The Unknown Season 2 Episode 6


Previously On The Unknown.

Credit Temitope Daniel

“Why would you want us to leave the place suddenly? .

“I don’t like the way you started conflating with that kid. You two look alike though.”


“Don’t freak yourself. I just wanted us to be in a cool place where you can prove your love for me..”

“You should! Only cheap ladies do this.” He hissed.

“Really? Only cheap ladies will also trail The Unknown to the place where he tied Chief Sam, only cheap ladies will also take pictures of The Unknown tying Chief Sam to the tree, only cheap ladies will know that a tree was placed on The Unknown car after he concluded his mission. And, only cheap ladies will know Nicholas is The Unknown.”

Nicholas pulled out of the road at once.

“Didn’t the lady address that guy by his name?”

Anthony smiled. “She only said Mr man, let’s go.” He replied.

“Mum, is there anything i should know?”

. “Harry why are you doing this!” She wiped her tears.

“Because of the love I have for you, because of this love!”

“What love? Do you know I’m your brother’s wife? Do you?”

“I have just been brewing on how I can get this man called The Unknown.”

Nicholas smiled and faced Doris. “Doris, my younger sister. How are you?”

Doris smiled. “Nicholas, my elder brother.”

Stella hissed. “I don’t know why you two do tease yourselves.”

Stella pulled her tongue. “That’s if you know where you can meet him.”

Nicholas chuckled. “It’s a very easy thing, don’t I know your hospital?”

“Nicholas, don’t!” She grinned..

“So, are you going to take more rest and return to work on Tuesday?” Craig asked Doris.

Doris smiled. “No. I am resuming…”



Stella interrupted. “No! You are going nowhere!”

Doris laughed. “Why now? We have to get that man called The Unknown.”

“I have called my boss and he gave me today and tomorrow as break so that I can take care of you very well.”

“Anyway, I know. I was only joking.” She beamed.

“That’s the kind of sister I am. But Stella, why’s Ramsey not here yet?”

Stella contorted her mouth. She knew there was more to his question as she just chuckled suddenly and shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe you should contact him.”

He just smiled, still trying to remember something. It was becoming more of a burden to him as he stood up. “I just came to check on you, I have an appointment with someone.”

“Hmmn.. someone.” Stella repeated, drawling it. She burst into laughter suddenly.

He grinned. “Craig, be careful when trailing The Unknown. The guy must be a beast, going to the forest all night to save a soul.”

Craig laughed. “I know, I’m becoming more vigilant too.”

“Now, take care of yourself dear sister and this naughty babe of Ramsey.” He winked and laughed out.

“Naughty guy of Vivian.” Stella waved at him.


Nicholas just felt that he needed a break. He knew something was bothering him but he couldn’t say what it really was.

He hated that moment when he would be racking his brain to remember something or trying to put something in place.

He got home and sprawled on the bed, if sleeping would let him remember what he needed to, he was ready to sleep.


“Mum, why did we have to trail that man? Because he wore the same deodorant?” Anthony asked Vivian as they stepped into the compound.

She smiled. “No. I was only wondering… wondering if he would be able to teach you guitar since you have the same scent.”

Anthony’s lips arched to a smile. “I thought as much.”

“Now that we lost our way searching for him, I think it will be nice to get another teacher within this long vacation.”

“Mum, when are you starting another work?” He enquired.

She stared at him for a moment. “Very soon.” She replied and locked the door to the living room.

As she looked around, Victoria stepped out of the room and smiled. “Welcome sweeties.”

“Mum, how was service?” Anthony rushed to hug her.

She ruffled his hair. “Nice. It was fun filled and moreover my friend also made it more fun filled.”

“Hmmn… your friend..” Anthony repeated and nodded.

She stared at him. She was talking about her boyfriend, did he know already? “What do you mean by.. My friend?”

Anthony grinned. “Nothing.” He left to his room.

Vivian who had been standing by the door walked to the couch and sat down. “Vicky, how was your outing with him?”

“We went to church now, that isn’t an outing but a service.”

Vivian chuckled. “I smell lies in the air.”

“You will soon smell the truth.” She sniggered and rested her back. “Yeah, Viv, I told him about you.” She started and drifted forward.

Vivian gazed at her. “What about me?”

“He said a friend of his told him about the vacant post at Bibie Computers.”


“Sure. He told me to tell you, you may like the place.”

“That means I’m going to check the company out tomorrow. Thanks so much and to him, God bless you both.” She smiled faintly.

“You’re welcome.” Victoria waved at her.


Thanks to the silence he remembered to put his phone, Nancy’s calls would have woken him again.

Nicholas woke up from the bed and picked up his mobile phone. He hissed as he saw Nancy’s fifteen missed calls. That was good, even if he was awake, he wouldn’t have picked anyway.

He sat down and stared at the phone. He began to blame himself. How on earth was he not chary enough that Nancy followed him to the forest?

He hissed and stood up again. Engineer Ashley’s name blew back to his memory and his eyes widened. No, that wasn’t what he really wanted to remember! He hissed and walked to the table to pick up his parents’ photograph.

He looked at it for a while before he dragged out the chair tucked under the table and plopped down. “The officers are after me already.” He muttered and hissed slightly.

He snorted and stood again, biting his lower lip. “I should begin my findings on this man soon. If this Nancy is wise, we should be able to cooperate well. I’m just going to use her and at the end, dump her.” He said to himself.

“This will be dangerous again!” He bashed his hand against the table. “If I leave her at the end, she will reveal my secret! If I don’t play along, she will reveal. I can’t leave Vivian.”

He walked to the mattress and picked up his phone. He dialed her mobile number and told her where he wanted them to meet.

Soon, he got dressed and walked out.


“I think Anthony saw Nicholas today.” Vivian told Victoria as she walked to the TV to slot in a CD.

“What!” Victoria’s eyes popped more open.

She smiled. “I have the feeling that the man he saw was Nicolas.”

“How come? What makes you think this way?”

“He said the person has the same scent like himself.”

Victoria laughed. “Wait, the fact that the perfume is so scarce and people rarely use it, does it mean another person couldn’t have worn it?”

“I thought that way too, but he said the man had a guitar on his back seat. You know his best instrument is Guitar.”

Victoria nodded. “That’s really true.. but, where were you when he saw him?”

“I was ordering for the meal. We went to an eatery but couldn’t eat at last.” She replied.

“Why? Is their food that bad?”

“No… I had to trail him. But… at the end, I couldn’t find him.”

“Ooh… But, Anthony doesn’t know anything yet, right?”

She nodded to reply her. “I think I won’t be able to see this movie again, I have to get prepared for the visit to Bibie Computers tomorrow.”

“That’s true, don’t worry, I’m going to narrate everything possible.”

Vivian smiled and walked inside.

To be continued after 69 share