The Unknown season 5 episode 4


Where is Nicholas?
Where is The Unknown?
…a month later..
KATHERINE just returned from the hospital. She had destroyed the result she was given to by the Doctor. She had seen that her sudden sickness was as a result of her pregnancy and she had seen in the result that she got pregnant six weeks back. She just got to the Palace a month now and if the King should know, she was done
Her state of mind had been  in a bad shape since she discovered her pregnant. Though she had slept with the King already, but she never expected Harry to be the father of the unborn child. Her heart had been skipping beats since she saw the result.
As she stepped into the Palace, she faked up a smile and walked up to the King. “I’m back.”
The King who had been expecting such news sat up and looked into her eyes. “What did the Doctor say? Is it just sickness?” He enquired.
“No, your highness. I’m just actually.. carrying a baby.” She grinned.
“Ooh!” He screamed happily. “Seriously?” He asked again looking into her eyes.
“Sure, your highness. I know you’d be happy.” She grinned.
“Wow! I have to celebrate this!” He shouted, hugging Kate.
“I’m coming, let me just freshen up.” She said and hurried inside. As she was on her way, she saw Harry leaning against the wall. She halted and shivered. She was just scared to face him. She knew he would question her when he sets his eyes on her. “Harry?” She called.
“Kate, I heard you’re pregnant already.” He chuckled.
“You heard when I was telling the King?” She asked.
Harry laughed. “Before the King got to know, I’ve known it’s six weeks.” He spoke.
“What!” Katherine jacked up her head in surprise.
Harry laughed. “Where’s the result?” He questioned her.
There was silence. Katherine didn’t know what to say to him. She was just shivering. Harry laughed again. “You can always change your future if you admit I’m the father of that child now, Kate.”
She went on her kneels quickly. “Please, Harry. Don’t kill me, don’t let me be banished.”
Harry laughed. “Am I the father of the baby?” He asked again.
“Yes, but please.”
“No problem… that’s what I want to know.” He laughed aloud. “I just need some money from you to keep shut.” He took some steps forward.
“Any amount, Harry. Just tell me.”
Harry looked back and smiled again. “I’ll tell you that later.”
** ** **
It was a bad condition, not even bad, a horrible one when Stella heard the knock at the door. She stared at the door as the handle was pushed down but it was locked. She looked down back at Nicholas and breathed so fast.
She dipped her hands under his shoulders and drew him on the tiles to the walkway to the room as quick as she could. As she was running out back, She grabbed the packaged bloodstained shirt and materials and threw it at the back of the chair by the extreme, where she knew no one would probably see it.
Just then, Doris was able to open the door from  outside. As they were coming in, Stella saw bloodstains on the floor already. She quickly turned around and reached for the blade in her pocket. She closed her eyes firmly and tore her skin. She started bleeding instantly too.
Doris rushed inside with Craig as they saw bloodstains on the floor. Craig stared at it for a moment and nodded. “He’s here.” He muttered.
Just as they turned their head, they saw stella on her kneels in pain. They rushed to her side, breathing heavily. There they saw bloodstains around her. “Shit! It’s Stella’s blood!” He thought in himself.
“What happened?” Doris quickly asked flinging her handbag away.
She just kept quiet, squeezing her face as if she was in a great agony and couldn’t talk. “Craig, let me attend to my sister.” Doris told him as she grabbed Stella and helped her up.
Craig nodded. “I’ll wait for you.” He said.
“No, get going so that I won’t keep you waiting. I have to treat her inside.” She told him.
“Okay, but Stella, what’s wrong?” He asked.
“Can’t you see she can’t talk?” Doris already helped Stella up to her feet.
“Okay, I’ll check back tomorrow before going to the office. Just take care of her, Doris. Stella, please be strong.” He said and started walking out slowly. As soon as he shut the door, Doris looked at Stella closely again.
“I’ll be back, Stella. Let me lock up the door.” She said.
Stella was in tears as she stared at her hand and the blood she had lost already. She turned around when she saw Doris rushing back. “Stella, what happened?” She asked anxiously.
Doris looked at her and walked to the curtains to be sure if Craig had really gone. Then she saw him locking the gate already. “I had to tear myself, Doris. Who shot Nicholas?” She moved closer to her.
“Craig did… ooh! He’s here, right?”
“He is here. As you knocked at the door, Nicholas was in here and he slumped. I had to draw him to that side..” She pointed inside and continued. “I had to tear myself because of the bloodstains on the floor. I knew Craig would follow you, I knew it!”
“Seriously, Stella? You did all these? How’s Nicholas now?” They both hurried to where he was hidden.
“He wanted to leave but he’s not normal at all. Let’s take him back to the guest room. I already prepared a drip and removed the bullet. I don’t know why he wanted to leave so badly.”
Doris wiped her tears as she watched him lying on the floor. Even with Stella’s fresh wound too, she assisted Doris as they carried him on to the guest room. Stella set up the drip again and checked his wound. The two stood by his bed, staring at him for a moment until Doris remembered Stella’s wound too.
“Let’s go and treat the wound.” She cuddled her out of the room.
** ** **
It was after fifteen minutes Doris had helped her sister to treat her wound they heard a knock at the door. The two were sitting right beside each other looked at themselves and then to the door.
“Are you expecting someone?” Doris asked Stella, whispering.
Stella shook her head. That wouldn’t be Ramsey, she was sure. Ramsey already traveled and would be back after a week. Craig again? They both wondered.
There was a knock again. Doris stood up and cleared her throat. “Who’s it?” She enquired.
“It’s Henry.” She heard.
“Ooh..” she remembered and got the door. “How are you doing?” She asked.
“I don’t even know. Is he here?” He asked, peeping inside the living room
“You already heard?” She enquired.
“I just heard the news that The Unknown was shot. Was he the one?”
“How many Unknown do we have again? He’s here, under treatment.” Doris replied and let him in.
He greeted Stella. “Please can I see him? How is he? Hope the wound isn’t much?”
“He’s inside, sleeping. Please don’t disturb him.” Stella replied.
“No..  really just want to see him… his face. That’s all.” He quickly said.
Stella exhaled deeply. “Doris, show him the room.”
Doris lead the way as Henry followed. As the got to the room, Doris opened the door gently so they wouldn’t disturb him.
As she finally opened the door, they met the bed empty. She raised up her head quickly. “Nicholas?” She called. “Nick?” She kept on calling, wondering if he was in the restroom.
“Let me check.” Henry stepped forward and checked the restroom. He wasn’t there.
They began the ultimate search after they told Stella Nicholas was nowhere to be found. After minutes of searching for him, they all met behind the house – Henry, Doris and Stella. “Where on earth is Nicholas!” Stella shouted.
Just then, Doris’ phone rang and she reached for it. it was Nicholas
…story continues…


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