The Most Overlooked Relationship Secret…



Imagine clicking your champagne glasses while sitting side by side on the airplane, and opening your Lifebooks together. You’re about to experience a deep romantic getaway. Using your Lifebooks to connect with one another while traveling is one of the most powerful things a couple could ever do. Merging travel with your Life Vision can be a truly magical way to connect with your partner and the vision for the lives you are striving toward.

Take a look at some simple suggestions for traveling with your lover – and then check out some of Jon and Missy’s favorite trips of the last decade!

Take a romantic Lifebook trip.
This can have a profound impact on your relationship and the vision for the lives you are trying to build together. Spend a whole week somewhere secluded and focus all of your energy on strengthening your love and your Lifebooks. Fill your trip with romantic dates and things that illuminate your passion and drive for one another.

Change your perspective.
Yank yourselves out of your day-to-day existence and plant yourselves firmly in the middle of a new culture. This can encourage growth, learning and adventure, which can be fantastic for you and your Love Relationship.

Go where you’ve always wanted to go.
Just plan it! Expose yourself and your loved ones to our planet and all of the beauties nature and man have to offer.

Gain new knowledge.
Traveling is one of the best ways to learn. Visit places that teach you about new cultures, world history, geography, religion and more. Traveling with your partner is a great opportunity to extend yourselves intellectually, and build a better mental connection.

Become more interesting and multidimensional.
People that travel have world experience. Expose yourselves to diverse cultures, taste different cuisines and visit new lands. This can add great depth to your life and your personality, making you more interesting both to your partner and others. (Not to mention that travel stories make for great conversation.)

Enhance your Quality of Life
Sick of the rat race? You may want to visit a place where the daily routine consists of three-hour lunches on sidewalk cafes sipping your favorite wine. Exposing yourselves to cultures that have made a science of living well, beautifully and joyfully can have immense benefits on any relationship.

Relax and rejuvenate.
Sometimes there’s nothing better than just getting away from it all with your partner, and taking some time to reboot. Find an environment that evokes love, laughter, conversation and connection and you will be on your way to a mentally, emotionally and spiritually healing journey.

Have you ever thought about surprising your lover with a romantic getaway? What if you whisked them away to a place they’ve always wanted to go, like Paris, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, etc? How do you think that would affect your relationship with them? Exposing yourself to new worlds and experiences can create lifelong memories for you and your loved one. Travel can literally help shape who you are – what you know, believe, think and feel. Reminiscing about your discoveries, adventures, connections and growth can manifest some of the greatest feelings of love imaginable.

Here are some of Jon and Missy’s favorite trips of the last 10 years: