The Unknown Season 3 Episode 6


Previously On The Unknown.

Credit Temitope Daniel.

“I was slapped by the woman who I started working with, I was slapped.” Vivian said to Anthony.

Anthony gazed at her. “She slapped you? With her hands?”

“What else would have been used to slap me? She used her heavy hand.” Vivian replie

“Mum, I will deal with her with my hands and bring evil people down like The Unknown, I feel he has given me a challenge to protect anyone I can and to hurt anyone who tries to hurt another person. If she tries to hurt you again, she will know I’m a fan of The Unknown.”

Vivian chortled.

Nicholas trying to avoid the blades of the wire, he jumped up but couldn’t see much.

“Henry.” He called softly and Henry opened his eyes. He knew it was only Nicholas that knew him as Henry, by the way, it was Nicholas’ voice that he heard.

He sat up quickly as he looked at him. “How did you get here?” He quickly ask Nick.

Nicholas crossed his hand on his lips. “We have to leave.” He quickly said as he pulled him up.

They both stormed out and Nicholas pushed him on till they got to the end of the fence. “Can you jump?” He asked Henry.

“Hurry up.” He smacked Henry as they both hopped into the Nicholas’ car and sped away.




“Was it The Unknown that came there?” Engineer Ashley asked Jerry that was driving his car as he seated beside him.

“We don’t know.” Jerry said, holding a gun in his right hand as he drove on with his left hand.

“It actually means that The Unknown and that Mike are connected, right?”

“Engineer, we don’t know yet. But, there’s no way Mike would have left the place if someone didn’t open the door, by the way, there’s no way he would have left the vicinity quickly if there was no vehicle ready made for him. And, I guess you were trailed here.”

“Just hurry up, speed as fast as possible. This guy must not escape!”

“We actually don’t know what the fact is. My guy who went to the kitchen and met the door opened said he didn’t see anyone, not even Mike, that’s why I have told them to keep searching the vicinity of my house if anyone was there. We are not sure if he was carried by a car, that’s why I brought up the idea of us just going on the way, who knows if we might see them this way?”

“Jerry, I’m in a big problem if we don’t find this guy. That means he’s been awake, no longer sleeping.”

“Just keep your fingers crossed.” Jerry said.


“I thought the Jeep has been after us, I never knew he was going on his own.” Henry placed his hand on his chest.

Nicholas smiled as he took off his mask and his gloves orderly because he was driving. “Maybe someone saw the door to the place opened, I wonder how they got to know.”

“That’s the only thing. But, how did you do everything? Nick!”

“Henry, leave that one. We still have great missions to accomplish today.”

“Mission?” Henry looked at him.

“I said missions. So, let’s finish this tasks before gisting.”

“What are the tasks?”

“We have to expose Engineer Ashley today.” He said to him.

“Expose? We don’t have an evidence, Nick.”

“I already got the diary. Just play along, I’ll explain everything to you after pulling all these stunts.”

“Alright.” Henry nodded.


Craig and Doris stood by the front of the office as the car dropped Frank. He had been discharged from the hospital because there was nothing wrong with him. He had been handcuffed already as he walked on with some officers. “Thanks officer Jefferson.” Craig said to one of the officers with a smile as they led Frank to the interrogation room to ask him few questions about himself and if he knew anything about The Unknown.

Frank sat down as he placed his hands on the table between himself and Doris with Craig. Then, the interrogation started from Craig. “What’s your name?” He asked.

“Frank Matthews.” He replied.

“Matthews.” Doris repeated with a broad smile. “But you look gentler than you, trying to end a life of someone. Why did you want to kill Anthony?”

“Is that the name of the boy?” Frank chuckled.

Craig shrugged. “That’s not the answer to the question asked, tell us why you wanted to kill the son of Mrs Priscilla.”

“Mrs Priscilla? Who’s Mrs Priscilla?” He asked.

Craig and Doris exchanged a close look. “You are acting here right?” Craig faced Frank again.

“Did she call her name Mrs Priscilla? She’s not Priscilla, officers.” He stared at the two.

Doris kept her eyes on him. “What’s now her name?” She asked.

“She’s Vivian.” Frank replied.

Vivian? The name rung a bell to Doris.

Nicholas and Henry came down from the vehicle, both taking short glances at themselves before they walked into the house. Nicholas shut the door and sat on the wooden chair while Henry walked to the mattress and laid down. “You have some cuts, right?” Nicholas asked Henry.

Henry moaned softly. “Yeah. I have it in different places, Nick. We have just been risking our lives.”

Nicholas was downcast by what Henry said. He wasn’t sure if he wouldn’t die at last. Thank God who had been helping him out of each trouble he put himself in, if not, he would have died very long ago. He even did think if he was at home the day the assassins came to kill his parents; Larry and Louisa, would he be alive to show the faces of the bad men?

He just sighed as he raised his head again and looked at Henry. “I’m deeply sorry for putting you in this trouble, Henry. God will save us to the last day of this operation.” He said to him.

“I’m not complaining, neither am I discouraging you, just telling you what we have been doing to ourselves. Now, how do you intend exposing Ashley today?”

“Em.. I suddenly changed my mind.” He faced him properly.

“Nicholas, the man now suspects that we work together, we are in more danger than you think, Nick.”

“We just have to be extra ordinarily careful, that’s all. You know something, I feel he’s going to add more to this evidence we have in my hands.” He said as he stood up. He also felt some pains in the cuts on his belly and thighs.

“Really? By sending Jerry and the likes, right?”

“Kind of, Henry. I’m going to his house right away to plant some bugs in his room.” He said.

“Nicholas, we are seriously wanted by this man, what are you looking for! Let’s rest for today, guy.”

“No. I have to pack the foolish baggage of yours in that house.”

Both laughed.

“Should I come with you then?”

“No, just treat your cuts, eat and rest.” He threw the confidential diary to him and turned around. “I’ll be back in a nanosecond

“Do you have the bugs and everything needed already?”

“I already have them in my car.” He waved at Henry and walked out of the room, straight to Ashley’s house.

** ** **

“Guys can never make heaven, that is if the heaven everyone talks about really exist!” Lizzy said to Beatrice.

Beatrice heaved a soft sigh as she swiveled her chair. “I couldn’t believe my eyes, Lizzy! Edward’s eyes were so unblinking on that lady, wait, you saw her, didn’t you?”

Lizzy nodded.

“Is she as beautiful as I am?”

Lizzy shook her head in disagreement. “You have beaten her in everything she could dream of, Bibie.”

“Imagine that thing… no!”

“Just let go of that, we have to leave that and forge ahead.”

“But I won’t vacillate to deal with her insensately if she tries to grapple the Prince away from me, Lizzy.”

“She can’t! Stop thinking about this poo and let’s just bring a better discussion up.”

“Alright, should we leave for home now?” Beatrice asked.

“Yes, let’s go and see what Mike has prepared, maybe poison.”

They laughed.

“He won’t dare that.” Beatrice said as both walked out, heading home.

** ** **

“Engineer, what do we do at this point?” Jerry asked Ashley as he parked the car at the front of his house.

“I don’t know, Jerry. All I know and I’m sure of is that The Unknown will try to bring me down.” He replied.

Jerry chuckled. “I have told you to put your mind at rest, we aren’t sure if The Unknown actually pulled that stunt! Just keep your fingers crossed.”

“Ooh… I should keep the fingers crossed till he carries me into the forest and expose my acts.”

“Even if  it was The Unknown that did this, he has no evidence to back his accusations, Engineer.”

“Hmmn… Okay, if you say so.”

“So, would you just come over and leave now or what?”

“I think that’s the best to do now. I can’t concentrate if I head to the office. I think I have to take a rest because of this guy has turned my head upside down.”

“I think you feel so uneasy, should I send two of my guys to watch over you?” Jerry asked.

“Sure, that will be better.” Ashley grinned.

Jerry shrugged. “Alright, just come back to your seat, they’ll be with you shortly.” He said as he came down from the vehicle and walked into the house to fetch the two guys that would follow Engineer to his house.

Soon, the two guys came out and entered into the vehicle with Engineer Ashley and he drove ahead, off to his house.

Engineer Ashley was going to his house with some men, Beatrice and Lizzy were also on their way home while Nicholas was almost there.

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