Love In That Form episode 8


The movie started showing sooner. I could see everybody enjoying himself except me. I was feeling lonely and uncomfortable. At a point, I felt guilty for what I did to the guy. I wished I could apologise to him but it was too late, he had gone. I wanted to go home but the show had already began and I didn’t want to offend anybody by blocking their views. I endured the pain of loneliness for two hours, after which the movie ended. I was the first person who got out when the show was done.
I wanted to find Chris and apologise for the childish act I put up in there. I started searching through the crowd as they were coming out but I couldn’t find him. I looked everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. I felt so guilty and stupid. I tried reaching Christiana but her phone was off. Just when my night was about to turn worse, I heard a voice behind me.
“Are you looking for someone?” I turned and found Chris.
“Hey…I was looking for you. You know, I want to apologise for what I did some hours ago. I didn’t have to do that but…”
“Don’t worry, I know my name reminded you of someone.” He smiled.
“Yeah, it did. Much memories, you know. Please forgive me.” I said shyly.
“Oh…I have. So where are you off to? It’s getting late.”
“I’m off to the Coconut Grove Hotel.” His face turned after I mentioned the hotel. Hey, what was he thinking? That I was a prostitute? No way, this cant be. I added immediately, “I came on a tour, so that’s where I lodge.”
“Oh, okay. Will you mind if I drop you off?” I didn’t know how the reply should go. If I said yes, he would say I was an opportunist, if I said no, he would say I was being bitchy. So what was I to say. After some minutes of no reply he held my hand and said,
“I mean no harm, trust me.” He took me to his car, opened the door for me and closed it gently after I sat in. We had a long chat till I got home. I hadn’t had such a good chat with a guy in a while so it felt so good. He took my number and told me he would call me once in a while to check what I had been up to. I went into my room and slept peacefully. Christy woke me the next day with a call. She told me she had the day off so if I wished to come to her, I could. I was about sleeping again when another call came, it was a new number. I answered the call and heard Chris’s voice. We had a short but interesting morning talk on the phone.
Actually, he wanted to take me out for lunch. It wasn’t ladylike to refuse offers so I accepted. He ended the call with “take good care, dear” and it got me wondering. Who was he to tell me to take good care of myself? Since when did I become part of his family for him to tell me that? I called Christy to tell her I wouldn’t be able to be with her. She wanted reasons but I gave her now . I continued my sleep. Getting to mid-day, I woke up and ordered for my food, forgetting I had promised to have lunch with Chris. Just when I was about eating, his call came. I answered but no one spoke. I called back but no one answered. This was one thing I hated most, not answering my calls. I called again, still the same. I ate my food and decided not to go for lunch with anybody.
After eating, I took a cold bath and had a video chat with my family. I took my phone and uploaded some new pictures. Chris’s call came afterwards. I wanted to ignore but my thumb answered automatically. He apologised for not answering my call because he was at a meeting. He asked me to forgive him and get ready for him as he was on his way to pick me for the lunch. But I had eaten and was full. Would it be right if I told him to postpone it?
Watch out for Episode 9.


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