I also don’t know. What I can say is just that he is a suspect.” She replied.
Craig swooshed out a long breath and sat by the edge of his table. “The case that is really wavering around now is this case. Every Officer here would love to be the one given this case to solve, so we really have to do something fast.” He said.
Doris sighed. “Honestly, Craig. I think we just need to take drastic steps.” She added.
“How? That is the ultimate question without an accurate answer. A question I really find so hard to get an answer to! How?”
“I really don’t know the answer to that question too.”
“Yeah.” Craig shook his head with excitement. “I think I have an idea.”
Doris’ eyes popped more open. “An idea?” She wondered, focusing more on him.
“Yeah. We can always send our guys to the clinic where the woman that was shot is. I think there’s a connection between that lady and The Unknown. You know.. that lady was kidnapped before, The Unknown brought her to the station, her only son was also kidnapped before, The Unknown also brought him here.”
Doris smiled faintly and nodded. “That’s true.”
Craig was becoming sure of himself. He stood from the edge of the table and walked to a side of the office, nodding continuously. “That is what we have to do. When we have our guys surrounding that region, then I think whenever he comes around, he might be noticed.”
“But Craig, do you think he will come there when he sees the officers? This man in question is unknown as his name implies. We don’t know him! If he comes to the hospital and goes in as if he’s there for a treatment, are we gonna know?”
Craig thought on that for a while. “That is really true. But, according to Nancy, Nick is The Unknown, I think we should just focus our attention more on Nick, then.”
“Hmmn.. Since he’s a suspect, right?” She questioned.
He shrugged. “Sure.”
Just then, the office mobile phone rang. Craig quickly reached for it as Doris stood up. “Hello?”
“What? Kidnapped? Again? We are on our way!” He simply stated and gazed at Doris. “Another trouble! The lady’s son is missing again. Start getting ready, let me go and get more men to start getting ready too. We need to move fast!” He ran out of the office instantly.
“That boy again!” Doris wondered as she quickly reached for her mobile phone and dialed Nicholas’ mobile number.
** ** **
Prince Edward’s guys already left the hospital too when they noticed everyone was already going up and down in search of Anthony.
Nicholas was still after the Prince and his accomplice when his phone rang. “This is not the time for me to be picking up calls.” He just said without reaching for his phone. He didn’t even want to know the person who might be calling him, he was just after Anthony.
He began to wonder if the Prince would not have suspected that he had been after him for a while. He slowed down and let some cars overtake him, He just made sure he could still see his car as he was going too. At least, the Prince or Osmond wouldn’t know a car was after them that way.
His phone rang again. He felt if he picked the call, he would surely be distracted.  He ignored it again and just kept on going.
** ** **
Victoria had been running helter-skelter since she noticed Anthony had suddenly disappeared. She had left him at the reception and had gone in search of the nurse that wanted to help her get the blood donor the previous time. She hadn’t stopped wanting to know who the donor was, so she had been discussing with the nurse on how she could help to get the file in the Doctor’s office.
Anthony who had seen one of Edward’s men waving at him outside also stepped outside to see who was waving. He know how much Vickie wanted to know who the donor was, so he felt that waqs might be the donor. He had thought he could make Vickie happy by getting her the donor, because of that, he had to talk to a stranger again!
“Please, are you the donor?” He asked the guy who had been thinking on how he could take me away from the place.
The guy felt relieved. That was an avenue to really get him. “No, I am not. Let me show you who the donor is.” He replied him and held his hand as both walked to the vehicle together and was taken away.
Though, Vivian haven’t know about her son’s disappearance, Vickie had been trying all her best to make sure she found the kid before she would get to know. As she had been finding him for sometime now and he was nowhere to be found, she had to raise an alarm and quickly called Craig’s office for help likewise.
She was already in tears, running around the hospital. Thirty minutes after the call, the officers arrived with Craig and Doris leading them.
** ** **
to be…Continues…


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