For many guys, the first few dates with a girl are all a means to an end – getting the girl to spend the night at your place. There’s little more exciting than inviting a girl “upstairs” for the first time, knowing that soon you’ll be getting down and dirty. Bit if you don’t take some time to prepare your place before doing the deed, you may find the she doesn’t make it past your front door. To avoid doing the one – handed shuffle yet again, follow these steps to make your apartment the sexiest place on earth.
1. Get out the soap and water
You might not mind living in a pigsty, but you can bet that no girl is going to want to hook up with you if your dirty underwear is strewn about the living room and your sink is piled high with dishes. Cleaning your apartment doesn’t mean just stuffing  your clothes into your dresser. You need to get out the mop, bucket, vacuum cleaner and anything else you have on hand to make your place shine. Spend extra time in the bathroom cleaning out the hair from the drain and wiping up toothpaste stains – it’s likely your girl will want to spend some time in there getting ready before you hit the sack. Above all else, make sure your bedroom is spic and span. Change those sheets and wipe up any personal lubricant stains from your nights spent alone.
2. Hide the porn
Most guys watch porn online or have a few magazines lying around, but you definitely don’t want the lady you’re bringing over to stumble upon your secret stash. Find a good hiding spot for any mags or vids you have – under the mattress isn’t sufficient. And if you think you might be watching a movie on your computer, do yourself a favour and clear your browser history as a precautionary move.
3. Make it smell good
If you do a good job cleaning your place, it will start to smell a lot better, but let’s face it, bachelor pads can be stinky. If you are worried that the odor of your home is less than sexy, consider purchasing a few candles or other sort of air freshener. It may be a blow to your masculinity, but you’ll be much more likely to have a reason to bust out the pleasure condoms if your place smells like cinnamon or cotton.
4. Go food shopping
How do you expect to make a girl feel at home if you have nothing but ketchup and bitter in your fridge? Before she comes over, head to the grocery store and pick up a few snacks you think you might enjoy together. To make yourself look extra suave, figure out what your girl’s favourite drink is and have some of it cooling in the fridge by the time she shows up.