Love In That Form episode 12 final

I knew I had gotten an opportunity to get back at him, make him hurt inside. Maybe, you would have said something different but I looked at him again and asked,
“Are you sure you want to know who he is? Well, he’s the man from whose rib I was created. My fiance at that.” Chris, knowing where I was driving to, held me closer to him and said,
“My darling, don’t mind him. I guess he has nothing to do at home.” We both laughed. I stood in his face and said,
“Darling, you know I love you and I’ll always be there for you. Let’s go now, I want to be alone with you. You’re so sweet, darling.” I stole the last look on the cheat’s face and saw he had tears in his eyes. Oh, poor him. He had actually fallen to our game. I felt very happy for making him feel the hurt I had inside when he left me. I sat in the car then we left, leaving him alone at the spot. I laughed as the car sped off. We got to our usual restaurant and ordered for our food. Then, all the things I had said came back to me. How would my gentleman take them? Oh, I had used him as a cover-up and I had to apologise for taking advantage of his presence. Yeah, I had to apologise. It wasn’t my intention to do that. As we waited for the food, I looked at him and said,
“I’m very sorry for what I did over there. You know I wasn’t supposed to say……” Then, he interrupted without making me finish my statement,
“No need to apologise. I know you meant everything you said over there. You love me, admit it and stop pretending. Look, I love you too and wants to marry you. It wont be like before, it will be perfect for you and I. I’m always happy when I’m with you. You leave me with sleepless nights. Sweety, look in my eyes and tell me you don’t love me. Be truthful to yourself.” I was left very dumb. I couldn’t speak. What was I to say? That I don’t love him? Never in my life. I bowed my head to cover up my shame of lying. Then, I heard another shock of my life,
“Will you marry me?” I raised my head and saw him kneeling with a ring in his palm. At that moment, everybody at the restaurant was looking in our direction. Even the waitress who was bringing our food was standing there with her mouth widely opened
. “Yes, I will marry you. I will, you know I will.” I said happily. He stood up and embraced me. At that point, I felt like the best woman in the whole world. I didn’t even eat well. When I got home I called my family to tell them of the good news. I told Christy of everything that had happened. We planned and left Accra together, the day after. He came with his family to meet mine and arranged a day for the wedding.
Successfully, we had a colourful wedding that was discussed all over the town. During the night, as were going to sleep, my granny came to me and said,
“I told you, you were going to meet a gentleman. Now look at it, just as I said. But make sure you satisfy him well ooo. I can see he is a bad boy just like your grandfather, just look at his ears. But you know something, try to raise your legs so high for him, I know he likes that. If possible, make him cry tonight, hope you know what I mean…hihiiihii” We laughed and went into our rooms. So we married and stayed happily.
Two years later, it was announced that Chris, my ex had committed suicide because a girl had duped him. It was sad though, but I had my Chris strong, happy and healthy.