Love In That Form episode 9

Five minutes after the call, he called again to tell me he was at the hotel. I hadn’t even changed my clothes by then so I was kinda disturbed. I asked him to wait for a while. I went through my clothes and selected anything to wear. I didn’t even make up my face, my main idea was for him to see me and loose the interest of going out with me. I just took my phone and went out to meet him.
At first sight, he was just looking at me as if he hadn’t seen me ever. In fact he made me very shy.
“You’re looking so good” he said with smiles. I began to think of what he said. Even when I had make-ups on, he didn’t tell me I was looking good so why now? he wanted to insult me, huh? But why did he speak in irony and not plain language? I stood there not knowing what my reply should be. He opened the gate for me to enter.
He drove me to another restaurant where we continued our conversation from where we left the other night. He asked me to tell him all about me. There was nothing much about me to say. Even if there was, the way he was looking at me made me lost everything. I didn’t want to like him but it seemed he was making me. He had a way of making everything sound funny.
We talked so freely as if we were very good friends. I didn’t ask anything about him, I didn’t want to know. At a point, he took me through relationship and marriage issues. I prayed to God not to let him pronounce the word “love” to me and gracefully he didn’t. I would’ve smashed his face with the plate of rice I had before me if he tried taking me through the love journey.
When we were done eating, he drove me to my hotel. I thanked him for making my day not as boring as I expected. As I was about entering my room, Christy called me. I told her how the day went with Chris and I. She asked me if I knew anything about him. When I replied negatively, she laughed and told me to do that as soon as possible.
I went out with Chris for the second time. This time, I asked him to tell me everything about him. Actually, he was a banker who had been appointed by his bank to meet some shareholders about some new investments. He had some weeks left to return to Kumasi, where he worked. We took some pictures later on to show Christy. He took me home afterwards. That night, I went to Christy’s place to show her the pictures.
Early the next morning, my granny called me. She was very happy on the phone, I didnt know why. She went like,
“Have you seen what I told you? He’s so handsome. Hurry up, tell him his in-law is waiting for him.”
I was confused as to whom she was talking about. She asked me,
. “What does he do? Where is he from? Have you done it yet ? He’s such a gentleman.”
This woman was driving me somewhere. She told about the pictures I uploaded on facebook the other night. Wait, me? Had I uploaded any pictures? I ended the call, logged in on facebook and found six pictures had been uploaded in my account with the caption,
“What do you think?” But I didn’t upload them, so who did?
Watch out for Episode 10.