Love In That Form episode 7


Later in the day, my grand mum called me with my mum’s phone because I wouldn’t pick up her calls,  We were just talking about my life in Accra when she brought her in-law matter again. She asked me if I had fallen in love with the man whom I uploaded his photo on Facebook.
“Me? Had I uploaded anybody’s photo recently?” I asked her. She told me to look through the photos I took at the club, I would find one in which I had put my head on a man’s shoulder. I excused myself, ended the call and went to see the photo this old woman was talking about on Facebook.
Surprisingly, I found it as soon as possible. I might have uploaded it unintentionally. To think of it, how did this man get in the picture? And the worst of it, he was holding my waist whiles I had my head on his shoulder. It meant the picture was taken with clear intentions of him, not mine because I was drunk. So this is how it was, he came to the club, saw me drunk and took advantage of me, huh? I wouldn’t do this in reality, take a picture with a stranger. But how did my granny get to see my photos on Facebook? Maybe, it was Evans, my younger brother who showed them to her. I met Chris at the club, fell in love with him and got broken-hearted so the last thing in my mind was to be in friendship with another club guy. I decided to go to the club that night, find this man who took advantage of me and warn him never to get close to me again. I didn’t want my granny to start pressuring me with marriage again.
Truly when Christy closed, I told her to accompany me to the club to get something. That particular thing, I didn’t mention. We got there and I had to search for this man I couldn’t even recognise. I don’t think I was in my right senses. I went to the club full of people, to search for one guy I didn’t know. What did it mean? I searched and searched but I didn’t see this Mr. Man so we came home.
Two days later, we went to the cinema to watch a movie. Five minutes before the start of the show, Christy received a call. After the call, she told me she had to go to work. Her manager had pleaded with her to take the place of a worker who didn’t turn up. I wanted to go with her but she insisted that, I should stay and watch it in her place. So she left, leaving me all by myself. I entered the cinema and grabbed my seat in a tight corner in order to enjoy my movie peacefully.
I felt worse when a guy came to sit beside me. I could recognise his face somewhere but I didn’t know the actual place. I decided to keep my thoughts to myself. We sat there for about ten minutes after which he spoke,
“Hi, I think we’ve met before. Don’t you?”
“Sorry, no. I don’t think so.” I replied immediately. Then he continued,
“Are you not the lady at the club, who got drunk once and even took a picture with me?”
Ahaaa…so this was the man I was searching for. I didn’t know what to tell him at that moment.
“Why did you take that picture with me?” I asked.
“You insisted on taking a snap whit me. I didn’t want to but your friend told me you had gotten drunk for the first time so I should do it for you.”
I smiled and realised how cheap I had made myself in the face of a stranger.
“I’m Chris…and you are?”
“Hun? Did you say your name is Chris?” I asked with anger.
“Yes, any problem?”
“Yes, I would be very happy if you would find yourself another seat away from mine, seriously.” I didn’t speak to him for some minutes. This was another Chris from the club and I didn’t even want to see him again. As humble as he was, he stood up and went away. With the number of people that were entering the hall, I didn’t see where he passed. I felt so stupid for that childish act. Did I do it right?
Watch out for Episode 8.