Love In That Form episode 10

It was no doubt Christy had uploaded those pictures. But why did she use that caption? Many friends had posted comments which seemed funny to me. Some were like,
“Perfect match, wow, couple of our time, here comes the new couple, such a gentleman you’ve got” and a whole lot. I didn’t know whether to tell them he was just a friend or to keep my reply to myself. I called Christy but her phone was off. I took a good look at the pictures and they looked so good in my eyes. I began to think deeply and asked questions I couldn’t answer
. “Who is Chris? Where is he from? Why had he come into my life all of a sudden? Has been sent to destroy me the second time? But why did I feel so safe anytime I was with him?” I couldn’t answer these questions. To be truthful, I always loved being with him because he made me feel special. Though we had known ourselves for just three weeks, it was like we had been together since childhood.
My phone rung, waking me from my deep thoughts. I checked the caller and found it to be from an unsaved number. I answered and heard Chris, my ex’s voice. He spoke immediately, “Please, don’t end the call. Please, Ama. I know I’ve wronged you but please, forgive me. Do me a favour and just tell me where you are, I want to tell you something in your face. Please, I know you hate me but do this for me..
.” I didn’t have the patience to listen to anymore nonsense. If he had something to tell me, why didn’t he tell me all the while he was spending my money in the name of love? I threw the phone somewhere on the bed and went to take my bath. When I came from the bathroom, I heard my phone ringing again. I thought it was still Chris so I took my phone with anger in an attempt to tell him my mind. But no, it was my granny’s call. It still didn’t change the fact that she was going to tell me nothing apart from Chris. Gush! What kind grandmother had I gotten?
I answered, after all she was the mother of my mother and nothing would change that. She was happy as usual.
“Hello my darling, guess what happened now?” she asked me. I wasn’t in the mood for guessing games so I told her I couldn’t. Then, she gave me a shock,
“Do you remember that ugly fool whom you didnt marry because he was so stupid?” I knew she was talking about Chris but I didnt reply, then she continued, “he just called me and asked me to tell him where you are.”
“And did you tell him?” I asked with anger.
“Of course, I did” she said.
“Whaaaat? Why did you do that?”
“Listen, I want him to come there so that he will see my new handsome in-law. When he comes, tell my in-law to send him away. Even if possible, tell my in-law to beat him up when he comes there.” She ended the call whiles laughing.
“Oh my God!” This woman would kill me before she dies. How could she do that? I got very confused as to what to do. I had to expect him any moment from then.
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