The Unknown Season 3 Episode 5


Previously On The Unknown.

Credit Temitope Daniel.

“Is this where you live?” Craig asked Vivian as she stood by the door, wondering what brought him and Doris.

“This is where I stay.” She replied.

Craig smiled. “This is actually a coincidence. I came with my colleague to check on Miss Matthias Victoria that lives in this house. We have been investigating on the perfume- Forever Mine and her house address stated here.” Craig said.

. “Nick.” He said as he jacked his head left and right, who could say if the guys were around?

“Henry, what’s happening?”

“Engineer Ashley suspected me and I have been kidnapped by his men.” He quickly said.

“You have been kidnapped? Where are you right now?”

“I don’t even know, Nicholas. I can’t tell exactly because I wasn’t myself till I got here.

“You are getting it wrong.” Anthony stood up. “The Unknown is not a criminal and I am sure you know it.”

Craig chuckled. “He looks like he’s not a criminal because he saved your life, ”

“If he didn’t shoot, I might have been shot by the guys that day, if he didn’t come around, you won’t be questioning me today because I would have died. The Unknown is not a bad person and doesn’t worth that word- criminal.”

Doris and Craig looked at each other.”Anthony, you won’t understand.” Craig said.

“You are actually the one who’s not understanding me. If he didn’t come around, I would have died.

“Anthony, enough!” Vivian said

Craig and Doris smiled faintly


He sat down inside the car. He had promised not to leave the place until he saw Engineer’s car come out of the company so he could trail him to where Henry was. He felt that was the only solution to the problem.

Before then, he opened the diary and began to read from it.

It was fifteen minutes later. Engineer Ashley walked out. As he moved his car, Nicholas followed him.



He drove behind him slowly with the confidential diary beside him. He now knew what the diary was really meant for. He had found the names of the other four of the evil men left and had smiled. There were also some written facts about what happened the day Mr Gary and his wife were killed because of contract.

Though, it was a good cradle of validation to the officers, but he must have another evidence to corroborate that the other men were involved in the mess. He had torn away the page where he wrote the names of his abettors and kept the diary back inside the brown envelope as he followed him.

At least, if nothing else would unriddle the case, the diary was enough to tell the officers he was also part of those who killed the directors of Golden Ring Companies. It was his handwriting, the diary in question was also his own.

He had been glimpsing at his buzzing phone. Nancy had been calling him, it seemed she had gotten to the eatery already and was awaiting his presence. He didn’t want to tell her he wouldn’t come again, at the same time, he didn’t know the next thing to do. At least, saving Henry should be another precedence to him, he got him into the trouble.

He monitored every move Engineer Ashley made as he followed him. He knew he was going to where Henry was locked up and would make sure he got Henry out of the confinement, no matter what.

He finally switched off his phone if it would be a great source of distraction to him. He brought out his gun and kept it on the seat beside him as he kept trailing Engineer Ashley to where he was off to. He wouldn’t back off, he had said.


“I was slapped by the woman who I started working with, I was slapped.” Vivian said to Anthony.

Anthony gazed at her. “She slapped you? With her hands?”

“What else would have been used to slap me? She used her heavy hand.” Vivian replied.

“At first, I wanted to criticize the fact that you just left your new place of work. But, that woman will suffer for all she has done.” Anthony said.

Vivian took a long look at him. Why had he been talking like an adult recently? “Who will deal with her to make her suffer?”

“Mum, I will deal with her with my hands and bring evil people down like The Unknown.”

Vivian chuckled. “You never cease to amaze me. The Unknown who’s wanted, you better don’t be like him.”

“Mum, I don’t care. I hate seeing people in tears, I hate seeing people suffer and always want to assist them. I hate it when you’re left in a difficult situation, I can beat anyone who tries nonsense to death.”

“The actual way you did to Gregory and Frank when you were taken away, right?”

“I feel The Unknown has given me a challenge to protect anyone I can and to hurt anyone who tries to hurt another person. If she tries to hurt you again, she will know I’m a fan of The Unknown.”

Vivian chortled.

“But mum, will they finally catch The Unknown? I’m afraid because he’s a good person.”.

“Anthony, I don’t know too. I just pray for safety for us all.”

Anthony sighed.


The diary.

Prince Harry had been annoyed that his brother could get a woman to marry. But, why not just any woman? He just got himself hooked up to the woman he saved from trouble. He had been bothered as he hung his head beside the tree, on the way to the stream.

Not quite long after, Katherine and her friends were passing with pots on their heads. He quickly stood up as he saw her. “Kate.” He called her and she halted. “You can go.” He waved at her friends as Katherine walked up to him. “My Prince.” She bowed.

“Katherine, didn’t you see me on seat? By the way, what I need is your help. We need to talk.” He smiled.

“Talk? What help, my Prince?” She enquired.

He helped her drop the pot of water on her head as he held her hand and both began to walk slowly. It seemed they were planning something as they walked on. Suddenly, the Prince laughed aloud. “Nice one.” He shook Katherine.

Something was going on between them.


Ashley’s car halted outside Jerry’s place. He came down and looked back, if there was no one coming behind him. He saw no vehicle and clapped his hands together as he walked closer to the building and knocked.

Soon, Nicholas’ vehicle parked some distance away and he came down, walking closer to Ashley’s car. He saw Ashley as he entered into the building and the gate was shut. He rushed back to his own car and picked up his mask and pocketed his gun. He masked himself as he picked up a rope and put it in his pocket. He couldn’t tell if that would be useful in there.

He had also picked a sheet of his signature that he had folded in his pocket as he walked to the side of the building. It was an undeveloped area which had bushes around the house. It was surely a nice hermitage for criminals.

He didn’t know where exactly Henry was, he was just sure of his abduction into that house. The fence was rounded by the fence wire and that wouldn’t be an easy task to solve that day, he had thought as he moved his hand near it and took if off again.

One thing he was sure of was his bravery. He was ready to face any obstacle that would come his way during the operation. Even if he was killed, he preferred it to Henry being killed because of him. Though he was afraid and his heartbeats could be heard miles away, but he had to save Henry.

Trying to avoid the blades of the wire, he jumped up but couldn’t see much. It was by the side of the bush, so, he felt no one was available to see him. It was there he heard Engineer’s voice, discussing with Jerry. It really wasn’t easy for him to jump into the house.

He let out a long breath as he stood akimbo, thinking of ways to get into that house. He didn’t know where exactly that Henry was, by the way, what if Jerry’s men were there looking after the place? What if it was in a room?

He brought his phone out, switched it on and called Henry but his mobile number wasn’t going through. He cleared his throat as he dipped the phone inside his pocket, used his gloves and mask. Then, he was no longer hearing the voice of Engineer Ashley and Jerry. It was his best time to enter into the house.

He pressed his lips as he placed his two hands on he rigid fence and his legs against the fence. He moved up till he could place his left leg on the tip of the fence and could see the compound well. There was no one outside the compound.

He tried to move his left leg on the other side but the blades on the wire hooked on to his trouser and made a cut on his skin. He gave a soft moan and exhaled deeply as he moved his left leg inside and twirled his body around, placing his right leg inside too. He was ready to go.

He brought in his two hands and placed them on the tip of the fence as he released his body down. His legs almost touched the ground when he dropped. He released his hand and finally, he was in the compound.

Is there any scaffolding here? He thought as he hurried on to the generator house he could see at the end of the building. It was there he stopped. The generator house was small and built near the drainage of the house. He stepped into the dry drainage that started from there and went straight outside to the bigger drainage at the front of the house itself.

There, he saw a small structure and could hear voice there. He quickly returned himself back to the side of the generator house because he would be seen from where he had fast-tracked himself to.

Breathing heavily, he was able to see the door that led to the small building through the partitions made inside the generator house. He wondered the kind of house they built for the generator that had partitions and openings.

He saw Jerry and Engineer as they walked out of the small place and both kept laughing as they walked away through a door that led into the house. He could hear them laugh that Henry was still fast asleep.

He made sure he didn’t hear their voices and there was no movement around the small house any longer before he made his move back to the drainage and crawled inside it. Suddenly, he felt that wasn’t useful since there was no one outside and he stood up to his feet, using the tip of his toes to walk until he got to the small house.

There he turned his head and saw a window that was attached to the main building of the house. He could see the kitchen and the door that led to the dining room. He was hearing Jerry and Ashley’s voices better.

He removed the padlock that wasn’t clenched and opened the door slowly. “Henry.” He called softly and Henry opened his eyes. He knew it was only Nicholas that knew him as Henry, by the way, it was Nicholas’ voice that he had heard.

He sat up quickly as he looked at him. “How did you get here?” He quickly ask Nick.

Nicholas crossed his hand on his lips. “We have to leave.” He quickly said as he pulled him up.

They both stormed out and Nicholas pushed him on till they got to the end of the fence. “Can you jump?” He asked Henry.

Henry took a glimpse at him and put his hands on the fence as he jumped up and managed to jump to the other side admits the blades of the wire that had hurt his belly.

Nicholas also placed his hands on the fence and jumped over. Just then, the two heard shouted from the house. “He escaped.”

“Hurry up.” He smacked Henry as they both hopped into the Nicholas’ car and sped away.

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