8 things every lady wants her man to do without being told


There are some things every lady wants from her man; they just expect him to do those stuffs even without being told. When a man does them, it will make her happy, and when she’s happy the relationship would be better.

However, most men don’t know they ought to do some things, since their lady won’t openly tell them. The truth is, she doesn’t have to tell you anything, you just have to be sensitive to her plights.

Read on and you would know some of those things your lady wants from you, and if you haven’t been doing them, it’s never too late.


Every lady wants to be out with her man and if you don’t give her those dates, the truth is someone else will. Taking her on those dates just makes her feel special, and it strengthens the bond between you guys. The more romantic your dates are the more special your relationship would be; there are no two ways about that. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be five star, if you can’t afford the luxury she would understand, but she you won’t tell you this; you ought to know it.


I keep wondering why most men are stiff hearted; if you love your lady don’t be too strong hearted to tell her you do. Most guys just keep expecting their lady to profess to them how much she loves him without even saying so too. If you really do care about that special lady, you don’t need a priest to tell you what you ought to say to her. She expects you to tell her how much you love her and you really ought to do that every day; yea, every day


I’ve never seen a lady who doesn’t value her birthday; every lady is attached to her birthday, it’s like a special day for her. There is just one simple thing every lady expects; don’t forget my birthday. No matter what you do, no matter how full your brain is, don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday, never forget her birthday; when you forget, you pass a message that you don’t care even if you do care. ALWAYS REMEMBER HER BIRTHDAYS.


Whether you like it or not, your lady expects you to tell her everything, from the normal things to your deepest secrets, she wants to know them all. She feels special when she feels you don’t hide anything from her. If you think that’s a lie then try holding some things from her, it would frustrate her, and she would come up with the normal “I’m your girlfriend for Christ sake”. Ladies hate when things are kept away from them, they just want to know everything that’s going on in their life.


This shouldn’t be said twice, every lady needs a man that would listen to her when she’s down, when she’s happy; at all times she just needs that listening ear. If you can be the man that would listen to her at all times, she would value you the more. She doesn’t have to tell you that you ought to listen to her always.


The truth is every lady knows she has issues about certain aspects of her life, she knows she can be hard to be with at times but she still expects her man to tolerate her. It’s not just a wish, she expects you to do so. When she’s in that annoying mode, angry mode and all that, she expects you to just tolerate her for the time being, and she would love you for doing so. It may be frustrating but she still expects you to still be her man even through those rough moments.


Every lady expects her man to stand up for her. She knows she’s priceless to you and she expects you to show it by being there for her. Standing up for her doesn’t necessarily mean fighting with some other guy, it means being there for her at all times, it means being her man not just when you’re inside but outside as well, it means showing the world you care about her without minding who’s watching.


“He doesn’t value me”. If you have heard this statement from a lady then you would know that every lady expects her man to value and appreciate her, after all you asked her out for a reason. She doesn’t need to tell you that you should make her mean the world to you before you do so; she expects it always from you. She expects her man to value her, cherish her and make everyone else wonder at how much you love. In short, this is one thing every lady wants.

So guys, you ought to have this at the back of your head if you’re in that relationship with a lady you truly care about; she expects this from you.