Love In That Form episode 11

Chris, my new friend, called me one other day and told me he had been called by his bank to return to Kumasi because the deal had been successful. He asked if we could go out for the last time and I replied in the positive. So he decided to pick me from the hotel as usual. I dressed quickly and waited for him, I didn’t want to waste his time. About ten minutes later, he called to tell me he was waiting outside. Just when I was about leaving my room, the telephone rung. I answered and was told by the receptionist that I had a visitor waiting for me at the reception. I imagined it to be Chris and wanted to invite him to my room but on second thought, I stopped. I told the receptionist to tell him to kindly wait for me for a while. When I was done with everything, I left to meet Chris. I almost fainted when I got to the reception. It wasn’t the Chris I was expecting. It was the old cheat. He held me as I was passing by him.
“Please forgive me. I still love you, baby. It was the act of the devil…” I couldn’t hold my patience anymore. The mention of the devil’s name gave me no option than to give him a slap on his left cheek. I remember very well that was my first slap ever. He then left my hand to help his cheek, by then, I escaped outside. Chris saw me angry and asked me what the problem was. Just when I was about to explain, the cheat appeared. He was still pleading,
“Please, Ama. I’m very sorry for everything. I will never hurt you again, I promise.” My Chris got curious and asked,
“Who is he?” Immediately, Mr. Cheat shouted,
“Hey guy, I didn’t come to you. Better shut the fuck up before I work my hands deep down your throat.” I laughed, so did Chris. He looked so funny in our eyes. By then I told him,
“Let this be the first and last time you speak to this gentleman in such a disrespectful manner. I’m not rude but if you really want me to be one, trust me I will. To make things clear, I have no business with you…Chris, this is the betrayer I was telling you about. The guy who disgraced me before a thousand of people. He still has the guts to come to me and plead for..
.” Then my phone rung. It was my granny’s call. She had caused this and now she still wanted to call me? I didn’t want to answer but the way Chris was looking at me, I knew he was suspecting the caller to be my boyfriend. So, I answered to clear his suspicion.
“Hello, Ma…”
“Hello my baby, guess what….. That ugly boy’s parents have come here again to talk things over with us. You know me, the way I did them, they wont even look at any member of this family twice. I heard the sheep is coming to look for you, do you think he will find you? Hello…hello…hello…hello…” Then the call ended. I couldn’t believe this woman. What was she expecting to happen after she directed him to me? She still had the energy to ask whether he would find me.
“Was it your mother?” My Chris asked.
“It was my granny. Can we leave now? I feel hot.” As we were leaving, Chris, the old guy asked,
“Ama, who is this guy?” What do you think my answer should be? Watch out for the final part.