The Unknown Season 2 Episode 7


Previously On The Unknown.

“I think Anthony saw Nicholas today.” Vivian told Victoria as she walked to the TV to slot in a CD.

“What!” Victoria’s eyes popped more open.

She smiled. “I have the feeling that the man he saw was Nicolas.”

“How come? What makes you think this way?”

“He said the person has the same scent like himself.”

Victoria laughed. “Wait, the fact that the perfume is so scarce and people rarely use it, does it mean another person couldn’t have worn it?”

“I thought that way too, but he said the man had a guitar on his back seat. You know his best instrument is Guitar.”

Victoria nodded. “That’s really true.. but, where were you when he saw him?”

“Ooh… But, Anthony doesn’t know anything yet, right?”

She nodded to reply her. “I think I won’t be able to see this movie again, I have to get prepared for the visit to Bibie Computers tomorrow.”

“That’s true, don’t worry, I’m going to narrate everything possible.”

Vivian smiled and walked inside.



Nancy made her way to the seat at Nicholas’ front. She looked different from who he had seen earlier. Was she dressed just to impress him? He just hissed silently and put on a welcoming look as Nancy sat down comfortably.

“I hope this meeting is not for you to set me up.” Nancy said as she looked at him.

He smiled and shook his head. “I never knew you’d act faster, if I had known, wouldn’t I have been faster too?”

Nancy narrowed her eyes. “What is the meaning of that?”

He shook his head again. “I know you have been trailing me and you should know I have no lady in my life.”

“Hmmn… but you have one you’re looking forward to, right?”

He blinked and chuckled. “No, who?”

“Officer Doris. I know you feel something for her, is that a lie?”

“No! She’s been a friend for ages and I couldn’t close my eyes when I got her into trouble.”

“Alright.” She cleared her throat and continued. “What’s this meeting all about?”

“To officially start the love tale between both of us.” He beamed.

Nancy blushed. “You’re just pulling my legs, trying to make a fool out of me.”

He grinned. “No. Like I said earlier. I have been looking forward to this moment too, the moment when you’ll be before me. If you notice, you secretaries were about 4 that day, you were the one I called.”

She smiled. “Are you just making use of your eyes or what?”

“I have been making use of the two eyes very well, I never knew you’d just be faster.”

“I hope this is not a form of calming me down, don’t forget I have evidences.”

He smiled. “Forget that issue… I just hope you’ve not told a lot of people.”

“I never told anyone, I was just threatening you. You should have known too that we two are for each other.” She winked.

Foolish girl!”I understand that I have been making mistakes. Now, have you accepted me?”

“Sure… even before King Dennis became the King.”

They laughed.

“So, for you to know I am really serious, order anything and I’ll pay. And, we have to visit the movies this weekend.”

She grinned. “I trust you Nick.”

You will suffer!”You don’t need all that.”


Vivian buttoned up her shirt and sprayed her deodorant. It had been a while she stood before the mirror to check out herself, except the Sunday morning. She wiped her face and smiled as she turned around and gripped her handbag.

She walked to the living room and wore her pair of shoes. “I’m off.” She told Victoria who was preparing the dining table.

“You should wait and eat something.” Victoria told her.

She shook her head. “I’m late already.”

Victoria approached her. “Who told you that? At least you’re just going there to apply for the vacant post, you aren’t starting up today.”

“It doesn’t matter, does it? I like handling someone’s work the exact way I’d love another person to handle mine. As a matter of fact, I’m off.” She replied.

“Alright, positive result babe.”

She smiled. “Thanks Vickie, you’ve always been a darling.” She rushed out.


Nicholas opened his door and saw the tall fellow standing before his door. He smiled and pulled him inside. “Henry, what’s your problem and why are you carrying all this luggage around?”

Henry walked into the room and sat down on the chair. He looked at Nicholas and kept quiet for a moment. “I was thrown out of the house, I think you’re the only better person I can come to.”

Nicholas sat down on his bed and gazed at Henry. “Here?” He asked again.

“Sure, I have no other place to go.”

He smiled. At least, he would be a source of help to someone too. “You’re welcome here, just settle down and don’t…” He remembered something and just froze. Won’t he get to know the secret? What’s the meaning of this?

“Thanks Nicholas, I knew you are going to do this for me.” Henry grinned as he started dropping his bags.

He wanted to speak but didn’t know what to say. He swooshed out a long breath and laid on the mattress. “Have you eaten?” Henry asked him.

He was just lost in thought. His problem had turned out to be double. “Yes… No.”

Henry laughed. “You’re not even sure. Anyways, I bought bread and I’ll be back very soon.”

He sat up. “Where are you off to?” He quickly asked.

“My place of work. By the way, who’s the owner of the car parked outside?”

“Just go, we have a lot of discuss when you return.” He waved at him.

Henry waved back and walked outside.

This is a real problem!


She was as nippy as she could, drawing out a chair and she thudded down on it with a smile. “Stella, I don’t know the main reason why you wish to get life outta me.” Doris spoke as she reached for the mug on the dining table.

“I know if I never told you I’d finish the food, you won’t come here earlier than this. But, haven’t you watched the movie before?” She questioned and bit from the bread she was holding.

Doris looked at her and smiled. The two were just having their breakfast- Bread and tea. Thank God Doris was free throughout that day, she just sat close to the TV to start watching a movie when her sister hollered.

She felt happy that the movie was being repeated that day and would be an opportunity for her to watch again. She had been neglecting her sister’s calls, buried in the movie. She kept imagining the last time she was together with her sister, throughout the day. It had been a while, except Sundays that they went to church.

It was a relieve Stella’s boss could leave her. Why would he not leave her? He hated her too. He had never wished her well even if she was to lead a surgical operation. Perhaps, because all the other Doctors and Surgeons had started liking her.

She never cared too, it was if she cared she would be running after him. Thanks to Ramsey who had always helped her out whenever she needed to leave the hospital or didn’t feel like leading any surgical operation.

Doris on the other hand was also the favourite of everyone at work, quite agile and hardworking. She started eating her food as fast as she could, so she could return back to the living room for the movie.

She hardly took the second bite when her phone rang. She hurried and picked it up, smiling already. “Craig, good morning.”

She glanced at her sister and drop her bread. “Good morning.” She repeated. “Ooh.. the name is Forever Mine.” She replied and the call ended.

“He’s very busy.” She informed Stella.

Stella hissed faintly. “What’s my own business? Now, what’s Forever Mine?”

She grinned. “That’s Nicholas’ perfume. The kind of perfume The Unknown do use.

Stella nodded. “Alright, that’s nice.”

“So, he said he’s quite busy. I’m sure he’s already working on the issue of The Unknown.” She smiled.

“You guys should just take it easy. By the way, it’s been a while we visited Nicholas, shouldn’t we visit him today that we are free?”

“Alright, after breakfast.” Doris replied her.


The diary

He was going with his guards, but, it seemed he just heard a loud gunshot. He halted with his men, all glancing at one another. “That was a gunshot.” He told them, pointing to the direction where he heard it.

“Yes, your majesty.” The guards behind him chorused.

“Is it possible for someone to be hunting inside this small bush?” He enquired  still wondering what was happening.

“I don’t think that one is possible, your majesty.” One of the guards spoke.

“I’ll wait here, two of you should go and find out what just happened.” He cleared his throat as he finished speaking, standing akimbo as two out of the four guards entered into the bush.

He smiled at himself, he wasn’t a nice fellow, was he? He didn’t know what had made him care about where the gunshot came from. Perhaps, if it was a hunter who just killed an animal, he would love to eat out of it.

His smiled widened into a grin as he just kept his eyes on the guards that were entering into the bush. He was dressed in his royal garment and cap, tall and handsome. He had never cared about anyone’s feeling, he was a no-nonsense Prince of Taraka Kingdom.

Waiting for a while and expecting the outcome of the guards search, he demanded for a seat to sit down. Was he nice to the extent of leaving that bush without getting the hunter who just shot?

He just left the place where he had gone to play games with some men in the kingdom. He had dealt with those that won him during the game too, because he was the Prince.

As he sat comfortably on one of the guards that he had told to kneel and position himself in a Canine Methodology. He saw the men bringing out a young woman. He rose quickly, watching out if there was no one coming. “She was shot, right?” He enquired.

“Yes, your majesty.” The guards said.

He sighed. “We just have to take care of her. Is she still alive?” He asked.

“Yes, my Prince.” One of them said.

“That’s nice, we should visit the Doctor and save her life.” He said and hurried on while his guards followed.


Nicholas had started working on Engineer Ashley. He had searched for him and finally found his image on the internet. It was a big relief because he didn’t wish to involve Nancy in everything that he had started. He knew if he asked her about him, she would suspect if he wanted to get him too.

He looked so sad as he worked, maybe because of Henry that just got to his place. He had been thinking on what he would do, wouldn’t it be difficult to keep the truth from Henry, knowing well he’s inquisitive?

At least, if that would solve the issue, he had better told him. Who knows if telling him would make the work easier? At least, two heads are better than one. He was just scared of Henry been shot or wounded, he wouldn’t want to loose any loved one because of the evil men.

He saved his image and kept on staring at it. “I should be able to visit Della Companies today, to check who this man really is.” He said as he stood up and shut down his system.

He smiled as he remembered Nancy. “Let me text my useless baby.” He muttered and got his phone. At least, his love text message might still awaken her spirit to think Nicholas was really in love.

“Useless human being.” He hissed and laid on the bed.

It was on his mattress he remembered what he had been trying to remember for a day and rose up quickly. “That small boy used the kind of perfume I use.” He narrowed his eyes as he thought on it.

He just remembered he smelled the redolence, or, was he wrong? That was what he had been racking his brain on, wondering if he smelled it right or wrong. “I never asked for his name. Who knows If he’s connected to Vivian.” He muttered and hissed.

Could he really connected to her? Who knows if Vivian has forgotten me? Who knows if she doesn’t use the perfume again? He sighed and sprawled on the bed.

He pulled out his necklace and stared at it for a while. He remembered her and the song they did sing together. It was one of his compositions that he liked so much, so, he decided to teach her.

He was already singing the song again, wiping his tears when a soft knock made him raise his head.

To be continued after 60 share

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