The Unknown Season 3 Episode 7


Previously On The Unknown.

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“Was it The Unknown that came there?” Engineer Ashley asked Jerry that was driving his car as he seated beside him.

“We don’t know.” Jerry said

“It actually means that The Unknown and that Mike are connected, right?”


“I thought the Jeep has been after us, I never knew he was going on his own.” Henry placed his hand on his chest.

. “Maybe someone saw the door to the place opened, I wonder how they got to know.”

“That’s the only thing. But, how did you do everything? Nick!”

“Henry, leave that one. We still have great missions to accomplish today.”

“Mission?” Henry looked at him.

“I said missions. So, let’s finish this tasks before gisting.”

“Tell us why you wanted to kill the son of Mrs Priscilla.”

“Mrs Priscilla? Who’s Mrs Priscilla?” He asked.

Craig and Doris exchanged a close look. “You are acting here right?” Craig faced Frank again.

“Did she call her name Mrs Priscilla? She’s not Priscilla, officers.” He stared at the two.

Doris kept her eyes on him. “What’s now her name?” She asked.

“She’s Vivian.” Frank replied.

Vivian? The name rung a bell to Doris.

“Engineer, I have told you to put your mind at rest, we aren’t sure if The Unknown actually pulled that stunt! Just keep your fingers crossed.”

“Ooh… I should keep the fingers crossed till he carries me into the forest and expose my acts.”

“Even if  it was The Unknown that did this, he has no evidence to back his accusations, Engineer.”

“Hmmn… Okay, if you say so.”

“I think you feel so uneasy, should I send two of my guys to watch over you?” Jerry asked.

“Sure, that will be better.” Ashley grinned.

Soon, the two guys came out and entered into the vehicle with Engineer Ashley and he drove ahead, off to his house.

Engineer Ashley was going to his house with some men, Beatrice and Lizzy were also on their way home while Nicholas was almost there.



“You said Vivian, right?” Doris looked into Frank’s eyes.

Frank laughed. “What is it? Her name is Vivian. Let her see me and deny it before me!” He smashed his hands against the big table.

Doris looked away. She didn’t really know who Vivian was, she just knew she was Nicholas’ long lost beloved, but how would she know if it was the Vivian in question that Nicholas had been looking for?

She didn’t know her facial appearance, by the way, she used the same perfume Nicholas used! That triggered her memory more as she continued thinking.

“Doris.” That tap from Craig brought her back to life. She didn’t know if she had been day dreaming or that was an illusion, painting a picture or that was a pipe dream or a chimera.

“Yes, Craig.” She faced him quickly.

“Why did the lady lie to us? Why?”

“How would I know? I think we just have to invite her son and herself here for questioning.” She said.

“Alright.” Craig stepped out to make a call across to Vivian.

** ** **

Osmond walked into the restaurant with Prince Edward. The two found a corner and sat down as Edward laughed on. “Honestly, it was as if I saw an angel!” He said to Osmond.

Osmond chuckled. They had been close friends from childhood. Osmond was just one of the Chiefs’ sons who was Edward’s best friend. The two were known for their extreme closeness and almost the same character.

Osmond wasn’t a handsome type, but smart and brainy. It seemed the qualities that were meant to make him handsome were transformed into making him more sensible than Prince Edward. “She’s a cutie, right?”

“Sure. I’m just not sure if she has a son already, I really don’t know.” He pulled in his lips.

Osmond thought for a while. “Did you see her with a baby?”

“No. She was with a small boy.” He replied.

“So you actually called me to meet you here because of this fine chick in question, right?”

“Sure, Osmond. I really want this babe, I’m damn serious.”

“That was what you said when you saw Bridget, same thing you said when you met Beatrice, now it is… wait, what’s even her name?”

“She’s Vivian, but call her Viv.” He shone his teeth.

“I should call her Viv as if you own her, right?” He chuckled.

Edward shrugged. “It doesn’t matter, man. How can I win her heart, I know you to be smart.”

“I can’t count the number of times you have called my name today, Edward.”

A waitress walked close to their table. “My Prince, what should I serve you?”

“Did I order for anything?” He said without turning his head away from Osmond.

The waitress left instantly.

Osmond chortled. “We should have something to eat, at least it would make the ideas flow better.”

“Without eating, ideas should flow.” Edward grinned.

“This issue can be divided into sections.” He stopped abruptly and continued after some seconds. “Firstly, Beatrice was there when you admired this chick, that’s problem one.” He stopped again and continued. “The fact that Beatrice slapped her because you admired the girl means that she would kill her if she finds out something is going on between you two.”

Edward laughed.

“I’m serious, Edward. You know some influential ladies like to go much crazy to the extent of shedding blood. Moreover you’re a Prince, a hot cake to every lady.” Osmond chuckled.

“So, what are the other problems on my path?” He asked.

“The next problem is the lady herself!” Osmond said.

Prince Edward looked into his eyes.

** ** **

Nicholas drove on. He was almost there when his phone beeped and took a glimpse at it. It was Nancy. He just curved his lips into a smile and picked up the phone and the call. “Nancy.” He called as he pulled over.

“It wasn’t funny, Nicholas. You just tried to play me, didn’t you? Anyways, you have succeeded.”

“Just wait, Nancy! Why would I just lie to you? I was really coming. Do you know where I am presently?” He said trying to be more confident.

“Where else but with Doris, Nicholas.”

He laughed quietly. One must not marry this one, she’s just too jealous. He had thought. “I’m presently in the hospital, Nancy.”

“Ooh… Nick, what’s the problem?”

He knew the voice he just heard sounded as if she was shocked. He nodded and laughed quietly again. “I hit a motorcyclist while coming to meet you over there, sweetheart.”

“Ooh no, love. I’m really sorry, I never knew.”

The voice is sounding softer with a tone of pity he thought and just grinned. “Don’t worry hon, I’ll make it up to you.” He said.

“Where’s the hospital, let me come over.”

“No, I’m fine.” He said.

“Alright, I’ll call you later, then.” She said and ended the call.

Am The King! He hailed himself as he dropped the phone and laughed out.

He pulled back to the car and drove on, he was almost there

“She said she’ll be here shortly.” Craig told Doris as he walked into the interrogation room

“Alright.” She nodded.

“But Frank, why are you after a married woman, why? You know she has given birth to a child already and you wish to kill the kid!

I have nothing much to say, all thanks to The Unknown.” Craig said, concluding with a hiss as he stood by his side.

“I didn’t feel if she’s married or not, but from all indications, she’s not married and that’s why I want her!” He shouted.

“I have always known criminals like you to be very mad. Don’t worry, I’ll treat your Bleep up very well.” Craig replied him as he hit Frank’s skull softly.

Frank laughed. “I wish there was no one like The Unknown, a very mad guy that will soon be known.”

Doris chuckled. “Don’t deviate from the actual topic. I know criminals like you, you wouldn’t back down and I’ll make that possible, even if it is to force you.”

Frank just laughed again.

** ** **

Nicholas parked some distance away from the building. He picked up his mask as he came down from the car, walking on to the building. As he got to the front gate, he still met the gate open.

He wondered where the gate keeper was, but he was still in his small abode where Jerry had locked him up when he came to carry Henry.

As he stepped into the house, he heard the voice of the gate keeper seeking for help and laughed within himself. He shut the door and walked in. At least it was a great opportunity for him to run an immaculate job that minute.

He knew Ashley and Jerry might still be looking for him around and wouldn’t think of coming back home while Beatrice his daughter would also be in the office, still working.

As he heard the voice of the gate keeper, he knew it was Jerry and his men that had kept him there, so, the gate had been opened since Jerry came to carry Henry. And, if anyone was at home, the gate would have been shut and the gate keeper would have been freed too.

He rushed inside the house. The first challenge was to search for Engineer’s room. He had masked himself, incase there was a hidden camera inside the house. He smiled at his action, he knew he was smart.

He began to search for Engineer’s room. He wasn’t there before, but he felt something would be significant about the room that would make him recognize it. As he opened the room, he met the place very neat and the picture of Engineer was nailed to the wall

He walked inside quickly and found some suitable places to keep the bugs he had brought. As soon as he completed that, he saw the drawer by the side of the bed and walked there again if he would see anything implicating inside it.

** ** **

“I just want you to kill any man you don’t even recognize, don’t spare anyone!” Engineer said to the guys in the car.

“He won’t, Engineer. He won’t dare to come into your house too.”

“Just remember my daughter and her friend also live in the house, study their faces well during your stay there and don’t do anything bad to them.” He warned them.

“We can’t do that, Engineer.”

“Okay.” He nodded. He was almost at home.

** ** **

Nicholas checked the drawer for minutes and didn’t meet any other thing inside it. He took his stand as he walked out of the room and started searching for Henry’s small room to pick up his things and probably plant a bug there too. Who knows, he might come there to discuss, Nicholas had thought as he searched the house for Henry’s room for minutes.

As soon as he found out it was the small room he had been parading and leaving, doubting if that was that room, he barged in and planted a bug in a secured place before picking up Henry’s bags and walked out of the room, set to leave.

As he got to the living room, he heard a car honking outside the house. His heartbeat raced faster. Is he here already? He had asked himself as she dropped one of Henry’s bag and brought his gun out. He picked up the bag and walked on slowly till he here loud bashes at the gate.

Engineer Ashley was already around and Jerry’s guys had been knocking for the gate keeper to get the gate opened. Nicholas knew something had happened and rushed back into the house. He didn’t even know the best place to hide himself.

Suddenly he felt he was doing the wrong thing, why would he always fear? He wondered as he stepped back to the living room and got the door opened, walking as fast as he could to the backyard of the house so that once Engineer came in, he would go.

He had stayed there when he heard that the gate had been opened. One of the guys had jumped in and got the gate opened while Engineer Ashley drove into the compound and the gate was shut.

“Where’s that guy!” Ashley got down from his vehicle angrily, seeking for the gatekeeper. “Open that place for me.” He said to one of the guys as he pointed to the small gatekeeper’s house and the door was opened.

The man came outside,  sweating and worried. “Some people came here and locked me inside the house, Sir.” He explained to Ashley.

Ashley hissed. His explanations weren’t necessary because it was Jerry and his men that actually locked him up. “Guys, let’s go inside.” He had said.

“I think another person also came some minutes ago and entered into the house after locking the gate.” He informed them and they all halted.

Ashley’s eyes jacked up. The first thought that came to his mind was The Unknown? “Did you see the fellow?” He asked.


“Guys begin your search.” Ashley quickly said as the guys stormed into the house too.

Just then, Beatrice and her friend also got to the gate and honked. The gate keeper rushed there to get the gate.

** ** **

Craig walked to the front of the station as Vivian called him that she had gotten there. He welcomed her and Anthony with a smile. “Thanks for honouring us.” He had said as he led the way to the interrogation room.

The door was opened and he let the two into the room and shut the door as he walked in too. “Now, welcome once again, Mrs Priscilla.” Craig said, looking into her eyes to know her reaction after all Frank was on seat, she should know he would have told them what the reality was.

“Thank you, officer.” Vivian smiled.

“This way, ma’am.” Doris said as she gave them chairs to sit down on. “Frank, can you repeat what you said earlier?” Craig asked him.

“Which one of them? Is that she’s not Priscilla or I don’t think she is married?” Frank said.

“Is it through you aren’t Priscilla, madam?” Craig asked.

“I’m Priscilla and I changed my name after I left Mr Frank’s company. By the way, you heard ‘Mrs’, that means I’m married.” She replied.

“Mrs Priscilla, it’s rare for one to change one’s name just like that. From Vivian to Priscilla, is that right?”

Vivian chuckled. “Priscilla is also one of my names, what if I decide to start bearing the name instead of Vivian? At least since I was small, everyone had been calling me Priscilla to my secondary school days, university and the time I changed to Vivian, now Priscilla.” She replied.

“When did you change your name to Vivian?” Doris asked.

“When I applied for the post in his company.” She replied.

“That means everyone during your secondary and tertiary, even when you went to serve did call you Priscilla?” Doris asked.

“Sure.” She nodded with a short grin.

I don’t think she’s the one. Doris had thought.

“So, why exactly did you leave Mr Frank’s company, ma’am?” Craig asked.

“He was a big trouble to me, always disturbing my life for a relationship as if he didn’t know I’m a married woman.”

Craig chuckled. “Please, if I may ask, where’s your husband presently?”

“He died in a car accident, but that doesn’t mean the bond between us is broken. I loved my husband so much that I can’t share this love with any other person. I have vowed to take care of my son all by myself. At least he was the first and last person I have loved, why would I marry another person?”

“First and last..” Doris said, keeping the key words in her utterances.

“Yes. I have never loved until I met him, but he died.” Vivian replied.

Doris sighed. Certainly, she’s not the one. She nodded as she sat down.

“Alright, no problem concerning that. I just have few more questions for you, ma’am.” Doris said.

“Alright, I’m all ears.”

“How did you come about your perfume?”

Vivian chuckled. “Do you know this is out of the topic at all?”

“Please ma’am, it will assist our investigations in another way.”

“What else are you investigating? The criminals has been caught, what else?”

“Just tell us a bit, please.” Doris begged her.

“This is the perfume he loved most before his death. He liked it so much, so, I couldn’t stop using it.” She replied.

“Craig, I’ll be right back.” Doris said to Craig as she stepped out to think for a bit.

She isn’t lying. Firstly, she said everyone did call her Priscilla when she was in high school and even tertiary institution. Nicholas has never told me that. By the way, this lady said her husband would be the first and last to ever love, Nicholas is out of the way! The only thing they share is just about the perfume. She’s certainly not the one. She surmised before she entered into the room again.

** ** **

Nicholas couldn’t jump over the fence because he would just enter into another house. Just when he heard Engineer’s voice that the compound should be checked as well, he threw Henry’s things into the next building. He just remembered it was either Frank or Gregory’s house and none of them was around.

He stepped on the pavement by the flower bed in the compound and hooked on to the fence as he jumped over. He packed Henry’s things and prayed there would be no dog in that house.

He rushed to the gate and opened it after he had removed his mask and fast-tracked to his car, speeding off.

It was a big relief.

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